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Left with an injured arm – Man punches glass door

Melvin Flaherty Jr

Melvin Flaherty Jr, who was charged recently for allegedly assaulting two police officers during a traffic stop, was hauled back before the Magistrate’s Court yesterday for being disorderly at the Road Town Police Station and for criminal damage.

In a episode of ‘rage’ at the law enforcement facility, Flaherty punched through a glass door causing serious injuries to himself.

He yesterday pleaded guilty to the new charges of criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

“I have a little anger problem, but I’m working on it,” he told Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards.

Reports are that, about 9:35am on May 27, Marlon Choucoutou visited the Road Town Police Station and made a report against the 18-year-old offender.

The complainant reportedly claimed that Flaherty threatened him.

It is said that Flaherty saw the complainant at the station and started to act in a disorderly manner.

“It’s you got me feeling this way. You must got me catching f*** feelings,” Flaherty reportedly said.

The prosecution reported that Flaherty then damaged the entrance glass door at the police station by punching it.

He started to bleed and was brought to Peebles Hospital.

After Flaherty received treatment, police cautioned him about his behaviour.

The offender responded: “It’s woman got me doing this.” He was subsequently charged.

While mitigating on his behalf in court yesterday, Flaherty said the complainant has been harassing him over a woman.

“Me and his child’s mother in a relationship and he ain’t like that,” Flaherty explained.

He told the court that it was the complainant that approached him at the police station.

Flaherty further stated that he didn’t want to get into an altercation at the station, and so he punched the glass door to blow off some steam.

After hearing a brief history of Flaherty’s troubled childhood, Magistrate Richards granted the offender $45,000 signed bail and ordered him to get counselling at the Family Support Network.

The magistrate however warned the offender, who was already on bail for other charges.

“I have to promise you this: If you commit [any more] offences while on bail, you will be remanded.”

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  1. ... says:

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    Youth, get counseling before you go on and do something seriously dangerous to yourself or any one else, and realize from now that no woman, man or otherwise shud have u acting out and harming urself, if the situation with the guys child mother is causin u problem and getting u in trouble step back from it and re-evaluate if it is worth it, you are young and have a lot more woman to experience in ur life, don’t be foolish.

  2. mi rass says:

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    stupid actions for a seemingly stupid boy

  3. hmmm says:

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    but she seems stupid to be back a u boy lol

  4. love city massive says:

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    **Ass** All of them need throwing in the calabost

  5. LKP says:

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    It does not worth it. We ought to let go, man or woman, let it go. Time heals the wound. If they really want U they will clean up their act after a period of time and return clean, clean. Take heed, it does not worth the trouble over a man or a woman. Please, Please a beg U, let it go…….

  6. Passion aka Migo Daway says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  7. Red says:

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    Who Marlon son or father?

  8. Pat says:

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    Does it matter who it is you just too damn fast. Just encourage the young man to stay out of trouble and behave himself. That’s what important here.

  9. Tolan Born & Raised says:

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    Little anger problem?? This ‘likkle’ boy BEEN nothing but problems… Ask the Anegada community…

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