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Accused allegedly shot Moony over brother’s death

Essadro Jefferson being escorted from court

Essadro Jefferson being escorted from court

Essadro Jefferson, the resident of Long Look who is charged with attempted murder and possession of explosives, was denied bail in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The 22-year-old native of St Kitts and Nevis is accused of trying to gun down David ‘Moony’ Springette near The Stickett in Long Look on December 12.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo ordered that Jefferson be remanded, after hearing from the prosecution that the complainant had identified Jefferson as the shooter.

In objecting to bail, prosecuting attorney Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit told the court that a ballistics report has linked a spent shell casing – which police allegedly found at Jefferson’s residence – to the gun that was used to shoot the complainant.

Police were executing a search warrant at Jefferson’s residence when they allegedly heard the spent shell fall from the accused.

Further allegations are that police also found a live ammunition in the kitchen of the accused man’s apartment.

At the time, Jefferson reportedly told the cops: “I don’t know about that. Ayo put that there.”

A spent shell casing, in the meantime, was also found at the scene of the shooting.

After the spent shell casing found at the scene and the one allegedly found at Jefferson’s residence were tested, it was discovered that both were fired from the same gun, the prosecution said.

Jefferson, who is being represented by attorney-at-law Ruthilia Maximea, will return to court on February 24.

Further allegations are that, on the morning of the incident, Springette was walking through a parking lot in The Stickett area when he saw a partially masked assailant hiding behind a derelict vehicle.

The assailant reportedly had a gun.

The gunman fired a shot in Springette’s direction.

Springette started to run and the assailant allegedly gave chase while continuing to fire shots.

It is alleged that, while running, Springette looked behind him to ascertain the location of the shooter.

He reportedly noticed certain features of the shooter, and eventually recognised him as Jefferson, the court heard.

Springette, who was shot in the right thigh, was assisted to hospital by a friend who was in the area.

The shooter escaped.

While at hospital, Springette reportedly told law enforcers that the accused has been ‘looking for him’ since his (Jefferson’s) brother was gunned down.

The dead brother, BVI News Online understands, is Estavan Jefferson who was killed near The Stickett about 6pm on November 17.

The complainant in the case now before the court, Springette, also told police about previous occasions when he received ‘menacing looks’ from the accused.


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  1. Serious says:

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    These shootings and murders are all linked. Y’all need to press that dude. I can bet he probably knows a lot about what has been taking place.

    • Reply says:

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      Agreed. Both victim and accused needs further interrogation if not done already.

      If this guy was ‘looking for him’ since his (Jefferson’s) brother was gunned down”, the obvious question is why? The victim may turn out not to be much of a victim after all.

      I’ve seen this story played out before. Someones family member is killed/hurt, and rather than going to the police, some family member takes it upon themselves to kill/attempt to kill the person who they believe did it out of hurt and grief.

      It starts a cycle of violence that only ends when they all end up dead or behind bars. Sometimes innocent people are injured/killed in the cross fire.

      It is never a good idea to take the law into our own hands.

      If this turns out to be the case, there is a lesson here for everyone. No matter the hurt and pain, it’s better to let law enforcement handle the matter.

      If you believe someone killed/hurt your family member, take your knowledge/suspicions to the police. Police commissioner Matthews has stated publicly that you can trust him and call him directly. People should do so if no one else.

      Again, let law enforcement handle the matter rather than your risking catching a charge while the alleged killer(s) sometimes walk free.

      All of these sandal wearing boys need to grow up and come up with a plan for their young lives. They need to stop hanging out about the Sticket or any where else like it around the island.

      If they have finished school, they need to find a job, and be home early to rest themselves and get to work on time the next day. If they did not finish school, they need to try to do so or at least learn a trade. The internet is a gold mine for learning if one is interested.

      Nothing…absolutely nothing good happens on the streets after midnight. Stay your a$$es home, and trouble will not find you.

      Did I lie? I said nothing. Stay your a$$es home.

      Our legislators should make it illegal to loiter in certain places after a certain hour in places that have become known for criminal activity such as the Sticket. After 11 PM, everyone should has to leave or face arrest for loitering.

  2. SANAJY says:

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    Man Take it outta yah!

  3. Vince says:

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    Playing big and bad behind mask and on internet, but when Police step on the scene all they do is shake and quake.

  4. set up says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  5. Hmm says:

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    Well if he shoot moony for the death of his brother.. why moony aint get lock up?? Why moony aint getting questioned? Wonder if he has something to do with it!

  6. Observer says:

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    Birds of a feather are lock together it’s a family affair

  7. son of the soil says:

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    wha i told ayo bout these island people coming in here?

  8. Hahaha says:

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    Moony ain’t the shooter. Shooter done gone back home.

  9. Hmm says:

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    Send them all back. Tortola seriously need to be cleaned form the infiltration of expatriates.

    Send them all home and start over with, heavy rules and regulations, it’s the only way cause it gone to far now and will only get worst. Stay eyes wide shut.

  10. Hmm says:

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    Joke joke joke. The streets and police know who the shooter is. They don’t evidence to prove it.

  11. Real talk says:

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    Sound so stupid bout island people .Isn’t Tortola and island .Why you don’t send back the roc man them and Puerto Rican them too old fool .

    It’s natural to want to kill some one that kill your relative I for one would probly think the same way

  12. Ralph says:

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    Who put that cloth/towel on his head?

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