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LETTER: I will vote in relation to sewage

Letter writer - Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Walking through Road Town the other night gave me a reason for wanting to vote.

The next time I vote, it will not be due to love for any party or any politician, but on ONE single most important issue – SEWAGE.

I was walking in the vicinity of the round-about where those vendors sell goods and was virtually knocked out by the scent of filth.

I wonder how those vendors laugh, eat, drink and sit for the greater part of the day in that stench. Gosh!!!

To my surprise, there is even a makeshift restaurant operating at that same spot in THE PIT.

I am not trying to kill anybody’s food, but how can they be selling food literally in a pit???

What’s even worse is that we are seeing no sign that the sewage project in town will complete anytime soon despite them talking about work resuming.

I want the government to stop all the other projects if they have to, just to allow the completion of the sewage project.

The possibility of a major health disaster makes me want to encourage all voters to cast their votes based on the sewage issue. But no, too many people are too willing to vote for curry goat and white rice.

Yours truly,


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  1. dread
    July 23, 2013
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    when an outbreak of cholera hit the place then something will be done.

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  2. NPolitico
    July 22, 2013
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    We have talked, parle, abla…etc about sewage and sewage treatment for what seems as an eternity. Enough of the talk; action is needed. VIP or NDP little to no concrete action on this critical issue. The VI has kicked the can down the road farther enough already.

    It is 22 July 2013 and it is still deliberatively discharging raw sewage into one of its national treasures and the major draw for both land and sea-based tourists. Many others have made the point about the adverse effects of dumping raw sewage into the ocean. Nonetheless, here it is again. Dumping raw sewage into the sea adversely affects human health, the environment and the economy. Is this not enough to drive us to take urgent action? What will it take? Will it take severe impairment of the sea to get us to act responsibly?

    Proper sewage collection, treatment, reuse, and disposal is a national and economic growth issue. It is also a quality of life and standard of living issue. Yet, in spite of having one of the highest GDP(`$1B) per capita in the region (~$41K), the VI is still chunking raw sewage into the sea. In the 21st Century, this is a national shame and disgrace. It is a crying shame that given available resources, technology and processes both residents and visitors have to walk through the capital city holding their noses from stench or swimming in polluted waters. As a Virgin Islander, it pains me to reluctantly with a heavy heart write about this situation. Relieve us of the pain and shame.

    Yes, there are increasing demands for government spending but government needs to prioritize its expenditures. And proper sewage management is both important and urgent and should be a top priority. Let’s make this the national priority that it deserves and fix the d….n thing. This is not good for our tourism product, one-half of the economic twin pillars. This situation presents us as a third-world, backwater country, not a small developing country that needs to a model for others.

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  3. Reply
    July 22, 2013
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    With all due respect to the letter writer, I understand their frustration, but I am curious to know whom they will be voting for in the next election? After all, this sewage mess was present during the previous VIP administration, and continues into the current NDP government. So who is to blame?

    It’s nonsense to vote on this singular issue for which the problem spans multiple governments. This sewage problem started at the very inception of Wichams Cay when planners did not account for proper sewage and drainage and population grown (particularly commercial grown).

    The infrastructure for such growth was never done properly to begin, so here we are many decades later trying to fix something that could have been avoided from day one if people were thinking and planning ahead.

    So if the letter writer wants to hold anyone accoutable for this sewage mess, unfortunately she is going to have to go back a little further in history, and have a conversation or two with a few people now in grave yards around the island and ask them what went wrong? :lol:

    This does not absolve the current government or any government for the matter from addressing the issue, but it’s important that people know the inception of the sewage mess Now, if the NDP government does not get this problem under control while they are in office, then by all means they need to be thrown in the sewer themselves and flushed away into the ocean. But we are not there yet.

    Patience my friend is a virtue. It took decades to get in this mess. It’s going to take some time to fix it.

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    • dread
      July 23, 2013
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      i will tell you who to blame. all the residents of the virgin islands is to blame because there is no real protest against this unhealthy situation in the territory. just a heap of bs spreading in the place. how can anyone live with raw sewage and filth in your mids and do nothing.

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      • Seeker of TRUTH!!
        July 23, 2013
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        You are right. All they concerned about is making money off Government. Why fix a problem when people can make money over and over and over pretending to fix it? It’s the same reason why Doctors do not suggest you take natural remedies for ailments. If you do and become cured, how will they make money on ‘treatment’ and their legal poison? Hmmm..get with it people! Stop blaming Government when it’s we who continue to do nonsense. I support this Government of all the options that are there now but if they can’t get these important things solved God be with them come next elections.

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  4. July 22, 2013
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    When your toilet stop working in your house you fix it. Don’t have anything to do with NDP or VIP. Enough said.

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  5. July 22, 2013
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    “The next time I vote, it will not be due to love for any party or any politician, but on ONE single most important issue – SEWAGE.”

    The politicians are all constipated on this issue. and you know darn well constipated people dont give a sht.

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  6. vip
    July 22, 2013
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    ndp is wasting time.

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    • Klingon
      July 22, 2013
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      Be fair there is a lot of work still to be done but the smell has decreased drastically, the main problem is when the trucks come to dump the smells are enflamed, what needs to happen in the interim is for the trucks to prohibited from pumping out during the day, and should only take place after 10pm.

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      • July 23, 2013
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        You are so right, the smell decreased 99.9%
        is only when the truck come around for the wast
        then the smells light’s up the place. that”s a very good Idea.The truck must come at night and not during the day. Lord have mercy.. Its Time those critics stop making those bad remarks.
        Pray for this little Island and pray for the Government. Please……..

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