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Sharie DeCastro decries murder, wants RVIPF overhaul

File photo

File photo

While declaring that crime is not an issue that Government alone can address, outspoken citizen Sharie DeCastro has called for residents to support the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), which she said is also in need of resources and an image overhaul.

DeCastro, who unsuccessfully contested the 2015 general election for the Opposition Virgin Islands Party, told BVI News Online that she wants the government to allocate enough funds in the upcoming budget for more effective crime fighting.

The RVIPF, over the years, has been complaining repeatedly about not being given adequate human and man-made resources necessary to do their job.

DeCastro told BVI News Online “The government in general has an obligation to ensure that those responsible for the safety and security of the Virgin Islands have adequate resources, especially considering that the dynamics of our communities are changing. By this, I would like to state emphatically that sufficient funding is an absolute necessity. This is my expectation.”

“However, an image overhaul of the force which should be geared towards changing the negative perception of the police in general is absolutely necessary. If we restore respect and admiration for this profession, it will attract more interest from Virgin Islanders to view it as a viable career option. This will address the issue of human resource. So while I agree that Government has the weight of the responsibility for a comprehensive police force, I also believe that as a community we must do our part to support the police,” added DeCastro.

She continued: “Those of us who can should seek opportunities within the force, thereby doing our part to ensure a peaceful Virgin Islands, each taking the stance that: ‘One Is Too Much!’ Again, for emphasis, I will reiterate that curbing the rise in crime and violence is not only a government matter; it’s not only a police matter; it’s a Virgin Islands matter.”

Sharie DeCastro. File

Sharie DeCastro. File

DeCastro, in the meantime, yesterday launched a social media campaign dubbed ‘One Too Much’ in light of the first murder recorded in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for 2017.

In that incident, a gunman invaded a bar and shot the proprietor Franklyn Fahie, who died while undergoing surgery at Peebles Hospital.

Considering that crime, DeCastro wrote on her Facebook page: “In light of the first murder of 2017 in the BVI, which occurred on Friday (January 6), let us be proactive and stand in unity against crime by sounding the alarm across the territory that ‘One Is Too Much!”

DeCastro also revealed her campaign logo (in photo below), and encouraged members of the community to share it on social media. “Please make this (logo) your cover photo as a symbol of our collective disapproval of the rise in crime in the BVI! The RVIPF cannot fight crime alone, they need support from the community.”

The BVI, over the past several months, has been grappling with a number of gun-related incidents.

Last year, the territory recorded four murders. Several other persons were robbed at gunpoint or injured.

Despite those incidents, however, Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews has maintained that BVI is still one of the safest countries in the Caribbean.


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  1. Hmmm says:

    We sit back and wait for things to happen and then all of a sudden everyone has the answers.

    • @Hmmm says:

      What solution do you have? De Castro is taking a stand and all you can do is whine.

      It is people like you why the Virgin Islands is how it is today.

      Continue to bury your head in the sand and criticize people who are trying to make a difference and see how far it get you.

    • Hmmm says:

      I agree. Especially now that election coming up and they were successful in getting rid of Fraser. Dem all coming out the wood works. Watch Dawson next.

  2. good job says:

    good job sharie

  3. VI says:

    When people who are not from here call down Virgin Islanders we angry and call them all kinds of things. So often they are correct.

    We have a crab mentality in this little country.

    No matter what you do to move this country forward is good enough for some of you who don’t have a solution to anything but quick to critize those who are trying.

    You got to have good faith to be in the public in this 24 square mile island.

    The time all of you on here criticizing the Chinese coming to take over. Go jump on the Government for selling out this country.
    Blah blah blah.

  4. WAKE UP CALL, 2017 says:

    Thank You Sharie For Shining Your Light. It’s Time for The Lionesses To Wake-Up and Roar.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The NDP bloggers finally catch themselves from that leak letter from Parson. Them here on De Castro case before they go and try see if they can’t glue the NDP back together again. LMAO.

  6. Well sah says:

    Fraser supporters still can’t get over that loss.

  7. de silent one says:

    It’s a great idea Sharie, but until the COP rid himself and the force of some of those polarizing deputies that’s beneath him, don’t think that there would be and significant progress made.

    They are those that caused the force to be in the state that it find itself in because of their personal gain and vendetta.

    It was not too long ago where the Governor BASHED them of his disapproval in the manner of how they handled the force before Mr. Matthew arrival.

    Sometimes, you are left to wonder if they really have the crime situation in this country at heart..

  8. Big Phil says:

    About time this hot button issue is addressed by someone hot enough to take the heat.

  9. Uhg says:

    Sharie…. I think this is not your original idea, but who ever put you up to it is not displaying intelligence.

    After the police get their overhaul, the factories that produce our criminals still are rampant. First and foremost you should be talking about fixing education.

  10. Tallfat says:

    Continue thy good works young lady.

    I applaud you for your forthrightness and obvious sacrifice in the fight against crime in this your beloved territory.

    It is truly sad that this stance has cause some to feel it necessary to attack you. Some even say it’s because election is near. Well two or three years away is a long, long distance so that theory is false.

    What is deeply troubling is the silence of the ministers from the area namely Mr. Pickering and Mr. Penn. Their New Years messages will cannot be used as their response to the uptick in crime and violence.

    You’ve not only criticize but have offered some tangible solutions.

    To those who has nothing to offer but their stupidity please go find something worthwhile to do with your fingers.

    It takes a united community to fight crime, a divided one will ensure the BVI community fails, falters devolve into anarchy. See something say something. If you don’t who will?

  11. silence says:

    Better late than never. Sharie is now concurring with Frazer having been mute since the aftermath of the 2015 general elections.

    All of a sudden she has awaken from her long slumber and is now the authoritarian on every subject. Interesting!

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