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BVI Airways announces major deal with local firm

Pati Romney, chief executive officer at Platinum Services. Photo Credit:  Rotary Club of Road Town (edited)

Pati Romney, chief executive officer at Platinum Services. Photo Credit: Rotary Club of Road Town (edited)

BVI Airways has entered into a partnership with Platinum (BVI) Services Limited headed by Pati Romney for the handling of its ground operations.

Platinum Services will be responsible for the provision of customer service agents and ramp handlers, as well as baggage handling.

The privately owned BVI Airways made the announcement today (February 15) as it continues preparation to launch non-stop service between Beef Island here in the British Virgin Islands and Miami in the United States.

“We are proud to be the local handlers for BVI Airways as they work to address the airlift void we face in the territory. We see the service as an absolute necessity for our local travelers, our business community, and hopefully it will attract even more visitors to our shores,” said Romney, chief executive officer at Platinum Services.

She also expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the partnership with BVI Airways. “Our staff are excited to begin servicing the flights, and we look forward to a mutually successful partnership,” Romney said.

Chief Executive Officer and President of the airline Jerry Willoughby, in the meantime, stated that efforts are being made to ensure BVI Airways is a true representation of the Virgin Islands and its people.

“As we continue to make preparations for BVI Airways to enter the market, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that the airline is a true representation of the Virgin Islands and its people.”

Willoughby added, “Local company Platinum Services is an experienced and trusted port management firm in the territory and we are looking forward to working with them to enhance the overall visitor experience to the BVI.”

It is not yet clear when BVI Airways – in which the BVI government is investing $7 million – will commence service.

The airline already hired staff, bought two aircraft, and established its headquarters in Commerce House along Waterfront Drive in Road Town. It also has an operations office managed by Roy Canter at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport, Beef Island.

BVI Airways also received an Air Operator Certificate from its United Kingdom-based regulator – Air Safety Support International.

The next step in the process is to get permission from United States authorities.

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  1. concern citizen of the B.V.I. says:

    The Romney in plan to give anyone else a chance. There want all

    • Migoman says:

      Agreed buddy. Hands are in everything….

      • Hmmmm says:


        Give you a chance? ‘GIVE’??? In this world is there any such thing?

        You get your ass out there and HUSTLE HARD! Their Dad hustled, he died and now THEY HUSTLE!

        Stop the f** whining and work for yours. Give you a chance? Give me a break!

        • Cohiba says:

          The deals are already setup even before the ink dries on government contracts!

          There is not much diversification in BVI operations to select from as the routes for others willing to setup businesses/services are well and truly allocated to the special interests.

          So even if one has a viable and sustainable business plan/model – the ‘gate keepers’ will ensure that you fail and flounder before you get out the starting gate.

          This lot are into everything and I wonder how many ‘trade licenses’ will this one family be able to hold while others are virtually squeezed out of the markets/sectors.

          From excursions, bookin agents, boat tours, home and office cleaning, real estate and lord knows whatever else these persons try to muscle everyone else out!

          Hope they never get to hold political offices as what would be left for anyone else?

          • Boo says:

            Dont forget car dealership with the guyanese guy

          • Real! says:

            Do you say that about foreign billionaires buying up whole islands and making them private retreats?

            We hate our own people and that’s evident every day around here.

            If they were announced as senior employees of these companies we would be singing praises, but because they are actually in ownership positions it’s bad.

            Funny how people are lauded for being directors and managers of other people’s businesses but as soon as they become an owner of something, all of a sudden people have a problem.

    • White Elephant says:

      How can this be a “major deal” if they haven’t even taken off yet? LMAO. How many weekly landings are they projecting?

      Why did they open an office in Road Town? The airport is miles away?

      Did they think people would rush to buy tickets there? Have the executives of this airline ever even operated a passenger airline before?

      Maybe somebody knows?

    • Do they know? says:

      “Major Deal” They haven’t even taken off yet.

      How many passengers are they projecting that they will deliver per week?

      What is their RPM, ASM, Passenger mile yield, PRASM, CASM, Passenger load factor?

