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Grounds broken with advice: You must pay mortgage

Joes Hill Manor

While breaking grounds for what will be known as Joe’s Hill Manor, which will have more homes and a bigger budget than initially announced, Minister of Health and Social Development Ronnie Skelton underscored the importance of prospective homeowners paying their mortgages.

“This is gonna be a community with most things included in it. It’s not gonna be just build a house. There’s gonna be covenants; there’s gonna be all sort of stuff that you must abide by.”

“The most important thing that you must abide by – those of the 400 people who gonna get the first 52 homes – [is that] you must pay your mortgage. I’m sure there will be some opportunities where you can renegotiate, but at the end of the day you must pay your mortgage,” Skelton advised.

Contractor on the Joe’s Hill Manor development, James Todman, said at least four of the homes that will be constructed under the Social Security Board’s affordable home programme, will be completed by December.

Under the first phase of the programme, a total of 53 residential units will be built on seven acres of land at Joe’s Hill in the Road Town and Long Bush area.

The estimated cost to build is $14 million.

The cost was initially estimated at $11 million for 43 units, but it was bumped up to 14 million after developers added an additional 10 units to the project.

Todman, whose James Todman Construction has joined with Larry Adams Construction to form JL Development for the purpose of this project, announced the increased cost during the groundbreaking ceremony at Joe’s Hill this morning, April 20.

He added, “We will have four homes fully ready for December 2017… We gonna work tirelessly to get two more buildings in. So we looking at having at least six buildings for 2017 in December,” Todman said.

The entire Joe’s Hill Manor is expected to be completed by December 2019.

All 53 units in the soon-to-be-built community will fit into a total 25 buildings, Todman said.

Joe’s Hill Manor will have one bedroom condos, two bedroom condos, two bedroom town houses, three bedroom townhouses, two bedroom homes, and three bedroom homes.

In the meantime, Chairman of the Social Security Board Ian Smith said: “The ultimate goal of this initiative is to afford BVIslanders the opportunity to own their own homes. This would lead to the encouragement towards saving; creation of wealth, future generation of home owners and independent citizens; and contribute to the solidification of the foundation of our growing economy.”

“After completion of the development, 52 families will own their first home and employment opportunities will be available for the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of this community,” added the Social Security Board chairman.

Meanwhile, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, who was one of the groundbreakers today, described Joe’s Hill Manor as ‘good news’ for the Territory.

“Increased home ownership is indicative of a prosperous Virgin Islands where residents enjoy a high quality life and personal fulfillment,” he said.

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  1. REALLY??? says:


  2. Yolo says:

    Make a house for me too where do I sign up but in a different location all I need is 80,000.00 to complete chumb change for the government

  3. Wisdumb says:

    Well sah this will be a run down crime infested project in no time. Same old shtt with ndp trying to Americanize every dam thing. Learn from st Thomas projects. This Government cause the demise of we little land ma boy.

    • Minny says:

      The american projects are not homes and they dont pay mortgages.

      The ppl that can afford to pay a mortgage would be working middle class locala who cannot afford the current ridiculous requirements from banks on their own.

      Stop being negative and be thankful that despite all the gloom and doom elsewhere the govt is trying to assist its people and putting their money where their mouth is. $14 mil in our economy and for our people.

  4. Black Serian says:

    Only James Todman can build house… He behind at Little Dix and the Clinic in VG. $-!+ is so unfair to other contractors.. And Todman claims he’s a Christian.. That’s being dammmm greedy

  5. Reader says:

    I personally don’t see no problem with James Todman (my cousin), having part in building these homes.

    Actually, its a joint venture between him and another contractor. I wouldn’t say that he’s greedy just because he continues to get contracts, and because he’s a christian. The Lord Blesses whom he may.

    It’s the Creator who blessed him with the talent, resources and ability to deliver… when the Lord Blesses you or a family member of yours, would you utter these type of covetous words? I doubt it.

    He and the other contractors are also locals, aren’t they (even if there are other locals who might have bid). If he wasn’t a local, then you would blog about that too.

    No matter what happens in the BVI or anywhere in the world for that matter, there will always be the “Nay Sayers”/”Critics”. Who God Bless, no man curse.

    Maybe if you start reading the Good Book, you will start to see Blessings likewise. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”.

    • @Reader says:

      I have no problem with the contractors selected. I have a problem giving them alone the contract for 40 homes. The pie should have been shared better.

  6. Note says:

    Where is the architectural design and costs per month for homeowners

  7. Hmmm says:

    This is a well organized election project.

  8. Chinese Minister says:

    For the VG hospital steel order from China this is a good reward for the contractor.

  9. Island Man says:

    Well the tax in the expat will pay for that quite easily…

  10. Double digit says:

    No problem with Jamesy being the contractor but is when he give sandwise all the equipment work and Tcl all the concrete work you got friends that have equipment Jamesy remember

  11. Vision says:

    Where is a foto of what this village / community should look like when it is completed .

    Was there a town meeting and this project put to the people ? Or is this a project for a selected few of the chosen? Or yet , is this an other of NDP invested skeems of I know what is best for you so take what I give you ?

    I think the idea is noble ; but inform the people ; stop treating us as ” less than you “. Publish criteria as to whom qualifies to apply ; and where do we apply ; We thank you in advance .

  12. Oh boy hmmm says:

    I remember years ago during a bi election in 2005 an at large candidate had first brought this idea to the people including that the day must come when there is more than one cellphone carrier in the territory good to see these ideas have come to pass.

  13. News says:

    Pay attention to the news. These homes been in the news for quite some time.

    Back up information – over 400 persons already signed up as interested persons.

  14. Yo says:

    Only one man must eat? The NDP way

  15. Dragon says:

    Pay the mortage just like everyone at Craft Alive and the Pier Park are all paying their rentss..??

  16. ///// says:

    When on earth is the Min of Health and Social Dev is going to speak proper English. There is no such word as “GONNA” Please?

    Students are listening and learning.

  17. What says:

    Is it true once living in the territory for two years you are eligible to apply

  18. Real people says:

    Ryan going destroy the contractor good name

  19. Wendy says:

    These homes are for families and friends of the government of the day. SMH!

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