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Fahie blunders – Lawmakers stalling PAC

Delores Christopher. File photo

Delores Christopher. File photo

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Fahie was stopped in his tracks yesterday when he complained that Government’s failure to effectively make certain financial reports public through the House of Assembly has slowed the progress of the parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Fahie, who recently became chairman of the PAC, said the committee wants to debate documents such as an Accountant General’s report, but that cannot be done until the government tables (makes public) such reports through the House of Assembly.

In fact, Fahie declared that the reports in question are already available to all members of the PAC, which comprises lawmakers from both sides of the political divide.

“Being the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, I am surprised to hear that the Premier [Dr D Orlando Smith] has not received the Accountant General’s report from the Treasury… We in the Public Accounts Committee have received them, but can’t debate them because they have not been laid in the House. So they are documents that we (members of the PAC) have,” Fahie said.

He added that the PAC had requested the said doucments before he became chairman.

“We have these information and they were requested long before I became chairman of the PAC – I must admit. But they were given to us – each member in the Public Accounts Committee. But we cannot discuss them until they are made public documents [through the House of Assembly]. I cannot understand how come they are not in the minister of finance’s hand [to be made public today],” Fahie further said in the parliament yesterday, April 18.

Upon hearing those comments, Government member on the PAC Delores Christopher noted that she has not received a copy of any report mentioned by Fahie.

“I beg to state that [comment by Fahie] is not quite the situation, because I don’t have a copy [of the documents] and I am a member of the Public Accounts Committee,” Christopher told the House.

At that juncture, Fahie admitted that he is the only PAC member who actually has the documents he had mentioned. He added that he had just recalled such fact when it was mentioned by Christopher.

Andrew Fahie. File photo

Andrew Fahie. File photo

Fahie further stated that he was not withholding the documents from the other PAC members.

According to him, other members are not yet in receipt of the documents because his attempts to convene a meeting of the PAC have been futile.

“For the last four weeks I cannot get a quorum (minimum number of PAC members required) to have a Public Accounts Committee meeting. So the only person who would have them (the documents) I guess would be me. Not because I didn’t want to give it to them (other PAC members), but because I couldn’t get a quorum,” Fahie further told the House.

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  1. OMG says:

    He will never see frazer at any pac meeting

  2. Watching says:

    Thank God Delores catch him in his untruths. Since when do you need to have a meeting to send documents to members? That man untruthful soo much it’s sickening.

    • @watching says:

      That is an indictment on Delores not Fahie because it is obvious that she & others are failing to do the legislative work the people send them to do.

    • Be Wise says:

      You must have a meeting to discuss the documents.

      It could have errors or clauses to be clarified.

      So why have a committee if you don’t want to meet?

      Sabotage and corruption is the item of the day around the NDP crew.

  3. vip heckler says:

    Well it seems like nobody wants to keep a meeting with fahie?

    • @vip heckler says:

      At least we can’t accuse Fahie of getting paid and not doing his work but the others on this very important committee will have to answer to we the people in due course.

    • @ vip heckler says:

      We cant trust him

      • To VIP heckler says:

        This isn’t VIP business. This committee is the people’s business and the people we elect better learn to put country above self & do what we elected them to do. So you take a seat with your foolishness.

  4. A voter says:

    I commend Hon. Fahie for trying to hold meetings of the Public Accounts Committee because this committee has a very important role to play. There is absolutely no excuse why the other members have not attended for the past 4 weeks. This is a lack of respect for we the people and is a neglect of duty.

  5. A total shame says:

    It is a total shame to see our elected officials not attending meetings we elected them to attend. Smdh.

  6. My take says:

    The business of we the people is larger than any one senator.

    They need to go do our work & stop robbing we the people by taking our tax money every month & not attending mandatory meetings.

  7. SCB resident says:

    I am contemplating real hard whether or not to vote for Fraser again because it is clear that it is either his way or no way and that is not good leadership qualities.

  8. The obvious says:

    Well I didn’t hear or read any of the PAC members refuting what Fahie said about the meetings called and there wasn’t enough members attending to hold the meetings.

    This is a bad example by our leaders to our young people.

  9. Smh says:

    By law the Leader of the Opposition is the Chairman of the PAC. So Fraser is still bitter with the Governor and Fahie that he will not work with Fahie as long as he is head of anything even in the legislature where the people’s work has to get done.

    Yet Fahie worked with him when he Fraser was head of PAC & VIP. Fraser is a good representative but not a good team player, statesman nor leader.

    In terms of the NDP we know they are not attending the meetings because they don’t want their government corruption exposed any further. SMDH..

    • reply says:

      Fahie never 1 day worked with frazer so payback is a b*tch

      • @reply says:

        I can speak from knowledge that Fahie did work with Fraser so your post is a plain out lie. You & Fraser need to stop trying to justify Fraser’s bad conduct through lies.

  10. Rotten tomato says:

    Does any of these members of HOA have any shred of shame within?!? D5 rep stated that she is not in receipt of the report. Why not D5 rep?

    Oh because you being a member of PAC and is an absentee member at that! Shame!

    Yet you openly stated that you are an inactive member; inspite of he PAC leader saying more than once he has difficulty (same as V.Romney has) in getting a quorum. US style politricks lock, step and fashion!

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