      I bet if you call the office to speak with them, they won’t have the answers and probably won’t even know what these Key Airline Industry Metrics refer to.

  2. huh says:

    money go where money is

  3. wow says:

    CB legend still lives on

  4. Smh says:

    Airport Authority could have got a piece of the pie, if they had started their own FBO to compete with the three that are already there.

    So much more revenue they can collect but waste all the good ideas and concept to people who have no education of the industry.

    • Whay you say? says:

      You are touting a Government operation over private enterprise?

      I have not yet seen a government on the planet take over a business and operate better or more efficiently than industry.

      Look at all the failed state-run airlines, Swissair, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus. Government has enough of a job operating itself. Don’t give them more pies to dip into.

  5. who don't know will wonder says:


  6. student says:

    My 7m up in smokes

    • Snooping around says:

      Yes that 7m dollars to assist in purchasing the planes … the plane are actually leased from a company called Tronos

  7. read thru the lines says:

    Up to now the government can’t reveal who this airline belong to because where they concern its none of my business. (unless they disclosed it while I was sleep).

    Where I concern, the golden goose and the golden egg belong o the some owner. Take that how you want.

    Its like the restaurant in the hotel belong to the hotel owner.

    • Black Serian says:

      People of the BVI I think that airline sell shares when government gave them that 7 million.

      And it was perhaps done in a way that the share holders names be hidden under the $10,000 per share mark..

      I dear the NDP or BVl Airways to say who the owners of that airline is. I’m talking about all share holders too.

      In due time its going get leak though bet my bottom dollars on that. To much ___ from this NDP Government.

    • Boo says:

      is dem own. via shells and shadows!

  8. calculations says:

    Perhaps another well calculated NDP Deal. I think they were involved ALL along.

  9. Good Business Sense says:

    So this is where our $7,000,000.00 goes? To a baggage clerk before the plane even lands! Fool me once?

    You done fooled us all for the past two terms mr premier! Where’s da plane?

  10. ............... says:

    Ey you people are really a fr***g SICK bunch you know. What the f**?!

    A few months ago it was oh this was a horrible deal, then it became oh it won’t fly, now it’s a problem with the Romneys???

    Seriously, what is wrong with you people messon??? You all have a real mental illness.

    If the deal was given to a foreign company you all would have come on here complaining too. I wish the Romneys well. THEY ARE VIRGIN ISLANDERS.

  11. Correction says:

    Romneys are already a shareholder long time?? Who they really trying to fool?!

  12. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    They are currently two commercial handlers at the airport so it is not surprising that Platinum got the deal.

    They already have Winair and Inter Caribbean and they had BVI Airways before they suspended operations so it is not surprising that they are again given the deal.

    The other Handler has Liat, I leave you to deduce why Platinum got the deal.

    I hope that the powers that be will allow for more competition in the charter and commercial handling market as there is demand for more options.

    Why is this big news? This is normally a process that is very low key but BVI Airways understands the importance of promotion as the people are growing anxious with the tardiness of this start up so they have to appease them with the trickling of piecemeal information.

    Will they need an injection of more money?

    The original start-up date was November 2016 and with every passing day of in-operation means money being spent without revenues to offset the expenditures.

    The other issue that another blogger raised is who are the Shareholders of this enterprise? Should the taxpayers of the BVI not be informed of this?

    I will leave it there for now.

  13. I FROM HERE says:

    This is why I don’t support any businesses owned by these Romney people up Slaney Hill.

    I think they would eat every local out of house and home.

    They see someone making $10.00 they either buy out that business or open one like it to shut down the person that refuse them.

    I think they have single handedly shut down a lot of local businesses around here on the DL.

    Some suck on every government TT. Image if their sister had won the 4th district.

  14. 2 cents says:

    Well there goes my chance of getting a job, because they have their own staff…they use the same set of staff for everything.

    Just today I saw one in JBY shirt and had that thought and now I see this online just confirms it.

  15. Willy Wonka says:

    Them in everything, except thanks giving!!

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