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All six qualified, VIFFC declares amid concerns

Some of the 2017 Miss BVI contestants during an event at which they were revealed. Photo Credit: Miss BVI Pageant Committee

By Horace Mills, BVI News Online Staff

The Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee (VIFFC) has declared that all six females participating in the Miss BVI pageant this year are qualified to do so, adding that the contestants are not perturbed by what some may view as controversy within the leadership of the Miss BVI Pageant Committee.

Some persons with intimate knowledge of local pageantry have complained to BVI News Online that at least two of the contestants are not qualified to participate in the Miss BVI pageant set for August 6.

Xavyrna Samuels, vice chair of the VIFFC which is linked to the Miss BVI Pageant Committee, admitted that some contestants were not born in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

But she was quick to make it clear that those persons have been long-standing residents of the territory, and so they are eligible to participate in the pageant, with the blessings of the VIFFC.

“I think we have one or two persons that weren’t born here. But they are qualified to run in the show, and have been approved by the [Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs] Committee based on the fact that they have been long-standing residents and have gone through the entire school system here,” Samuels explained.

“The contract [for the contestants that] I have inherited does not say you have to be born here to compete. There is a section in it that says the Committee, which is the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee, can approve somebody who is a long-standing resident of the BVI to be qualified as a contestant for the show.”

“So if, we have contestants in the show that weren’t born here, it would be that they are long-standing residents – have been here for more than 10 or 15 years,” added Samuels.

She further told BVI News Online that the contestants are in high spirits, and they are gearing up for the swimwear competition to be held on July 15 at Peter Island Resort.

Not bothered by controversy

This month, Janette Brin resigned as chairperson of the Miss BVI Pageant Committee, citing differences with members of the committee.

Asked if that controversy has affected participants in the Miss BVI competition, Samuels replied: “No, it hasn’t [impacted them]. The girls are quite aware of what their intentions are in terms of running. They are there to become Miss BVI.”

“They are advised not to get caught up in things that are happening in the leadership aspect, and to just go ahead with their preparations as normal. So I don’t think it has affected them; everything seems to be progressing fine,” added the VIFFC vice chair.

The Miss BVI contestants this year are: Contestant #1 Genesis Richards, #2 Ayana Phillip, #3 Tecora Morgan, #4 Helina Hewlett, #5 Lean Francis, and #6 Khephra Sylvester.

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  1. global says:

    YAY!!!!! Let’s go Yana….. From the ATL crew!!

  2. Joe Rudi says:

    Tan Bella las cinco.

  3. WOW says:

    The girls this year look absolutely fantastic!

  4. Gerda says:

    Miss BVI must be a national of this territory. Our people cannot go to any of the other Caribbean islands to compete under their banner. If you are not one of us how can you represent us? Think on representing Virgin Islands pride and culture.

    • Human rights says:

      In a lot of countries 5 years makes you a national, someone who spent their whole life here and went through the school system is not allowed to be a citizen? THATS messed up

      • Well says:

        @human rights REALLY stop telling lies. If you don’t like the rule that are in place to protect the people of this country then LEAVE. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP….

    • @ Gerda says:

      Typical BVI F**! Rather not have a show because of faux patriotism than to have one with life long residents who know BVI as their only home.

      So its also okay for a Belonger that has lived in Florida their entire life and know NOTHING about to Bvi to get on a plane, win the show and then what?

      Thats better than having a lifelong resident thats proud of their BVI links represent us? Whats with all the labels?

  5. Anything Goes says:

    Hopefully they each have at the very least, a High School diploma.

  6. Serpico says:

    Ur wrong G.

  7. Nope says:

    Anything goes is a asssss hhhhhhh

  8. Ooh. Ohk says:

    Backing contestant #2

  9. VG POSSE says:


    • right says:

      and the nudes…. ?

      • @right says:

        So, are you trying to imply that a young person should be barred from future opportunities because of past mistakes? If this is your suggestion, then I’m sorry to alarm you but mankind has no future!! It’s amazing how we like to throw stone when we are not the ones in the ring. Beware of karma!

  10. truth says:

    ALL OF THEM SHOULD DROP OUT… u cant please tola.

  11. hmm says:

    SO not true. After Dian Sanderson won Ms Parsons kicked up and it was in the contract that they had to be Belongers……

    • ................... says:

      Yes because directly right after the show in an interview she responded that she was proud to be a Dominican WTF. So you see the point!

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