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Premier mulls immediate help from abroad, retired cops

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith. File photo

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith. File photo

Premier and Minister of Finance Dr D Orlando Smith has declared that overseas help should be sought and highly trained cops pulled from retirement if such actions are needed to help arrest an upsurge in crime.

“No stone should be left unturned in bringing the perpetrators to justice of all crimes, and particularly the heinous crimes that have been committed in this territory. If this calls for bringing in assistance from abroad, let’s do so immediately.”

“Yes, we must provide the police with financial resources. In addition, the Commissioner [of Police] and the Force must continue to be innovative and creative in carrying out their duties. Several suggestions have been made in this regard, including bringing back recently retired and highly trained officers to help with policing in these challenging times. I trust that such measures will be heeded,” Premier Smith said in a press release.

He made the recommendation last evening (March 16), moments after Governor John Duncan told journalists that he was using his constitutional power to force Government to add $800,000 to the police budget for this financial year.

In the budget for this year, the government had allocated $16.1 million dollars to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

Governor Duncan noted that he was reluctant to resort to such constitutional power, but he noted that the police force is under-funded at a time when crime is a big concern.

Since the start of this year, three persons have been murdered in different incidents. Two of them were found murdered in less than 24 hours last week.

A total of four people were murdered and 18 gun robberies were reported last year in the British Virgin Islands, according to information provided by Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews.

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  1. Johnny............ says:

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    That Is extra money being wasted Mr Smith, I don’t think its the officers not doing there job..they need the public assistance…and they are not getting…

  2. Tallfat says:

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    While the local Police are being retired at 55yrs there’s been a slew of officers hired who are well over that age.

    There’s this talk of expertise almost akin to only those from the uk/Britain while people from this region and locals are not seen in like manner.

    It should be noted that a person from uk/Britain means he’s from a bigger more advanced island not that he himself is more advanced. This has been tried during the VI party when over 1million or so was garnered for several uk officers to bring some closure to outstanding murder cases.

    Forgive my ignorance if I cannot recall one of the matter they were able to resolve. Since then a plethora of uk officers have been a part of the VI scenery.

    I am not one who feels they’re unnecessary but given the money’s already spent, it may be worthwhile rethinking that seemingly failed program.

    It may be best they send those who have chosen policing as a career to be trained and on their return should be able to apply their new knowledge and skills to an environment they already knows.

  3. lol says:

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    John light a fire in his behind so now he wake up?

  4. Vanzetti Sacco says:

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    How Premier? The problem is simple.


    I forgot I never been jail so I didn’t realize you can’t have GUNS in prison I understand they might be beaten to death if they go up there.

    Well you between a rock and a hard place but seems like it’s going to end messy.

    • SMH says:

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      They are TARGETS not the ones targeting so that won’t change a thing. You and everybody else need to find the real culprits and stop talking NONSENSE!

      Pointing fingers in the wrong place is why nothing happening as by the time the Police realize that they looking in the wrong place, perhaps YOU for all we know done gone and hide in a whole!!!!!!!!

  5. Rain Drops says:

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    Seems like the BVI is full of punishments… light, no proper leadership, no good roads and wait for it NO WATER (for a place that is surrounded by water)…. they bring back that frog face bucket of hogwash over at the sewage pit to do what?????????Chat people bizz on FB????

  6. Forbidden Truth says:

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  7. Guess what? says:

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    the best thing the Governor can do for this country right now is dissolve the Government and call an election.

  8. sushi says:

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    Police department must recruit no-local officers only to enforce the law properly.

  9. Hmmm says:

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    Who sent home all of the top British police when the NDP won their first election? Who remembers? Why were they sent home?

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