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Masa sentenced to years in prison for gun, ammo

Pemberton being brought to court on a previous occasion.

Media personality Ramoamasagana ‘Masa’ Pemberton will spend two years in prison for gun and ammunition offences.

Pemberton was sentenced in the make-shift courtroom at Road Town Police Station this morning.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo ordered Pemberton to serve two years in prison for keeping an unlicensed firearm, as well as a three-year suspended sentence for the said offence.

That effectively means that Pemberton will be released after two years and will only serve the additional three years in prison if he commits another offence within three years of being released.

Magistrate DaBreo then sentenced Pemberton to six months imprisonment for possession of ammunition. The magistrate ruled that Pemberton should serve the sentences at the same time (concurrently).

According to the territory’s updated gun laws, keeping an unlicensed firearm carries a minimum penalty of five years imprisonment or a $50,000 fine.

But while handing down the sentence this morning, Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo said she went below the minimum because of the “peculiar circumstances” in Pemberton’s case.

Permberton’s circumstances

Pemberton, who is being represented by attorney Patrick Thompson, had claimed that he found the gun hidden near his Purcell Estate residence on an evening when he was parking a motor scooter.

He added that he stumbled upon the weapon while clearing some debris to make room for the two-wheeled vehicle.

He said the weapon was in a closed silver case so he examined it. He further said he touched the case and its contents while doing the examination.

The gun offender claimed that he didn’t report the gun-find because he did not want his name mentioned in the media. He said he was also afraid of falling victim to the persons who actually hid the gun.

In the meantime, Pemberton is also before the court for another offence – obscene publication.

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  1. AGREED says:

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    isnt there a 10 year minimum for gun possession. Why is it that no one is sentenced to 10 years? 2 years????

    • Read the article says:

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      If you read the while article you will see that this case had a peculiar scenario. The real owner of the gun is unknown, or wants someone to go down for it.

  2. Lock em up says:

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    Key needs throwing away – another slap on the wrist

  3. Hmmm says:

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    So sad. So much talented just gone to waste. I really don’t blame him but the many who was so encouraging his wrong doing.

  4. Civil Servant says:

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    @Agreed u don’t understand the law. Read it again.

  5. hmmmm says:

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    Masa …hold your head up boy!!… Hope this has taught you a lesson. Keep low when you get out

  6. What says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  7. ??? says:

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    If the magistrate went below the minimum in sentencing for the crimes this man is found guilty of on account of his circumstances which are stated as “He didnt report the gun find because he didnt want his name mentioned in the media”..and also that he didn’t want to become a victim to the person who hid it”…well, are these fears substantial enough to reduce sentence?

    Is it reasonoble to fear that your name will be in the media for turning in lost and found goods? How would the person who found it know who found it, unless he broadcast that information on himself?

    I don’t understand the magistrate’s logic, but that’s me…they can do whatever they want and think that the public is too dumb to even question their decisions.

  8. LIT says:

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    Lawdy Masa… Good Luck!

  9. Snitches get stitches says:

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    As you know if you are found snitching on tola shit happens to you. So I do NOT blame him for protecting himself and possibly his family. Want a different outcome learn how to spell go to school and become a judge

  10. Facebook god says:

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    When it’s other people it’s all over Facebook (OMG) lol – Bahahahaa – lmao etc. ever since he’s been making headlines- Never once seen anyone sharing etc. it’s like if they had a choice they’d trade him for someone that’s very innocent. Oh forgot that’s what he use to do to his many followers and supporters.

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