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Early release? Walwyn touts new push to educate inmates



Inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison now have an opportunity to sit Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams through an educational programme that has been launched at the territory’s correctional facility. Participation in the programme can also help determine how long an inmate stays in prison as it relates to parole.

The initiative – dubbed the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence Educational and Vocational Programme – offers subjects such as Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, Plumbing, and Electrical Wiring.

During the launch of the programme at the prison this week, Minister of Education Myron Walwyn said the initiative is aligned with the general education system so that convicts – upon release – will have the option to continue their education or move on to higher learning.

“We will be using the curriculum of the CXC’s Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC). And, as students advance, they will be allowed to do the CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), or any other programmes deemed necessary. This will provide the inmates with a solid foundation and allow them to prepare for future studies at other levels – should they so desire,” Walwyn said.

While urging inmates to seize the opportunity, he noted that persons who enroll in the programme may become more eligible for parole.

“With the launch of the Parole Board and the opportunity for inmates to apply for parole, we anticipate that participation in the education programme will form a vital part of the inmate’s dossier to be considered by the Board…”

“We anticipate that every single inmate will make use of this opportunity to put them on a path of lifelong learning. Attending the education classes is a critical part of the inmates sentence plan here at the institution. Education cannot be under-estimated, and [it] opens doors that are almost impossible without it,” added Walwyn.

Before enrolling in the programme, inmates will have to test their academic level by undergoing what is known as the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT). Effectively, WRAT assesses each inmate’s ability to read, understand, spell, and do Math.

“[This] gives the teachers an idea of where each person is cognitively. This is important as each person must be met at his/her level to ensure successful outcomes,” Walwyn said.

Twenty-six inmates already have been enrolled in the programme, which can span anywhere from one to five years depending on the student’s learning pace, the education ministry said.

It added that the programme is designed to contribute to the overall rehabilitation process.

Walwyn noted that efforts are being made to ensure rehabilitated inmates who are released have access to a variety of opportunities in the society. He also urged relatives of incarcerated persons to support the new educational programme.

“My ministry will continue to work diligently to provide the necessary opportunities at all levels to ensure our people are ready and able to continue building this country. I want to make an appeal to family, friends and loved ones to encourage your family member or friend here at the prison to make good use of this opportunity,” he said.

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  1. Stop talking [email protected] says:

    Can’t fr**ng educate the children, can’t supply them the tools they need but you want educate inmates how about stop sending ppl to jail for utter f****y. Majority of them in there for a plant

  2. i wonder says:

    How many will he hire in his establishments?

  3. Truth says:

    I second that @ I wonder how much of them will he put in his place

  4. Wendy says:

    Great initiative MW. Keep on doing good things. Expect resistance. Stay strong. Your efforts will be rewarded.

  5. Freedom! says:

    EDUCATION, more often than not, creates CHANGE!

    hE WHO IS ADDICTED TO HATE AND the inability to grow should learn that that is true.

    Now, before you go disliking do know that i do not kow the Honorable Minister on a personal level, has never met him, but shook his hand once in my 100 years of living on this earth, so i am neither for or against him.

    Additionally, if i had a problem with his job performance he would be told in a less hateful and disrespectful manner, because all of us should afforded some level of respect to each other whether we like each other or not!

    So I don’t hate him or his antagonizers.

    I think, from the perponderance of evidence before the electorate/public, the elected official is trying to move “things forward,” and for the better.

    • Wendy says:

      Thank you,Freedom. I too do not know MW on a personal level. Shook his hand once but I read and listen to local politics and moving things forward is true of MW.

      Interesting the accolades and staunch defense of the drug dealers and extradition compared to the negatives against MW and his efforts to educate …

      The youngsters are so impressionable. Just imagine the effect of these comments on the children during this stage of their life.

      • ............... says:

        You ain’t lie Wendy…. People are a bizzare bunch. Supporting drug dealers but have a big problem with trying to rehabilitate inmates…

        Sometimes I wonder if these people have fully functional brains.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s why they have no qualms with been repeated offenders. Other Caribbean countries sentence those kind of years with HARD LABOR. But not the BVI.

    Can anybody say they EVER hear a sentence pass with HARD LABOR? NOT IN THE BVI.

    They go up for years to sit on their backsides to choose and refuse AND HAVE A CHOICE whether they want an education or not.

    The BVI need cleaning up and its they who should be doing it not people killing the govt to hire them to do it.

    The same dude who just return from Dominica probably commit an offence there and run back here KNOWING that he will get caught but who gives a rats ass about the BVI prison.

    Easy in easy out. No respect at all for the system.

    If they wanted education why not be in society to get it. Why not work like us all to get it.

    Why not be out here to receive a letter from the blasted college saying you owe and can’t continue or grad unless you PAY.

    INSTEAD, this stands to be deducted from our already small paycheque to educate people who continues on the same journey.

    Every last one of them are repeated offenders who enjoy the life.

  7. Freedom! says:

    Thank you Wendy. Intelligent people have more than just two eyes in the head.

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