Give me the F** money – gunman with local accent

The headquarters of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

The headquarters of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Reports reaching BVI News Online are that the gunman who robbed Riteway at Flemming Street in Road Town pointed a gun at a cashier’s head and threatened to shoot her while he demanded that funds be handed over to him last evening, April 19.

“Give me the f$##@ money,” the gunman is said to have shouted while he held the gun at the cashier’s head.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), in a media release this afternoon, stated that the culprit used a local accent.

“The assailant is described as black, slim built, in his twenties, about 5’9” tall, and spoke with a local accent. He was at the time wearing all black with a hoody.”

The RVIPF added that the gunman left the store with money belonging to the supermarket.

“Initial inquiries indicate that a lone masked gunman entered the premises around 7:40pm last night and demanded that one of the cash registers be opened. He then took the cash pan and fled the scene,” added the RVIPF.

Other reports reaching BVI News Online, in the meantime, are that the gunman entered the supermarket after he drove fear into the on-duty security guard who was outside the establishment.

After the incident, the robber exited the supermarket and disappeared at the back of the establishment – the same direction from which he had appeared.

The movement of the gunman in the robbery last night bears many similarities to the action of gunmen in another robbery at the said supermarket last year.

On June 13, 2016, masked gunmen appeared from behind the supermarket, drove fear into a security guard outside, entered the establishment and demanded money, and then disappeared behind the supermarket with an undetermined amount of funds.

One of the gunmen, in the robbery last year, also fired a shot but no one was injured. The robbers are yet to be apprehended.

The RVIPF, this afternoon, appealed for information.

“Police are asking persons with information that can help in identifying the lone gunman to contact the Criminal Investigations Department through the RVIPF access number 311 or the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339. Investigations are ongoing.”


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  1. ***** says:

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    One cash pan and if he got 800 that time of night on a week night he got alot. Makes sense?

    He walked pass the security guard fearless as he knows full well security is a sitting duck with a fancy uniform and flashlight.

    Its high time we start allowing business owners to access firearms for protection.

  2. The Judge says:

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    • ??? says:

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      Same thought here. If it is the same secu officer. I alway felt uncomfortable when I go there and a certain officer is on. He is always on his phone. and appears somewhat??

    • The Demonic Cat says:

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      So “The Judge” you bring race into the equation, blaming the ‘whites’ for a ‘black’ crime- please explain your rationale?

      There is no ratial element to this tale until you introduce it? It matters not if the culprits are black (as in this case) or white, this is a dispiccable crime and the culprits (black or white) need to be punished. Grow up!

  3. Whats new says:

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  4. Brad Boynes says:

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    A gun in hand is always better than a cop on the phone.

  5. umm says:

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    Isn’t strange that the security was outside? They are usually inside.

  6. Bohannon says:

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    Local accent or not. This is a crap of effry going on in this country.

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