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First District getting ‘big’ bite of $65M loan

Premier and Minister of Finance Dr D Orlando Smith.

By Davion Smith, BVI News Journalist

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has named the First Electoral District as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the $65 million government is borrowing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for hurricane recovery.

The announcement comes amid claims that government has been neglecting the First District, which Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie represents.

Nearly $10 million of the $65 million-loan has been set aside for the district, so far.

According to the Premier, more than $4.5 million of the funds will be used to repair Carrot Bay’s deplorable roads and its sea defence wall.

The Premier said $5 million will then be allocated to the Road Town and West End ferry terminals on Tortola. He said the West End terminal will absorb about $4 million of that cost.

Both Carrot Bay and West End are First District constituencies.

Another $4 million will be used to develop a new building for the Department of Disaster Management, while $8.75 million is being dumped into the education sector.

“Those are the large numbers. There are many other projects including sewerage and everything which have smaller numbers… Sewerage has a large number but in different packets. I don’t want to mention that. But, [there are] many other things [such as] roads here and roads there that needs to be fixed,” the Premier said at a media conference yesterday.

The Premier’s overview of how the monies will be spent comes at a time when Opposition Leader Fahie demanded an expenditure breakdown of the $65 million-CDB loan.

The Premier said a more detailed breakdown of the funds will be released at a later date.

Fahie was among the few parliamentarians who voted against approving the loan during a sitting of the House of Assembly last December.

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  1. LOL says:

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  2. Socrates says:

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    Did government borrow the $65M first and is now determining how it is going to be spent? Is this the cart before the horse? Should not a list of projects have been developed, debated in the HOA and funding procured? Is $65M part of the $721M 5-year recovery plan? Is this $65M emergency funding? Is the Board going to be managing this $65M? Is this another example of the scatter shot approach to managing the recovery? Is government functioning in a reactive mode? Is planning lacking?

    In addition to a new Disaster Building, is a new Disaster Preparedness Plan needed? The plan should address a)event, b)response, c)recovery, and d)mitigation and preparedness. Should not this be the normal cycle? Further, in addition to mitigating an event, should not the territory also have a robust and aggressive pre-disaster mitigation (PDM) Plan?

    • @Socrates says:

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      you spot so the f on boy. I see some where Ronnie say he going spend $39 million dollars for health. I here thinking tommy self whe the hell that on they recovery paper. These politiatians don’t even know wha on the plan. Lmfgao.

    • Come let's Reason says:

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      I would like to believe that before a loan was granted a detailed plan such as a business development plan must be presented and approved by the lending authority.

      • Okay smarty says:

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        I do agree with you. So tell the Minister of Finane to show us that which was submitted to the bank The show us what the bank approved the funds to do. Now show us what the Government is decoding to spend the loan money on now. It is as simple as that but under the NDP nothing is this simple and straight forward.

  3. Hmmm says:

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    Something is not right with this $65mill CDB loan. This Government cannot be trusted with money at ALL.

  4. Jack Be Trutuful says:

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    Elelectoon gimmick ting start. A little too late Mr. ZZZZ.

  5. No nonsense says:

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    Where the hell is the”Sea Defence Wall”?. Same s*&t different day…one good ground swell and the road gone again!! Where is the professional engineers?? Let’s do it right once and for all…smh!

  6. My take says:

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    First I wasn’t with what the Leader of the Opposition was requesting for a detailed break down of how each penny of the $65 mill loan will be spent but now I fully understand why he is requesting such because this is a plan as you go government who put their friends and family to look over the same money and we know that that can’t work.

  7. oh yeah boy says:

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  8. Mess says:

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    What 5 million in roads in the first district it can never cost so much money the money racket and wastage just never stops.

  9. Sam the man says:

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    Socrates is spot on again… He has his finger on the pulse – there is no coherent plan let’s be honest the No Direction Party has just fumbled, fudged and fire fought everything so far – can’t even say they are on the back foot more like 1 km always behind – reacting instead of leading – embarrassing really – the worry is some people I admire are starting to join in with this circus….but I guess that’s politics – Turnbulls be very careful that you don’t compromise your values like others in the NDP have…. Nuf said….

  10. Hon Vanterpool Cousin says:

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    One will never see any accounts when them projects done which will aaaaalllll overrun. Typical.

  11. West End resident says:

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    Spend some money on our water infrastructure please.

  12. Very.fond says:

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    Not one mention of V.G .Not to worry, another day is coming yall

  13. The Real Boo says:

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    Theft in plain sight

  14. SIR whatever says:

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    WHERE is the CRIME millions , focus on crime

  15. Focus says:

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    Electricity, Water, Sewers and waste, Roads and communication.
    Until the basic fundamentals of infrastructure are in place we cannot build a strong and resilient BVI.
    It will be like building our house on the sand.
    We must focus our time and resources on infrastructure!

    We keep talking about all these dollars that we are going to barrow, I guess I puzzled why someone would even consider loaning us the monies to rebuild with our track record of spending and fiscal accountability.

    We seem to have already spent dollars that we hope someone might be crazy enough to loan us.

  16. tyankee says:

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    Thika water and sewerage company dismissed allegations that water supplied by the company has high level of fluoride assuring residents that it is safe for human consumption.

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