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Revealed – new building to replace staff room at ESHS

The design of the new school building posted by the minister

The design of the new school building posted by the minister

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn has released a proposed drawing for what he said is a new building that is being considered to house the teachers’ staff room, auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS).

He said it will be built where the teachers’ staff room is now located.

Walwyn did not give a time-line for the start and completion of the project. In a post on his Facebook page, Walwyn stated that he was merely posting the design to get feedback.

“This is a proposed drawing for the auditorium/cafeteria/gymnasium at the Elmore Stoutt High School which I intend to have built very soon.”

“The building will also house the teachers’ staff room on the top floor. We intend to place this building where the current staff room is. That way, both the senior students and junior students would have access to it without the co-mingling,” Walwyn said.

He further explained that the aforementioned building is merely a part of the overall development plan for Elmore Stoutt High.

“Thirty two classrooms are currently being built to be ready in time for September. The overall separation of the school into junior and senior high will call for improved classrooms, improved labs, new furnishing and general improvement to the physical plant,” added Walwyn.

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  1. Hot? says:

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    A greenhouse? Lots of glass to smash!

  2. .... says:

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    Hope it’s hurricane proof.

  3. ............ says:

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  4. More Power to the Architect and the Minister. says:

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    This is a beautifully des8gned building, reflecting the modernity of the young bold and visionary leadership of our new generation.

    The architect himself is a graduate of that very BVI High school, and is today, although young, a leading talented architect in the country.

    Gone are the days when the older generation wanted all the new buildings built in the tradition of the so-called West Indian architectural vernacular.

    We no longer should be designing buildings that are redolent of the Plantation era – we are now in the digital age, utilizing disruptive technologies that are changing the world.

    The COMMERCE BUILDING in the heart of Road Town is an example of the new trend, and I did not hear negative comments about its design; today there is high impact glass, as well was thermal insulation, which are designed to withstand storm impacts and also reduce indoor temperature.

    Go Stevie Go; Action Man now has competition from Walwyn; Premier’s counting before spending. Build the damn thing; it will inspire both imagination and intellectual curiosity… matchbox architecture.

    • @More Power to the architect NOT minister! says:

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      I am in full support of this design and hopefully it can come to fruition however with the National Democratic Party who have already stole millions from our taxes and continue on their hot hands rampage, we as a country cannot afford to proceed with any approval under this thiefing regime.

      I know the loud mouth Minister is looking for political points but his team including him has raped the country broke.

  5. Police says:

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    Other places needed healthy buildings and were even approved prior to this administration. How many more people have to get sick?

    I’m just patiently waiting for election.

  6. a new idea is needed says:

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    Why are we constantly constructing buildings in the BVI like this?

    We currently have a mold issue. The architect needs to focus on finding an innovative way to combat this issue within is design. We need buildings that are sustainable meaning that they will require low to no maintenance going forward.

    We live in the Caribbean and we need to cut down on governmental spending. People we need to be practical here.

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