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Gov’t seeks volunteers to build houses

Just over a month after Hurricane Irma pummeled the British Virgin Islands, Government has made an appeal to building professionals to volunteer their services.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development made the call as it readies to kick-start its Social Housing Programme. Under the programme, the ministry will build houses for a number of residents who lost their dwellings during the hurricane.

“Building experts such as electricians, contractors, plumbers, engineers, architects, or anyone in the building profession are asked to volunteer with the Ministry of Health and Social Development’s Social Housing programme through their expertise, time, and services,” the ministry said.

Persons should register to volunteer by contacting the ministry at 284-468-9854.

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  1. meh son says:

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    With all the help and funds this government got from around the world, the Minister have the nerve to ask for volunteers?

    The very same people y’all want to remove from your Island because y’all “born here” feel Threatened by their existence.

    The very same people this government refuse to give out aids even though there’s an abundance of it are the same people this government wants to help them rebuild.

    I wonder where all the money have gone?

    • lolol says:

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      ministers them getting under ground cable electricity so fast out there when people them getting electric shocks. can you name a good leader on the Island!

  2. Reeper says:

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    Everyone a volunteer now. Seems like even Government workers are volunteering their services!
    Free labour in building works is dangerous as there is no anticipated duty of care, beware.

  3. vg resident says:

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    One of the non-belongers, who has a villa on Virgin Gorda, came with a suitcase full of money and was giving it out to persons who would clean Virgin Gorda. The government told him to stop as they wanted half the money for Tortola, so the non-belonger took his money and left.
    This is SO sad. The government is stopping people from giving out money to whom they want. And now they want help! There is no leadership in government. Better they should get out of the way.

  4. vg resident says:

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    A non-belonger owner of a villa on Virgin Gorda was giving out money to persons who would help in cleaning up Virgin Gorda. The government told him to stop as they wanted half the money for Tortola. The guy closed his suitcase and went home. And now they want free help! The government should get out of the way. Very poor leadership from the government. Where is the rep from Virgin Gorda??

  5. Concern says:

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    This is a great concept, but I don’t think it should be lead by government. Our government right now have enough issues. Just like habitat for humanity in the states, a non profit organization which build homes for people with help of volunteers and donations; such an organization or group of people should do the same.

    All the complaints now about government giving who they want, helping their own, etc – should just take themself out the equation.

    • JERRY says:

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      I will help the first district. To me MR FAHIE is the only one seeing that all the residents of his district is ok. Keep up the good works MR FAHIE GOD bless you.

  6. ??? says:

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    So comment wasn’t posted by ideas used. Still a good thing though!

  7. Dragon says:

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    Several builders on facebook offering to come help rebuild our country as volanteers but are having trouble with immigration. WHY ??

  8. lolol says:

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    Volunteer to build the houses for land lords and they charge you three times the regular if you need a house for rent!

  9. Yaadie says:

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    Good idea volunteering in rebuilding homes. But certainly not apartments.The landlords here are so wicked and heartless. Wait there is worst than Irma to come. You people won’t learn. Hurricane Irma was just a warning to wake up. Expats do not offer your services for free. I beg of you. Lots of you will be thrown out of these islands as soon as the place is rebuild. The same thing happen in the Cayman Islands after hurricane Ivan 2004.

  10. well sah says:

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    exactly, why would i render my services free of charge while government still collecting a paycheck.

    I understand the community needs the help but come on, once again, another tactic by government to use the people when they already at they most vulnerable.

    • BitterPill says:

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      Agreed. It is comparative to people tithing in Church, for a new Church roof, when the Pope sits on a throne of gold and gems. If government want people to work for free, then they should set the example and give up their salaries.

  11. BitterPill says:

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    Here’s a novel idea: how about the government ministers volunteer their own time in serving the people of the BVI.

    How about the government ministers waiver their salary for the next 12 months, or until life is back to normal. All those wages could be put into rebuilding the infrastructure of the islands.

    Instead they want people with hardly a dollar to their name to give up their time for free so that the government can wax lyrical about how great the people are. The people underneath them that is.

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