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Scooter rider hospitalized after crash


A motorcyclist has been taken to Peebles Hospital following a crash on the highway a short distance from ‘The Moorings’ intersection, Tortola.

It is said that he was driving a red scooter.

The man was removed from the crash scene in an ambulance.

Details of the incident, which partially brought traffic to a standstill, are still sketchy.

BVI News Online will have more information when it becomes available.


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  1. Peaches says:

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    Generally speaking, tired of young men and their careless and reckless driving. Where are these parents???

    • Hmm says:

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      • Albion says:

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        We don’t know if this young man was driving recklessly or not (although he did crash, and no other vehicles appeared to be involved).

        But there are a LOT of young men driving scooters recklessly around town and around the island. Something needs to be done or more people will get hurt.

  2. hmm says:

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    I don’t think Government is taking this seriously enough. Scooter riders are causing a serious havoc on these roads. What are the government officials doing about this?

    This is a territory crisis! They are endangering their lives.

    Step in government!

  3. bandit says:

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    People know they can’t ride no scooter but they are up and down making havoc in the place. How many more have to die or be critically injured before something is done.

  4. Some good some bad says:

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    There are many scooter riders on a daily basis that rides like they’re retarded with no helmets…. no liscense… no sense! Just speeding for no reason…

    But on the other hand there are still few who ride with sense and we cannot tell from a news site who is who! Soooo stop jumping to conclusions!

    In addition people have this stupid mentality of knocking them over yes!! Knocking them over or driving stupidly by them to scare them and that is ridiculous.

    Ive seen drivers switch lanes …. no indication…. never looked left nor right to see if and motor vehicle was in the area… Use ypur mirrors!!!

    Also these scooter riders need to use their horns and ride with a moderate speed when moving through traffic because unlesa yoyr scooter is noisy the drivers dont hear them!

    So lets qll be safe! Lets all not throw all scooter riders in one stupid category! Gosh man

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