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I will not abandon my school

‘This would be the absolute worse time to get up and leave your country’ — Underhill

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Journalist

Migrating to the United States where she owns a home may never seem more alluring than it does now for Sandy Underhill.

But the school principal said she has decided not to abandon her students at Elmore Stoutt High, which virtually has been demolished by category 5 hurricane Irma.

Underhill’s sentiment carries much reassurance for teachers and students who are looking to her for leadership in what is promised to be a tough academic year.

The school year officially began this week after being delayed by a devastating tropical wave as well as hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The disasters happened within weeks of each other.

With the considerable time lost and a ruined school campus, Underhill’s students – especially seniors expected to sit external CXC exams within the next few months – now have a massive handicap as it relates to their studies.

The Elmore Stoutt High principal, however, is not deterred.

She is sure she will successfully get her students to the proverbial finish line in fine style.

“When you’re in the business of education, a lot of people are depending on you, and you need to be a part of the rebuilding process for your country. So, if ever there was a worse time to leave it, it would have been now,” an upbeat Underhill told BVI News Online.

“Persons ask me why am I here because [they know] I lived between Atlanta and Tortola for the first two years after becoming principal, and I have my home in Atlanta. In other words, what I’m saying is that I had an opportunity. I could have [left]. What I said to those people was ‘this would be the absolute worse time to get up and leave your country,” added Underhill.

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  1. John says:

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    Thats very noble of her. I just hope that those people who constantly chant ‘I from heh’ follow Underhill’s example. But many of them are all too ready to get out.

    • Hmmmm says:

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      It is commendable indeed but Im sure her decision was made much easier by the fact that her young kids are in the USA and not here in BVI. Its easy to chastise people who have left or are leaving but everybody has different circumstances.

  2. hmmmmx2 says:

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4

    Enough 0’s and commas on a check will make anybody say that.

    You can tell because she is saying “MY” school and not “OUR” school.

    Read between the lines people….its all for show…. but she is a lovely lady who sets proper examples and leadership outside the campus…………..

  3. Anonymous says:

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    Smile Jesus Love’S You 💝

  4. Truth says:

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    She will do it all by herself. Wow!

  5. D.R says:

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    you all aint easy..This lady is an hardworking devoted principal. Persons need to worry about her doing her job and nothing else.She is very very understandable and very good with her teachers. We all know what she is trying to say.. she is definitely not chastising anyone for leaving. she is reassuring her own personal position as principal. Stop taking things out of context my people. Respectfully Always.

  6. PP says:

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    Mrs. Underhill dont mind the noise and the haters. You could have leave but you choose to stay. You are a hard dedicated working woman. I know you means well and have the students best interest at heart. Education is your key and always do you best to get the students where they needed to go. With a good teaching team behind you marvelous things can happen. Continue to do an excellent job.

  7. ok says:

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    Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Police, Firemen, Government Workers are not supposed to leave during a calamity and immediately after a calamity. These jobs are actually vocations.

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