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Parking lots on ‘most expensive’ shorelines in BVI

Cassandra Titley-O’Neal

Local environmentalist Dr Cassandra Titley-O’Neal has claimed that parking lots are occupying some of the most expensive coastline properties in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), adding that the territory may need to reconsider how it utilizes its shores as it pushes towards proper development.

“I don’t know how many of you are actually aware [that] most of our coastline – we actually have parking lots. They are the most expensive parking lots anywhere in the world if you look at the costs of land close to the shoreline,” she said during a meeting held this week as part of a European Union-funded assessment to help chart a better course in the BVI towards development over the next 20 years.

Dr Titley-O’Neal, during her presentation at the meeting, showed photographs of how she thinks shorelines are better utilized in other countries.

“These are some picture of a boardwalk along the coast of a place that I lived for four years – St John, New Bronswick,” she said. “Basically, the persons who own land along the shoreline – they created a boardwalk that people can come out and walk, ride bicycles, walk dogs, bring the kids out; and this is an example of where possibly we could be heading – to a coastal zone, a coastal front which will be inviting not just for the residents but also for the tourists; and to enhance your tourist product in the process.”

Dr Titley-O’Neal also mentioned another place – San Antonio in Texas, which she said doesn’t have the sea that is available in the BVI. “They have a river. And what they did is recreate the waterfront. They put in canals where you could sit on the boats and hear about the history of San Antonio.”

She added that there are also cafes and restaurants on the San Antonio waterfront. “People are beginning to change the whole coastal zone atmosphere; and that can be beneficial not just to tourists, but for locals,” added Dr Titley-O’Neal.

However, another resident who attended the meeting, Cindy Rosan-Jones, cautioned against what she said is any plan to commercialize the BVI coastline.

“I would never like to see our coastline as commercial; it is creating a lot of problems around the Caribbean…” Rosan-Jones said, adding that access to beach is a thorny issue here. “It’s really a problem right now, so I would never ever like to see our coastlines become commercial – or just commercial.”

Cindy Rosan-Jones

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  1. Concerned says:

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    Great, lets create boardwalks at the Road Town shores instead. This will attract lots of people…who will all have to find a space to park their cars. Luckily we are used to double park in town, so I foresee no problems

    • The Common Sense Guy says:

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      I think that if we brought in stocks and placed them in the center of the town square, (yes I mean physical wooden stocks where you put people in and hold them by their wrists and feet), we could throw bad fruit at people who do not obey the law.

      For repeat offenders, the public would also be allowed to throw unripe fruit, such as a moderately hard mango, to make sure that people know that they should obey the law. I think it would be very effective!

      Another plus point is that families and friends could gather together to go down to the square and throw fruit together, thus helping with social cohesion within family units.

      ” A family that throws together – stays together”

      If you agree with this idea then please press the green ‘like’ button and let’s make this happen people!

      Let’s make the BVI’s GREAT AGAIN!!

      Thank you.

      Good night.

  2. Scary Mary says:

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    There is a reason our coastlines in Road Town are strewn with parking lots – they are built on nothing but landfill, not solid ground.

    Building anything on reclaimed land costs a fortune because we have to sink footings into the seabed to support any structures built there.

    Part of the beauty of Road Town used to be that you could see the coast and the water from almost anywhere. Now it is hidden behind banks, hotels and other buildings so that we can no longer see the harbour.

    I guess closing up the last vestiges of a harbour view, in pursuit of the almighty dollar is more important to some.

    Road Town sure isn’t the beautiful place it used to be – on so many different levels.

    • yep says:

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      Even driving along some areas of the coast line going to the west is totally blocked from mountain s of dirt and bushes.

      It was always a pleasure taking a leisure drive on a warm afternoon and enjoying the view of the coast line as you drive by or just to park and relax.

  3. ...... says:

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    I have a coworker who has been saying this for years. We take prime ocean front property and put garages, Sewage plants, parking lots as you said, and so on.

    Like you said, let’s beautify our coast lines. Let’s make them suitable for relaxing, hanging out or recreation. Oh well..

  4. local says:

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    what about all those:

    car washing
    rental vehicle

    Parking along the side walk driving in the lower estate area? no morning or afternoon you can drive without an long wait.

    Put all those in place one time do for all not some

  5. 1 of mark soldiers (cant touch he) says:

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    What about STONE who took up the only parking lot in Long Bush for himself???

  6. E. Leonard says:

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    True, putting parking lots on expensive coastline may not be the best land use for limited acreage. True, also that San Antonio, Tx, has turned its River Walk project into a major attractions. The coastline along Road Town can also be turned into an attractive and attractions Board Walk for the quiet and enjoyment of locals and visitors.

    Nonetheless, the parking problem in Road Town has to be solve prior to the transformation. Road Town, the capital city of Tortola and VI, has a serious parking problem. Road Town is a small city with acreage and the seat of government, the business centre, financial centre, sports and entertainment centre……..etc but limited parking. Finding parking in Road Town is challenging and frustrating and no easy task.

    Moreover, there is little to no flat land to expand parking horizontally. The prime available option is to go vertical. To continue with the centralizing of activities in the capital city, a few two or three story parking garages are needed, along with some other administrative and operational action.

  7. Partial ndp supporter says:

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    That blonde hair girl has a problem with everyone & everything.

  8. okay says:

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    I find Dr. O’Neal to be a very intelligent person. Glad to know that a local won the bid for this regional contract and project which didn’t have any political interference.

  9. Island Man says:

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    Dr Cassandra Titley-O’Neal you have a valid point and good observation.

    However, the leaders of the past and present are not looking and are lacking innovative minds. We all will like to see infrastructural development and the expansion of the town but there must be changes in the way all bvilanders thinks.

    We do not like changes; we do not like to see modernisation of roads, buildings and relocation and replacement of the old.

    So hope you can instill some ideas to our community government and people.

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