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Update: Residents report worsened utility services

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Minister of Communication and Works Mark Vanterpool has apologized for what he described as the “extended power outage” that affected residents across the British Virgin Islands today, March 20.

In relation to the outage that lasted up to six hours in some areas, Vanterpool said: “The BVI Electricity Department reported that, at approximately 12:06pm, we suffered a total system shutdown. The team moved quickly to investigate the cause of the outage, and I am pleased to report that power is now being restored in phases.”

“Generator #2 at Pockwood Pond was started at 3:51 pm. Power in Pockwood Pond East was on at 4:15pm and Pockwood Pond West was on at 4:20pm. We are expecting power to be restored to the entire territory very shortly,” Vanterpool said.

He continued: “The government of the Virgin Islands, the Ministry of Communications and Works, and the BVI Electricity Corporation apologize for any inconvenience caused. We continue work on the Power Development Programme to upgrade our generating capacity, and crave your patience during this process.”

The BVI Electricity Corporation, in the meantime, said it is still investigating the system-wide shutdown.

Before Government announced the interruption today, some residents of Tortola told BVI News Online that they have been experiencing intermittent power outages since late last week, adding that the outage sometimes last for a few minutes and sometimes for hours.


Meanwhile, persons in the Sea Cows Bay area also complained that their water problems have deteriorated significantly.

“When the present head of Water and Sewage was away, we used to have water almost all day. But all that change – gone back to square one again,” one woman told BVI News Online, reflecting the opinion shared by others around her.

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  1. Ace says:

    Well, right now west end doesn’t have power and haven’t had for hrs now.

    It seems like a daily thing in west end to not have power for hours at a time.

    This is sickening now. How can you all do people that, do you not have respect for anyone and their time or what they have to do. No consideration!!

  2. Fact check says:

    I live hannahs and get water the usual hours even though I would like more hours. Maybe you should call the department and point out where in sea cows bay before pointing fingers.

  3. Know their game... says:

    Create a small fault to get the overtime. A routine trick. People really don’t give a damn about others.

  4. Albion says:

    It must be the clearest sign of the failures of successive Governments that for all the money that has come into the Territory from offshore finance for the past three decades, we still suffer with Third World level infrastructure.

    • Just Wrong says:

      Oh come on now. Once the Airport gets expanded all the troubles will be over. The power, water, sewer and education will magically fix themselves. NOT

  5. Mr Shovels says:

    Oh the irony when the power is out as you’re reading an article about worsened utility service smh…

  6. Parham says:

    No current by Rudy’s for 5 hours so far. Every day for a week current cut.

    Why can’t they put a message on the phone that they know about outtage and say whatever it is if they know instead of lifting phone and putting it down as happens to all of us. (Or never answering the 3911 number after hours).

  7. Come on people says:

    Getting tired of all the whining here in the BVI. Everyday someone complaining about no water, or sewer running in the road, or no current, or no internet or poor quality food at exorbitant prices. From now on, only 1 item can be complained about daily!!

  8. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The service delivery of utility services, ie, water, power, sewage……etc is of such poor quality and unreliable that even when there is valid reason for the outages it is a tough sell.

    Was the cause of the shutdown in the generation, transmission or distribution system? BVIEC? MCW needs to demand an investigation into the total system shutdown. And it should not take a 6 for a 9.

    Why is BVIEC having so many problems with reliability, shortages, stabiliity, voltage regulation…..etc, given that it is a small, uncomplicated system that serve only a few thousand residential, business and industrial customers?

    The BVI has to shed this Third World image. Is the problem money, equipment, operational capability, maintenance, system management, training… …,etc?

    Too much money has been spent by successive governments to be still having major blackouts and brownouts. No service in the VI seem to be well functioning. Struups!

  9. JYD says:

    i would like to see when the company will undertake the operation of cutting all these trees that over hang the roads and the power lines that some day we may have some very high winds or heavy rain fall that can have fallen tree to cause disruption to power and injuries to peoples lives

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