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SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION: The living foods lifestyle!

Dr. Laura Lyons - Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at 2:57 AM

Dr. Laura Lyons

Badgered by physicians to take medication for elevated blood pressure (from normal 115/75 to 176/90), I recently decided I would seek education, and identify causes rather than camouflage my symptoms with recommended prescription drugs.

I consider taking these pills to heal diet-related illness, like Hypertension and Type 1 Diabetes, as the epitome of giving up and giving away our power to self heal. Often, side effects from these drugs are far more harmful to the body than the disease they claim to heal. Instead, I opted change my diet, increase my exercise, drink more water, and remove salt from my diet. It worked miraculously, my BP dropped to120/80 within days!

As responsible adults, we should respond to the empowerment that comes with knowledge about how to self-heal. Is it worth valuing any favorite food over your health, fitness and vitality? We need to get educated about our food and about our health! Traditional medicine is not in a position to enable us to self heal, as dependency is inherent in the profession, just as there is a belief that vegetarianism is simply the absence of meat!

I was having dinner at one of San Francisco’s most noted restaurants recently, and the designated vegetarian selection was an omelet! Are eggs a vegetarian choice? When I ordered a veggie meal from a pre-ordered menu at an event, I was asked, should we remove the shrimp from the pasta entree? No! Pasta in a buttery, creamy sauce is not a vegetable.

A family member once took me to dinner, and when the waiter placed an order in front of me that was clearly not mine, he exclaimed, she can’t eat meat she’s a Pagan! Veganism and Paganism are often viewed with the same negative view, due to lack of knowledge and self-empowerment. Therefore, it is up to each of us to decide to take control, retrieve our power from the pills and be willing to do the work of self-healing.

The purpose of life is to grow! Genetic or age predispositions are not an automatic fatal judgment; all illnesses are subject to change in our favor with a change in diet.

Dr. Ann Wigmore dedicated her life to empowering people with the transforming and healing qualities of the Living Foods Lifestyle. I seek to become self-sufficient in remedying the predisposition ills that beset my age, gender and race, with a diet mainly made up of fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains. Energy soup, Wheatgrass, and Raw Sauerkraut are mainstays of the program. Processed, fast, packaged, over-cooked; denatured foods toxify, cause obesity, and rob us of our energy, brainpower, and discernment abilities.

Fuzzy thinking is a consequence of fuzzy foods! The goal is to change ones diet to living foods that bring life (fruits & veggies)!

Dr. Laura Lyons is a graduate of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, a former staff member, and a beneficiary of the renewed vitality AWI offers. She is the author of Lyons Guide to the Career Jungle, and was recently awarded her Cities by the Bay Chapter Woman of the Year Award of the American Business Woman’s Association (ABWA). Dr. Lyons teaches and embodies career and personal development as a Job Developer for Berkeley City College Cal Works in Berkeley, California. She spends the rest of her time living The Living Foods Lifestyle and speaking as a Living Foods Health Evangelist around the world, from South Africa, to Sonoma, California and the Caribbean. She is also CEO of Lyons Property Management and author of The Art of Leadership. Email Dr. Lyons at

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