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Gov’t to ease tax on building materials

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As the territory prepares to start rebuilding after a category-5 hurricane, Irma, wreaked havoc on its islands last week, plans are being put in place to lessen taxes on construction materials.

This is according to a media release issued by Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

“Premier Smith has indicated that his government will be looking to provide some ease on taxes to local building and construction material suppliers on imports for the rebuilding process to support property owners as we rebuild our communities,” the release said.

It did not specify how significant the tax break will be.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma caused widespread destruction to several properties in the British Virgin Islands including to homes, businesses and structures such as utility poles. The greatest damage is said to have happened on the territory’s largest and most commercialized islands – Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

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  1. Ex Expat says:

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    This should benefit the preferred government bidders. Here we go again, million for this, million for that and no audits. The smell of corruption already in the air and clean up just beginning. A deep clean is what is needed to get rid of all the grime.

  2. WELSAH says:

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    WHAT about FREE building supplies , not even that from goverment with all those millions coming in ? WHERE broke poor people going find money to BUY .SO FED UP

  3. concerned young individual says:

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    Government taxes should be removed right now for affected persons who wish to rebuild and construction cost, including labour reduced sinigicantly to get bvi back on its feet. In the past those with skills use to help one another out to build for food and rum, when most had little. Some form of similar exchange with other incentives (other considerations of payment) should be used at this time. Maybe to offer free accomodations for a specified time to labourers who assist in rebuilding your place.
    We also need engineers and other experts to develop new building standards in event this happens again residents will not be affected.
    All electrical lines should be placed underground and plans kept, in event of additional networks need to be added or maintanence required.
    There should be man holds created for water passages, not open ghuts as a place to litter or encourage mosquitoes.
    Recycling bins not exposed garage bins should be used to ensure on wanted items are kept by the garbage sides such as mattresses, chairs etc.
    All residents leaving unsightly things such as cars, unused wood, etc. outside their home which could be of potential harm to the community should be ordered to be removed within a set timeframe or he or she will be fined. Failure to pay and to remove things volunterily should mean jail time and/or withdrawal of funds automatically from their bank accounts. No place in bvi should look like a getto.
    Consumer protection laws should be enacted and ENFORCED.
    Study performed on the environmental and health impact of Skelton site where they continously dig to get materials for concrete.
    Some other hard decisions need to be made and just because one has money or you have family in the right place to cut corners is going to have to stop. I hate to be silent anymore. Now is the time for our behaviour to change on how we do things. Every action we take affects those around us. I hope it is clear to all sayers “lets be independent” that we are not prepared for such a move in the near future. We also need to start making our government officials accountable for their actions or inactions. A vote of no confidence should be held by the people not HOA and possibly certain ministers and other public servants removed. We need to send a message to the young people that at all times changes will be made until we get thing right. Transparecy of government spending is also a must. We should no longer be spending what we don’t have after this if you (Gov’t) cannot tell us how it will be repaid and can evidence that there is a contingency plan in event that first or second approach does not succeed.

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