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Phones, weapons, drugs found inside local prison cells

Cellular phones and a number of other contraband were discovered inside cells at Her Majesty’s Prison.

A massive amount of contraband has been discovered inside the territory’s adult penitentiary, Her Majesty’s Prison.

Cellular phones, alcohol, tobacco, offensive weapons, and a number of other illegal items were found stashed about the prison during a joint operation between the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) and the United Kingdom military.

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews said the police and military carried out the operation following Hurricane Irma, which damaged sections of the prison and led to 143 inmates escaping. One hundred and forty of those prisoners were recaptured.

“During that procedure, we did a cell by cell search and a room by room search of everything we could cover in the prison and it is correct to say we seized a quantity of contraband from across the prison,” Matthews said during an interview with BVI News.

It is yet to be established how inmates were able to smuggle the items inside the Balsam Ghut-based facility or whether disciplinary action will be taken against prison officers who are responsible for securing the facility.

The police commissioner said that is a matter for Superintendent of Prison, David Foot.

“Obviously I remain available to assist the superintendent should he ask for any further assistance with the establishment. But, generally speaking, we try not to put police officers in the prison. We try to leave that to the prison authorities to deal with that as they see fit.”

Usually-impeccable sources have told BVI News that the contraband found during the RVIPF-led operation was smuggled into prison before the hurricanes.

Police at Her Majesty’s Prison after Hurricane Irma


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  1. Point says:

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    What a surprise

  2. SMH says:

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  3. Hmph says:

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    So are we really going to act like we didn’t know they had these things? This was made clear for years they had those things up there. Yall really got to move faster than tye streets because the streets know more than yall lol.

    On another note; I’m glad yall finally took action to search the prison. A move in the right direction.

  4. WTF! says:

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    Are we still going to push this “escape” agenda while they know they actually let the prisoners out? SMDH!

  5. The monitor says:

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    Who and where exactly is this so called Prison Superintendent – never heard a word from him about this, the prison break or anything at all – seems like he presides over a shambles and a prison that has endemic corruption that he has been allegedly ineffectual about dealing with in his 4 years here. Time to resign

    • Wow says:

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      I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding the absence and ineffectual tenure of the so-called superintendent.
      It would be better to try to upgrade the department a professional standard, meaning that there are age limits, physical standards, academic requirements much like any police department. Have these officers go through special training related to corrections.
      The oder personnel presently employed are I’ll prepared for the tasks at hand

  6. hmmmmmmm says:

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    And they still have them so what’s the point? Some of them are on facebook, instagram and whatsapp now. Where’s the real news.

  7. Dave Foote says:

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    Why is the superintendent still hired? Ah shocks leh mi guess the position hard to fill and the last local was sleeping with the prisoners!!!! 😤

  8. Terri says:

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    This is simple, elementary BS.
    In the BVi the officers are afraid of the prisoners. Simple.
    In the BVI the officers are incompetent of doing their jobs correctly.
    Where else in a real prison do you only, and can only check and find contraband in an inmates cell because they not there to see and cuss and threaten your backside and be really disciplined???
    In the BVI those prisoners been doing what they want befor they were prisoners, went to jail and still doing what they want. They curse and carry on, the officers get scared by their threats, smuggle stuff for them to become friends, show extreme leaniency from their family and friend visitors and allow them to bring and pass whatever they want as well.
    That’s why officers, both prison and police will never never ever be respected. Not unless ‘outside’ change is made. Tortola is too small and cousin, uncle, brother, Aunty, step something, partner and ‘dawg for life’ related.
    Anyways, let’s continue to pretend and ignore until the next episode.

  9. Think before u talk! says:

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    Which prison or country prison doesn’t have these things inside? Which one? Ayo be glad to bash everything about the BVI….

    • Thinking says:

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      Yes my friend, other countries & prisons probably do experience similar occurrences. The task however is to nip problems in the butt before they become normal operating procedures.
      You may recall nany years ago what was referred to as “the fire bregade” at which time police officers doubled as fire fighters. Now they’ve upgraded to am autonomous dept. So yes, I do in fact think before I talk…..

  10. Curious says:

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    Escape My A$$!!! Stop sugar coating yall recklessness. Only ones to blame is the prison officials. I personally know prison guards are selling weed to the prisoners and bringing in phones for them, so only the ones to blame is the guards and officials. ALL A DEM!!!! Get staff and security up there that know wha they doing. Preferably persons who do not have person connections to the prisoners. We WILL see a change.

    • Shock says:

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      I blame you. You are accessory to the crime. You are contributing. You are aiding and abedding the criminals and their criminal activity. You have vital information that can help the law and you keeping silent. We are all the government which makes us part of the law. Put up or shut up

  11. Sad Case says:

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    Surprise my foot.

  12. shylove says:

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    some of them are right here in my homeland prison (ST LUCIA)

  13. local says:

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    prisoner ain’t smuggle in nothing is the prison guards where paid by these prisoners gf/wife/bf family etc to take those stuff in

    • Smh says:

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      Well you need to stop being one of them who is paying them off. You apparently know too much. Share what you know. Let’s make the BVI great again

  14. *Hmm says:

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    This is why the ones who gone St Lucia bawling bout they uncomfortable cause they missing the good life at the BVI hotel

  15. Hmm says:

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    One of their revolving door prisoners long past had his photos on his Facebook page taken from his cell. Wads of cash and dope in hand. Looked at the photos with a couple RVIPF members. Nothing was ever done and it’s no doubt they learn nothing by jail time. It’s about time they start trating prisoners like prisoners up there at the hotel.

  16. Wise up says:

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    Everyone makes mistakes in life. Ain’t nobody perfect so all y’all who bashing people need look at yuh own damn selves and watch your tongue by the blade.

  17. Smh says:

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    Oh no size up. You know we have an island where everyone here is without sin but them casting the first stone at everybody else. I know if we were all perfect, we definitely won’t need Jesus.

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