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Move them! RT parking lot used as illegal dump site

Derelict vehicles located inside the parking lot opposite Pusser’s in Road Town.

The Department of Waste Management said it did not authorize for the parking lot opposite Pusser’s bar in Road Town to be used as a dump site for derelict vehicles.

More than 100 derelicts have been deposited at the said lot over the last few weeks.

“Somewhere along the line people started bringing vehicles out there, and when it was brought to the Department’s attention, we put an immediate stop to that,” said Manager of the Waste Management department, Greg Massicotte.

He added that contrary to what is being said, the Department is not responsible for the large number of derelicts seen there.

“Out there is not a derelict vehicle site nor was it our intention for it to become that.”

Massicotte noted that the legal derelict vehicle dump site is located in Sea Cows Bay.

The waste management boss, in the meantime, said owners of derelicts now have an additional two weeks to remove them from the parking lot, and from other public spaces before the government steps in.

“We gave everyone the 31st of October deadline because we felt that was significant time for the people to salvage whatever vehicle they had to, deal with the insurance and secure their vehicles on their private properties,” Massicotte lamented.

He indicated that those notices were ignored and now the Department is issuing a second warning.

“What we have been doing is putting notices on all derelict vehicles … with the hope of having them removed within a two week period or after a two week period. So once the notices go on the vehicles, the owners have another two weeks to remove it from wherever it is. So far we have put on near 300 notices.”

He warned that should the government be forced to step in and remove those vehicles, they will be exported and recycled along with other metals that the territory generated as a result of Hurricane Irma.

Negotiating with Recyclers

The general manager said at the moment, negotiation is underway with a number of recycling companies abroad.

“So right now, we don’t have a definite destination but we are in conversation with various recyclers,” he said.

Derelict vehicles dumped in Road Town


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  1. Sam the man says:

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    Derelict cars have been eyesores in Tortola for as long as I can remember, slack enforcement to remove them in the past has created this apathetic attitude. Why continue to extend the deadline?, just remove them and just do it and stop moaning about it…..putting notices on cars really works LOL….

  2. :( says:

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    I agree with what is being said but the Government does not have the money to carry out its threat. So I have no doubt they will stay where they are rusting for a long time yet to come.

  3. Stella says:

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    The government need to add the cost of removing these vehicles to each owner relicensing bill. It should NOT be the responsibilities of the tax payers?

    • Albion says:

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

      I expect most of those vehicles were write-offs which means that they are probably now owned by the insurance company rather than the original owner. The insurance companies need to pay to have them taken away.

      • Online Now says:

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        Except that they were probably only insured as 3rd party so they will be the responsibility of the owners.

    • REALLY says:

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      Makes sense Stella only if proper registration was done. I doubt Owners can be traced as most of the vehicles don’t have license plates

  4. Albion says:

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    It is not just them. Lots of derelict vehicles left by the side of the road all over the place making traffic even more constricted and hazardous. Yes, we need to clean up opposite Pussers, but we should prioritise other derelict vehicles that make roads difficult to pass. They badly need to clear out some of the derelict vehicles on Canaan Road at the bottom of Johnson’s Ghut. Makes it a nightmare for vehicles trying to pass.

  5. Agree says:

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    Good for you Stella. In full agreement. Set of d….. lawless people in this place. ENOUGH is ENOUGH

  6. 2 months later... says:

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    I guess it’s better late than never…Why are they only saying something about this now? In fact, I remember seeing the military moving some of the cars in the parking lot to make room for their operations.

  7. Mkay says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

    No one is going to remove these vehicles because the Government has no way of enforcing that. Most of them have no license plates, so they can’t even determine who is the owner, not even talking about imposing some sort of a fine. Therefore if I was the owner of any of these salvaged vehicles, I wouldn’t even bother, because all that the Government can do is publish empty threats with no actual enforcement plan whatsoever. The owners will rather choose saving them the hustle and money to move the salvaged vehicles and wait for the Government to do it for them. Simple as that. The waste management boss said to move the vehicles before the Government steps in.. smh… and what is the Government going to do? Those are just empty threats and most of the car owners are smart enough to see through them.

    • Road Map says:

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      Well I think the license department DMV has vin numbers for vehicles that were licensed so they should be able to trace a vehicle back to the owner

    • John says:

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      Which goes to show you that the people living there dont’t give a %$^& about their island. Hypocritical jerks. Oh…I am a god fearing person but I loot after a hurricane. Oh…I love the islands but I don’t care about dumping my trash everywhere. Oh…I need a job but I don’t want to work… the list goes on.

      • I guess I'm a hypocritical jerk says:

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        Seems like you know everyone living HERE and have personally assessed all of us. And by us I mean born here, moved here, work here, whatever.

        To continue with your sarcasm — I guess wherever you live everyone is angelic and stops to let little old ladies cross the street and the crime rate is zero, not even a burglary.

        To be clear — I work. I don’t dump trash everywhere. I don’t loot. And I can say the same for most of us people living HERE.

  8. friend says:

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    Song’s so good over the computer I,d love to see what you all doing for your own contry

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