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No financial impact: Bishop Cline got $1K monthly

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith. File photo

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith. File photo

Days after being forced to quit as Chairman of the state-owned BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) Bishop John Cline has made it clear that he was doing the job merely out of love for the territory; not because of any financial gain.

In fact, he told BVI News Online that he was only receiving a $1,000 stipend monthly.

“I don’t understand how you fire me from something I agreed to volunteer for,” he said.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith asked Bishop Cline to resign as Chairman of the BVIHSA after the clergymen publicly stated that he – among other things – agrees with a view that the premier should no longer head the finance ministry.

Bishop Cline said, now that he has fulfilled the premier’s request, he has nothing to lose.

“This is a voluntary position; you are appointed; you are not paid. The misconception that people have is that this is a paid position; it is not a paid position; you get a stipend every month… The chairman gets $1,000 and everybody else get $500. It pales in comparison to the level of time and energy and mental capacity we commit to ensuring these statutory bodies work. It is service to the country; it is not a job.”

According to Bishop Cline, he is able to live comfortably on the earnings from his businesses.

“From my position and where I am today, I can live without the monies we were given very very comfortably. Those who think it is going to impact me financially, it won’t.”

“My business and my church give me much more than anything I have ever gotten serving as chairman [of the BVIHSA],” added Bishop Cline in an interview with BVI News Online.

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  1. Dulcina says:

    You can always depend on this self proclaimed man of the cloth for a classless act.

    All the reports indicates that the Premier requested his resignation as a result of such an act and that is what he, Cline, did.

    He did not hold out to be removed and do his usual lawsuit thingy. So why is this holy man pontificating about his largesse?

    Titles and power even if assumed, goes hand in hand with the money grabbers as we all know,.

  2. What a Conduct says:

    There you have it! Church is a commercial business enterprise. Many are registering churches to day at a speed equal to the commercial sector.

    The financial gains from church is exponential. Large congregation equals large income especially for churches that answers to one individual…

    What about the members of the congregation? Can they say they are living very very comfortably?

  3. Concern says:

    Cline just dropped the mic on NDP…lol

  4. ndp heckler says:

    Let’s see how long cline will hold out without that nipple in his mouth

  5. mi says:

    Freedom mi big fren😅😷😇

  6. 0000000000 says:


  7. Well sah says:

    Tings to talk………. talk about all the undermining deals while heading the hospital. Shut the hell up and move one. Resign from the church to man you sickening.

  8. Ungrateful says:

    Cline all this noise. You angle yourself for this because the money has dried up.

    You can’t squeeze anymore out the hospital so you orchestrate your departure. Just go and folk stop reading this dribble. Let he go ole miserable man.

  9. Smh says:

    Such a boastful little, little man!

  10. watch a thing says:

    Yes Mr. Donald Trump, we know it was not about the money, we know that, it was all about your EGO. You just thought you were unstoppable.

  11. Mick Mars says:

    You got a thousand dollars on paper, sir. Let’s not even go into how many rooms you had outfitted with stock from your store. From Computers to Flatscreens to printers. I helped moved them in. Hell, one day you even handed my a box off the truck, sir.

    You gained. Go away quietly and stop looking to be a martyr.

  12. 2slicktohit them says:

    yes 1k ,but what about the charges when the board have to meet and. discus. anything.

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