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‘I HAVE A HEART’ – Magistrate gives woman 4 months

Nashae Foy during a previous court appearance

Nashae Foy during a previous court appearance

While sentencing a tearful woman to four months imprisonment, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards yesterday paused to declare that – contrary to popular opinion – she does not find joy in making tough calls such as sending persons to Her Majesty’s Prison.

But she noted that the court cannot turn a blind eye to the criminal offences that are being perpetuated throughout the British Virgin Islands.

“It’s not that I don’t have a heart. There is actually a heart within me, contrary to popular opinion,” the usually no-nonsense senior magistrate declared.

She, at the time, was sentencing Nashae Foy who was convicted previously of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Foy was sentenced to four months in prison for beating another woman with a wooden bat.

The court heard that she tailed the victim in a car before hitting her with the object on the head, ribs, and other areas of the body.

Foy, before being sentenced, expressed remorse for committing the offence.

The court previously heard that, on May 11 last year, the complainant Shareema Stevens was driving with a friend in the Greenland area.

At some point, the complainant noticed that she and her friend were being followed by another vehicle.

As a result, she pulled over. The driver of the other vehicle also pulled over.

The complainant noticed that the pursuing vehicle looked familiar, and so she exited her vehicle.

At that point, Foy was identified as the person following the complainant.

Foy reportedly exited her vehicle with what appeared to be a bat, and then approached the complainant.

The court heard that the complainant grabbed the wooden object and tried to reason with Foy.

However, Foy reportedly pulled the bat away and struck the complainant on the head, right arm, beneath her left eye, and in the area of her left ribs.

The complainant had to seek medical attention.

A report was made to the police, who later met Foy at the East End Police Station.

After being cautioned, Foy responded: “It was the virtual complainant who hit me in the face and pulled my hair.”

In court yesterday, Senior Magistrate Richards noted that “there was some level of premeditation” on Foy’s part because she followed the complainant.

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  1. de silent one says:

    Such sentencing will/should send a message to these overly aggressive females that they have to control their behavior, not just at home but more so in the public domain.

    Hope others with such attitude are paying attention

  2. M says:

    My dear Magistrate, you are doing your job. You made the right call.

    People have to learn and understand there are other ways to settle things rather than resorting to violence.

  3. Heart?! says:

    You have a heart for who you want, further more had this been a man he would be doing more than 4 months . Consistency is needed in out judiciary system.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s my hope that the other pregnant one gets jail time also.

    Because like she wilfully get pregnant so she don’t but send her ass up. They have medical assistance and transport for her checkup days/appointments.

    Hustle her ass up with the quickness. They too out of order bully and bright

    • vi says:

      She didn’t beat no one. Yes, she took up something that did not belong to her but she gave it back.

      She did not cause any physical injury to anyone. I guess you are spotless from any wrong doings.

      Try find a mirror and take a very long look in it and you will see all your faults before you point out those of other people.

      • Anonymous says:


        How can one in their right frame of mind think that they can commit such an OFFENCE and not be punished. Let me guess, oh yea BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN. F*****y.

        Some place else she would’ve gotten more time so she better be glad Tammy does have a heart. She committed the offence with INTENT. IT WAS PREMEDITATED.

        She done brag about it, well go brag further. Sit your dumb ass down and think of how you could’ve better dealt with whatever the situation was.

        Of how you could’ve possibly killed the young lady with the blow to her head. She should be made to give a PUBLIC APOLOGY.

        A lil humiliation is good sometimes. What in the world can she teach a child if she has any, HOW TO BE A BULLY?

        Those of you who talking crap are her friends or people of like mind. If twas any of you or a friend, sister, child, cousin would you blog the same thing?

        Mind you this young lady did not end up in a fight and find something for her defence SHE WALKED WITH IT, SHE USED IT MORE THAN 1 2 3 TIMES.

        SHE TAILED THE COMPLAINANT. What is unclear about that.

    • Random says:

      We all judge as if we know, but if tables are turned, feel like were being wrongfully judged, that’s the problem with the world, prays for the world. God watching all things.

  5. noooo says:

    he without sin cast the first stone… some of you all are acting like you are unblemished and will never get entangled with the law.

    • Yea says:

      People always doing f*** and then coming with this nonsense about sin and not being perfect!

      Stop doing dumb f***, it’s simple. Nobody want to hear about casting no damn stone, people need to just stop doing bs and they won’t end up in problems.

    • Mr. P says:

      All of us have sinned but not all of us are going around hitting other people with bats in their heads like an effing maniac.

  6. wow says:

    Local gone jail but the thiefing Trini got a suspended jail time?…Only in the BVI

  7. Diaspora says:

    The magistrate like any other magistrate must use fair, reasonable and sound judgment to adjudicate each case.

    Residents who commit crimes must be held responsible for them.

    Generally, in adjudicating cases, the least amount of fine and confinement should be used to hold offenders responsible and accountable and to change their attitude and behaviour.

    Confinement should be used for those that commit serious crimes and for repeat offenses who are not responding to lower level of punishment.

    Crimes should not be dished out just to appear TOUGH. If an offender’s behaviour can be modified or change with lesser punishment, why not award it.

    If an offender can be turned around and become a productive citizen without confinement, reducing the cost to taxpayers, why not go that route.

    Earlier in the week in another on line publication, a corrections officer at Balo waxed that placing people who commited minor crimes with hardcore criminals makes the minor offenders come out no better or worse than when they went in. That is real talk and is worthy of review.

    Moreover, if the magistrate have to wax, wonder and try to convince the public that she has a heart, then the question is does she? The public should form that opinion from the magistrate’s action and body of work.

  8. What? says:

    I think she should have been charged with attempted murder!!!

    How can you follow someone, get out of your vehicle with a blunt object, strike them in the head and about the body with force and get 4 months in jail?

    This is absolute f**ry and why some people will take matters into their own hands.

  9. Kermit says:

    Hmmm.. I feel that the sentence would have been alot more harsh had it been a man that committed the offence.

  10. Shanna says:

    Time foe alternative sentences.

  11. kevin t says:

    wow and Letty who is sick gets six years

  12. bojan says:

    There are other Islands that are british islands if the punishment was more and harder there would not have so many of offences here time.

  13. Wondering says:

    I never heard anyone sentenced to community service?

    People who have possession of weed and such or people who fight and stuff should be sentenced to community service (in some cases).

    Also this is where the ankle monitor stuff would chime in? Just little suggestions because every article someone is going to jail.

    I’m sure that small little jail we have will be over packed and they will soon talk about controlling the number of people going up there.

  14. What a cross in VG.. lol says:

    Well i cant wait to see how she will rule the case vg what went in the other girl house and beat her up…

    Lock all of them up… a set of bullies…

  15. Wendy says:

    I personally think the owner of the phone should have settled this on the job with the manager.

    Everything they call police for. Certain things can be settled out of court and less ppl in prison.

  16. For the people says:

    Too many of these young girls out for war. They always feel they can fight another woman and get away with it.

    Right decision.. stay out of trouble. Every thing you do have consequences.

  17. lmaol says:

    Woiiiiii that one going be sweeeeeeet tah r*ss…..LOCK ALL AH DEM ARSE UP….BADNESS OUT AH STYLE!!!!

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