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Photos: 19 educators now licensed promise drastic change

pearlette frazer smith

Pearlette Frazer-Smith, principal at Leonora Deville Primary School, accepting her certificate from Dr Maurice Smith

By Horace Mills, BVI News Online Staff

Nineteen principals and senior teachers not only created history yesterday by becoming the first batch of licensed school leaders in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), but they went as far as to promise dramatic school improvements and a revolutionary approach to transform education.

“We have been furnished with the tools needed to foster dramatic school improvements, community involvement, and an instructional revolution that will transform education in these islands if we are consistent and unwavering in our efforts,” said Orlandette Crabbe, the principal of Joyce Samuel Primary School who spoke on behalf of the educators who received their licenses.

They also signed the Register of Virgin Islands Licensed Educators during a ceremony held yesterday, May 24, at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College.

Look beyond poverty, poor parenting

Crabbe also lauded the government for making such a ‘lofty’ investment in the training and licensing processes, adding that the BVI deserves a payback.

“Our Ministry [of Education] has invested in us, and now it is time to deliver the return. So, continue to ensure that every student under your care receive the best educational experience that can be afforded to them. Continue to look beyond excuses of poverty and poor parenting and heredity as reasons why our students can’t excel. No matter how hard the days get, remember our children deserve our best, and our country deserves our best,” added Crabbe.

orlandette crabbe 4

Orlandette Crabbe, principal at Joyce Samuel Primary School

Crabbe, along with 18 others who form the first cohort of licensed teachers in the BVI, had to complete a government-sponsored training programme through the National College of Educational Leadership (NCEL) from Jamaica.

A total of 27 principals and senior teachers started the training in 2014, but only 19 were successful.

A second cohort involving 13 participants, which started the training programme in 2015, is still being trained.

Trainer ‘lights fire under’ educators

Crabbe, still speaking on behalf of the licensed educators, gave the thumbs up to the training initiative that was started by Dr Maurice Smith, who has since been appointed permanent secretary in Jamaica’s Ministry of Education.

“I remember colleagues – and I am sure you all do too – when Dr Smith spoke to us on our very first day and cautioned us that we will be shaken and ripped and torn to shreds as we journey through NCEL. Dr Smith, a nuh lie yuh did tell,” Crabbe said while her colleagues cheered.

She added, “You (Dr Maurice Smith) have managed to light a fire under me and my colleagues; one that I promise can’t be easily put out.”

maurice smith

Dr Maurice Smith

Dr Smith, in the meantime, challenged the newly licensed principals and senior teachers to be the change that is needed in their schools and their wider communities.

“Whatever is going on in your schools – even if it looks dismal, inside of you resides the ability so to change it. Cross that threshold, prove to yourself and to others that you can succeed, that you can thrive, that you can excel, and that you can do well,” he advised. “It’s not good enough to identify the problem; it’s better to find the solution.”

Similar challenges were thrown out by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education here in the BVI Dr Marcia Potter, education officer Arthur Selwood, as well as Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said the occasion represents ‘a red-letter day for the territory’s education system’.

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn, in the meantime, underscored the importance of having competent principals in the territory’s schools.

He said: “The quality of education that we seek to attain for our students can only be achieved if we have strong leadership on the ground in our schools. This was the reason the government took the necessary steps to develop a licensure programme for principals.”

“We know that the schools that produce the best student results are the schools that are being effectively managed with strong and empowered leadership,” Walwyn said, adding that he is proud of all 19 principals and senior teachers who were collecting their licenses.

myron walwyn

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn

Nine of those educators were specially recognized for Exceeding Expectations during the training programme. THEY ARE:

1) Valerie Charles-Welsh, principal at Enid Scatliffe Pre-Primary School

2) Donna Clyne-Thomas, assistant principal at Elmore Stoutt High School

3) Orlandette Crabbe, principal at Joyce Samuel Primary School

4) Desiree Fahie-Butler, principal at Alexandrina Maduro Primary School

5) Pearlette Frazer-Smith, principal at Leonora Deville Primary School

6) Vansittart Huggins, principal at Eslyn Henley Richiez Learning Centre

7) Heida Joyles-Selwood, senior teacher at Bregado Flax Educational Centre

8) Carleen Simmonds-Parsons, principal at Enis Adams Primary School

9) Sandy Underhill, principal at Elmore Stoutt High School

The other educators licensed are: 

1) Kayrid Chalwell, senior teacher at Willard Wheatley Primary School

2) Norma Creque, principal at Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary School

3) Paul Fenty, assistant principal at Bregado Flax Educational Centre

4) Marieta Flax-Headley, principal at Althea Scatliffe Primary School

5) Hilroy George, principal at Bregado Flax Educational Centre

6) Deborah James, principal at Francis Lettsome Primary School

7) Enid Penn-Charles, principal at Willard Wheatley Primary School

8) Letetia Penn-Rodgers, assistant principal at Elmore Stoutt High School

9) Keturah Smith, principal at Isabella Morris Primary School

10) Ronda Smith, assistant principal at Althea Scatliffe Primary School

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  1. SMH101 says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

    Lovely, it was a wonderful evening. Congrats to all the “GOOD” principals.

