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Continue to spend money, Christopher urges residents

Head of the Trade Department Karia Christopher. File photo

Director of Trade Karia Christopher has appealed for persons to continue spending money, adding that spending is important to stimulate businesses and ensure there is a sense of normality in the local economy, which has been hit severely by a tropical wave on August 7 and Hurricane Irma on September 6.

The trade director said Premier and Minister of Finance Dr D Orlando Smith shares her view that steps should be taken to ensure the British Virgin Islands (BVI) economy is stimulated as soon as possible.

“Based on the instructions from the premier, we are trying to stimulate the businesses economy back as well. And so, for us, stimulation of the businesses in the Virgin Islands includes spending money. We need to make sure that the BVI continues to be self-sufficient, and so we want persons that are here [and] visitors that are coming to continue to spend and to get back to normal as soon as possible.”

“Our job for the interim right now is to try to create a sense of normalcy in the business community, and bringing those businesses that are ready to work back on stream,” added Christopher.

She recently was widely criticized for announcing that beauty salons are among priority businesses being targeted for her department’s assistance, adding that persons should not have to travel overseas to spend money on hairstyles.

But, in a subsequent interview with the Government Information Service, Christopher emphasized that the ‘priority list’ that was announced is not exhaustive.

“We understand the anxiety for persons post [hurricanes] Irma and Maria, especially in the business community. While we know that we will not get everything right in the first instance, we endeavour to try and listen to what the community says and revamp as often as possible – as much as needed to get the business sector in the British Virgin Islands back on track.”

“We want to make sure that we first say that the list of priorities is not exhaustive. These lists will be revamped ever so often… We want to stress again that we are here to support the business community whether you are on the priority list or not. And most of all, we are here to listen to your concerns and comments,”  Christopher further said.

The types of businesses that appeared on her department’s priority list were: grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries, construction Companies including maintenance companies, furniture stores, hardware stores, cleaning companies including laundromats, auto repair businesses, beauty salons and barber shops, daycare and pre-schools, as well as the fishing industry.

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  1. Wow says:

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    If people are paid perhaps they can spend money. SMH! Thank GOD for Irma, she is really showing us the true colors of our so called leaders.

    Everyday I tune in to the news and wonder if it is a comedy sketch! The govt is by far the biggest employer directly and indirectly.

    For whatever reason they didnt seem to have any backup plans for disasters and are now looking likr ametuers claiming they cant pay people because of issues at the complex.

    So if the complex eas flattened in the hurricane then what?

    Many contractors, pensioners and workers havent been paid for weeks and here comes the call to spend money. BTW how do you create a sense of normalcy for businesses when their employees and customers are homeless, confused and others jobless?

    • Karma says:

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      Yes,Irma helped us to see the read darkness of some people heart…my boss choose to pay who he wanted to and had the heart to give me $100 while others got $900.

      The sad thing is that there’s nobody for us to complain to cause our Government ministers are no better.

    • Really says:

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      THEY HAVE NO MONEY To our Give YELL THAT’S WHY I Was working FOR MYSELF. .You’ll want sit Down and Pickup PENsion Later. .Tek Licks in Yall Lazy Ass

  2. Sam the man says:

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    Perhaps if the Government actually gets its finger out and pays its workers then they just might be able to spend some money !

    They should pay interest on the amount owed to its workers or at least compensate them for their hardship….

  3. Well well says:

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    Try see if yuh cant hush ur mouth…..Ppl like u can say things like that cause only who hav could spend….what about us who dont have and cant even eat?…..Woman try go sit down

  4. B Savage says:

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    Yup YOU guys continue to spend especially at THEIR prices.

    MY prices are the same as before the storm.

  5. hmm says:

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    while people are frustrated I understand what the Dept is saying and doing. Like her or not, she is out there and doing what she can. What are the politicians doing?!

    • Albion says:

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      • Vanzetti Sacco says:

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        PUBLIC don’t eat YOU don’t eat is really that simple.

      • @Albion says:

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        I disagree about what u call good advice. The Trade Dept should be focused on those businesses out there robbing us. When she does that then she can talk about spending money.

  6. Priorities says:

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    At least Karia looks good with her new hair do!, I mean come on get your priorities right don’t be sailing off to the USVI or PR to get your hair done when you can pay to have it done here in the BVI – LOL, yep the director of Trade makes a clown look professional!

  7. Bob says:

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    She getting just like myrun trying hard to remain relevant

    Go sit down we all broke

  8. Okay says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  9. Wow says:

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    This is why the Lord sent 2 Hurricanes back to back. She is a daughter of the soil doing her best. One of the only department’s to be fully functioning.

    What is wrong with you people. The lady is right! You must spend money locally to get the economy up and running it’s just common sense people stop trying to grab at straws.

    May the Lord continue to bless these Virgin Islands as we still have not learnt.

    • Karma says:

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

      You sound like a jack… Tell me where people are going to get money to spend in this time when most of them can’t even work?? The rich have so they can spend

  10. The real says:

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    Well for those who can spend a lot spend, and those who can spend a little spend.

    Tthose who can assist those who cant spend right now to get on their feet PLEASE DO SO. It takes all of us working together toreally get back to normalcy…….

  11. Moving says:

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    I am not spending any more money here. I am done. I would rather spend my money in the States. My house is gone, I got laid off. I would rather go somewhere else and start over.

  12. Really says:

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    Karl a. ..little is more…you look a mess bout spend more.

  13. Sigh says:

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    SPEND WITH WHAT MONEY?..where do these people come from..SMH….i swear bvi is run by amateurs

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