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Mother, daughter busted with marijuana at home

Jost van dyke

A 56-year-old woman and her adult daughter have been brought before the Magistrate’s Court on Tortola following a police raid, which uncovered marijuana at their White Bay home on the island of Jost Van Dyke.

Cecilia Callwood and her daughter Necia Callwood pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug.

According to the prosecution, Cecilia was found with eight grams of the drug while her daughter had about 34 grams.

Reports are that, on April 6 last year, police executed a search warranted at the women’s residence.

During a search of Cecilia’s room, the cops reportedly discovered various amounts of marijuana.

They also found marijuana seeds, and a cigarette with cannabis inside, the court heard.

When cautioned in relation to the find, Cecilia reportedly told the law enforcers: “Dem are mine; it’s marijuana.”

The court further heard that the search continued to Necia’s bedroom, where police found a quantity of marijuana as well as brown bags containing marijuana seeds.

“Everything you find in here is mine,” Necia reportedly told the law enforcers.

The search was extended to the dining room where police found a purse with marijuana inside.

“It is weed,” Necia admitted. “I was looking for that purse for a while now.”

Meanwhile, though admitting to the offence, the women told Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo that they did not have marijuana seeds at their residence.

They further told the court that the seeds found were ‘sorrel’ seeds.

Cecilia was then granted $10,000 bail. The magistrate offered $30,000 bail to Necia.

Both offenders, who were ordered to attend drug counselling sessions, are scheduled to return to court on April 28.

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  1. VILander says:

    let them go & legalize

    • Curious says:

      Exactly!!!! Lock up people wid a Henny bottle next to their bed na a joint! I can grow marijuana can you grow alcohol???? Dumb ass society….. Ummmmmm Marijuanna makes money to you know!~!~!~!~! Legalize the dam ting!

  2. Rude boy says:

    Please stop wasting scarce resources with court cases on these petty infractions .

    The whole court system (staff) has to be paid ; if they are fined and cannot pay , they will go to prison ; another drain on SCARCE resources .

    I am almost certain they are. Children in that house hold , if these two women go to jail who takes care of the youth ? Social Development ? Scarce resources ? Leave them to fend for themselves ? A drain / distruption of our precious resources ( our YOUTH)

    I am pleading with the powers that be ; take a look at this marijuana thing and the court system as they relate to each other

  3. Just Wrong says:

    Four murders already this year, and the BVI courts are dealing with this silliness ?

  4. Hmmmmm says:

    That aint even a crime strupes

  5. rastarite says:

    Legalize it! Just a small amount of weed and a 30K bail. Absolute Nonsense!

    Cops should spend their time protecting the citizens and enforcing the gun laws and going after serious criminals.

  6. de silent one says:

    Yes there are four murders for the year, and some of you the bloggers knows who are responsible, and what do you do to help, nothing!

    The marijuana find may seems silly to some members of the community, but it still on the law books as an offence and should be treated as such.

    But most times that’s where the substance abuse that leads to addiction starts.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wasting time with weed cases when time should be placed else where…..its legal in sooòoo many states and some islands too….focus your attention and energy where it’s needed…..tooo many unsolved murders

  8. Not cool says:

    They were not in the street selling the stuff.

    The stuff was in the privacy of their home. What you do or keep in the privacy of your home is your personal business. Looks like someone they know drop a dime on them.

    I keep weed in my house for my personal use. Leave those women alone.

    Which is worst? A bunch of killers walking around or weed in the privacy of your home.

  9. hmmm says:

    Guess America needs to tell them how to handle this one

  10. Windy says:

    “April 6 LAST YEAR” ?????

  11. No disrespect, just truth and freedom! says:

    Government of, for and by the people, they continue to demonstrate their thoughts and wishes on this issue. Their voices ring clearly.

    Give the people the satisfaction of seeing their taxes go to more substantive elements of law making and enforcement.

    As, it should be abundantly clear to all lawmakers and enforcers today that the approach to the reinforcement of marijuana laws are obsolete and the society’s view on the matter has changed.

    Thus, the entire package of laws governing that PLANT and its use should be modernized by discarding them.

    Study the comments above and it would be realized that the sands have long shifted.

    Now, let those two women go home to their children and family, please.

    Wouldn’t you rather be with your loved ones than being freedomless for the use of a God given plant?

    Let’s effectualize the tax dollars more wisely and appropriately. The time has come.

  12. TurtleDove says:

    Police, leave this stuff alone and go find some guns!.

  13. I agree says:

    I could understand if they were selling the weed out of their home or on the street selling it. Look like that was their own personal weed.

    So what, for real, it seems like someone set the police on them. I have weed in my house that I smoke in the privacy of my house.

    Free the woman and her daughter

    they did nothing wrong.

  14. Concern says:

    Isn’t marijuana apart of the drug trade, So why ppl acting like it’s ok to have in their possession?

  15. Brad Boynes says:

    What part of Illegal you all DO NOT overstand?

  16. Legalize it says:

    Legalize it and move on to fight real crimes!

  17. No disrespect, just truth and freedom! says:

    It was also “made illegal” to run away from the brutality and inhumanity of the enslaver, wasn’t it?

  18. About time says:

    Time to change the laws. Judging by the comments here, the majority think anti-cannabis laws are a waste of money, time and resources. Legalize this harmless plant once and for all.

  19. Real man says:

    Guys, they waste time on cases like these because they are easier to conclude. The time spent on these cases, at the least, should be spent on finding the REAL criminals.

  20. Mary says:

    Colorado sells $34 million in marijauana in one month. $3.4 million goes to school and 15% of crime is been decrease so why have the lady in jail?? Dont make sence to me

  21. lawyer says:

    I wonder why the commissioner don’t instruct his cops to stop wasting the valuable resources they got investigating marijuana usage. In England police don’t arrest you for marijuana found in your home for your private use. As a matter of fact the cops might even ask you for a smoke! Stop invading peoples’ home! Go search the yachts and planes that are bringing in the cocaine.

  22. Jah Know says:

    Leave the weed, go raid the gunman them house!!!

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