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Disrespectful! Fahie calls for quick reopening of West End Police Station

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Fahie

First District Representative and Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Fahie is calling on the Government to have the West End Police Station up and running in short order, adding that it is a disrespect to have residents living without a functioning police station.

His cry follows an incident in which gunmen claimed the lives of 11-year-old Trinity Moses and 41-year-old Franklin Edison Penn Jr while they were traveling in a motor vehicle on the West End public road two weeks ago.

Moses’ mother who was injured in the attack is still recovering from gunshot wounds. To date, no one has been arrested.

“The police station needs repairing. I am championing the cause to get it repaired because last week in West End it was a big issue, and I have been asking questions the whole of this week without any answers. I am going to keep on that because I do not see why it is not open, and I will not stop until it is open,” Fahie said while addressing a community recently.

“It is disrespectful because it is nearly 2,000 persons living in Carrot Bay, West End, Little Apple Bay, Long Bay and Smugglers Cove,” Fahie continued.

Sitting Duck

The District Representative pointed out that the closest police station is in Cane Garden Bay which is some distance away, adding that that station is also plagued with its own issues such as lack of adequate police vehicles.

He said criminals are aware of this situation.

“I don’t want to sound like the Great I am, but you have the Leader of the Opposition sitting in a village and if he wasn’t with the people where, I love you and you love me, I would be a sitting duck. It is the most disrespectful thing I had ever seen from the time I am living.”

“You know why I am angry? Because we donated every single thing that we could as a community to keep that station open. All they needed to do was do it a quarter of the way, not even half, all that building need is probably 15 more plywood… and the galvanize. All the other things we done get donated and we put them on without a dime. And I have been asking just give me a little more so we could keep it open,” he lamented.

The West End Police Station was destroyed when Hurricane Irma made landfall in the territory on September 6.

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  1. TurtleDove says:

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    These are the places that should have been high on the list to get up and running. Not that fake beach.

  2. Uh no says:

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    So fix West End so they can close Cane Garden again ? Nope. Cane has gone without before and even know the police do nothing about the illegal scooters and the druggies hsngingnin the parking lot by the beach. Great for tourism.

    • Are you DUMB? says:

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      Really? So is that the only option? Open one and close the other? You’re just as small minded as our “leaders”.

  3. Reply says:

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    Im not sure disrespectful is the right adjective here. Appears more negligent..if not willful neglect, bordering on criminal to not have functioning police stations in that district.

    Just where are the residents to go if in need of law enforcement? Don’t tell me that things are so bad that an essential government service such as this cannot be rectified in a timely manner.

    This issue has been simmering for some time. Its time addressing it becomes a priority.

  4. Anonymous says:

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    No, fix West End and Cane Garden Bay!!!

  5. E. Leonard says:

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    Undoubtedly, Hurricane Irma, a Cat 5 and an unplanned weather event, battered the VI, resulting in significant damages averaging approximately $3.6B to personal residences, general government buildings, public safety buildings, infrastructure, schools, institutions, along with other facilities. The battering reduced government revenue intake. thus far over $16M lost. This reduction of revenue created a shortage of cash to deliver vital services. Consequently, with limited resources, needs must be prioritized.

    The priority order should be legality, health, public safety/security, social services, economy, schools, infrastructure, transportation………etc. Furthermore, the priority order is protecting life, property………..etc.

    Moreover, funding shortage aside, effective, well-resourced policing is vital to protecting communities and maintaining law and order. Strong police presence is a deterrence to crime reduction/prevention; the element of surprise is also effective. On the other hand, predictability may result in an increase in crime, not decrease. West End Police station needs to be opened soonest. However, until it is open, officers should be putting a lot of miles on their patrol cars. Mobile policing needs to be ramped up.

  6. oh yeah boy says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    • To oh yeah boy says:

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      The First District Community donated materials to try their best to get the building fixed. Government spent millions in a plane that didn’t fly so they could fix the West End Police station.

    • Read! says:

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      What break? Read…He got 75% of the job done without government help. Government only need to do 25% and they darn well busy buying trees. That district needs a police station. Irma happened since September,we are now in December, what more break do they need? I pray God intervene again because this is a height of wickedness. To punish one person you punish a multitude? You punish the very victims of a heinous crime that occurred in the area? You punish their families? All for the sake of punishing the most effective leader in the territory? YOU give me a break!

  7. Prophecy says:

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    I agree that recovery is going to take a while. But we have to be realistic too.the safety and security of the country is always top priority and the only immediate security of the country should not b left for last. That so the very reason after the hurricane the horrific experience of having all them prisoners allegedly released from prison and seeing the country go in a state of been over thrown by a set of criminals was not nice. I remembered the Purge movie.thats exactly what happens. A hard working man murdered in presence of his family and now an 11 year old. With three more prisoners still at large. U all need to wake up and smell the coffee. That is pure evil and if just sit back and do nothing by turning blind eye. The wrath of God is going to fall upon this territory. Along with the lack of communication bcause of the worst and most expensive internet service in The sort of businesses price control with these bad services. Taking advantage of the people. where there is no vision the people shall perish. I hope the right choice b made in near future.

  8. Greivin says:

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    Crime horrendous now for citizens but effect on tourism could be devastating too.

    As a regular visitor to the BVI who thinks of it as a second home I will for now ignore the internal criminality and violence and go ahead with my first post Irma visit after Xmas. BUT tourists that dont already have that affection for the BVI have lots of other choices and after reading about the murders etc will simply go elsewhere. If any tourists are caught up in this the news will go worldwide and that will be BVI tourism set back many years. Cruise ships, yacht charter -the lot.

    Low crime was an almost unique big plus point for the BVI compared to the rest of the Caribbean. On many islands its almost all enclosed all inclusive secured resorts that get the visitors and bring nothing to the local economy.

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