  2. CP, LDPS says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

    Congratulations to all licensed school leaders, especially to our very own principal Mrs. Pearlette Frazer-Smith. You look lovely! May God continue to bless you and your family. You are doing an awesome job!

  3. VG Massive says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

    Congats to all The Principals!!! But a SPECIAL Congratulations to our VIRGIN GORDIANS yayyyy Mrs Headley you from vg too inuh!!!! God Bless all of you & Your Families…keep up the great work!!!!

  4. missing in action says:

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    What’s up with ebenezer thomas school which the minister claim he attended?

  5. CH says:

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

    Congrats to all Principals!!!!! Job well down!!! A big special congrats to Simmonds Preschool director Mrs Carleen Parsons, we know you would have succeeded. Continue doing what you loved best, great job!!!!!

  6. Dickson Igwe says:

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    Congratulations and Kudos for excellent work

  7. Amazed says:

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    Congratulations to the amazing Mrs. Valerie Charles Welsh and the Enid Scatliffe Pre-Primary School teachers! I must do a walk through at that school the video was amazing too. Excellent job!!

    • SMH101 says:

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      Mrs. Welsh is one of the best principals on this these Virgin Islands. Professional and full of class.

    • IN NEW YORK!! says:

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      I cannot believe how she managed to be so productive as she worked in Early Childhood, Primary, High School and even the College level.
      That is what you call a natural. AN EDUCATOR AT HEART! The ministry must be proud! I am! She was my Primary 5 teacher. Top of the line!

  8. BVI Islander says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    Dr. Maurice Smith you stirred up the place yesterday! People rarely talk like that here. You are a builder, a motivator, a real leader, a man of excellence. Thank you for what you have imparted to us. We love you come back to the BVI sometime.

    • Tis Truth! says:

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      Congratulations to all of the educators who were successful in their advanced studies.

      Much praises and kudos also to the Honorable Minister for his obvious committment to and deliberate work in and for the development and advancement of education.

      Very few are the elected officials of today that are developing a visible work/accomplishment record. I don’t know the man, but his record is beginning to show who and what he is.

      Additionally, the system is in need of much, much reform. Major crucial areas to achieving academic success to envied by others are:

      1) A junior high school is desperately needed. Though the high school needs more resources, some funds should be allocated and spent on the construction of such a facility, because it is desperately needed..

      1) the high school is over flowing with students who are developmentally [challenged] way below high school expected standards of psychological, emotional and academic preparedness. The number is a substantial one and it is diminishing, never improving on any semblence of high quality educational or product.

      Next,the indifference to learning amongst the student population is of humongous altitudes. Such behavior is demonstrated by almost a majority of students [that statement is not based on the results of any definitive research relative to the issue,, but from observational experience] five days a week for an entire school year, and is very disheartening when witnessed, especially by those who are members of a previous generation.

      2) Within that education reform package must be stringent set of policies geared towards changing the culture of school and the teaching learning process.

      3) Such policies must include articles requiring optimum student performance in all subjects.

      4) Such policies must include complete and verifiable accountability measures from/by each student for his/her learning.

      5) Such reform policies must also contain some measure of consequences for students lack of learning accountability and responsibility.

      6) Such reform policies must also include stringent consequences for behavior that interferes with and retards the teaching learning process.

      Consequences for any thing bad, be it lack of learning responsibility, bad manners and respect to every thing else is not the norm today. Suspension is a joke to many and a vacation for most, but it has proven totally ill-effective and unsuccessful in changing, reforming and or improving behavior of today’s children.

      In our time of much laws, and rightly so, protecting the child, our children has been turned into ROYALITY,, and teachers and others have been reduced to sub-human level. This is a major failing of society of which it/we will pay very dearly for if reform does not begin from the home, parents, community schools, department and laws.

      Mr.Minister a very serious bit of educating on the one hand, and very serious biting reform policies on the other must be constructed, initiated and implemented. If not we are doomed with regards to maintaining our present freedoms and controls.

  9. Tolian to the Bone says:

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    Now this is going from ‘GOOD’ to ‘GREAT’. Chuckling to myself. I couldn’t resist. Oh and something else, that first to publish other news site wouldn’t have a thing to say about this. But thank God for his grace or all these lil men running around this country would amount to nothing. (Still chuckling).

  10. Oh, My! says:

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    I cannot believe that I missed the opportunity to cheer for the Scatliffe Principals. (both Principal Welsh and Principal Headley)

    I like the total transformation in town since you both got there. kudos to you both!!!!

  11. THE TRUTH! says:

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    That Early Childhood principal is full of live and vigor. I just like her style and positive attitude!

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