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‘Sometimes all parliament members against me’

Leader of Opposition Andrew Fahie

Ahead of today’s sitting of the House of Assembly, Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie has lamented that it is not easy to ask questions in parliament because he is virtually alone.

He said though the House is divided into two factions – Government and the Opposition – ­both parties occasionally side against him.

“When they [parliamentarians] get up in the House it’s 11 against one, sometimes 12 so I got to sit down and take all of that,” said Fahie, who was speaking at a community meeting Carrot Bay on Sunday.

The House of Assembly comprises a total of 13 members and currently, there are 11 government representatives.

Fahie and Julian Fraser are the only two members of the parliamentary Opposition.

Fahie and Fraser’s relationship went sour last year after Fraser was voted out as Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party. He was replaced by Fahie who later took the position of Opposition Leader from Fraser as well.

The evidence of their soured relationship became more clear to the public after Fahie moved a motion in the House this year.

The motion moved was intended to have Premier Dr D Orlando Smith booted as finance minister over what Fahie said is poor performance.

The motion failed because it was not supported by any other member of the House – including Opposition member Fraser, who noticeably was absent only at the time the motion was moved.

Since then, there has been speculation that this is Fraser’s last stint as a member of the Virgin Islands Party.

Fraser, who is Representative of the Third Electoral District, has not been guaranteed to be the party’s flag-bearer to contest that seat in the next general elections.

Fahie noted this week that his ‘conscience is clear’ because he has made multiple attempts, as party leader, to rectify the situation.

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  1. For real says:

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    You’re a good man. Keep doing good for all.

  2. Albion says:

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    Don’t worry, you’re built for it. True leaders are forged in fire.

  3. My take says:

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    I think these weekly district meetings are timely and needed.

  4. Hmmm says:

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    Fraser should have supported that no confidence motion against the Minister of Finance. All of them should have supported it so that we would not be now suffering from poor leadership especially in a difficult time like now.

  5. Truth says:

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    If all district representatives hold district meetings like Fahie continues to do then we the people will be more informed. Kudos to Fahie.

  6. Stand up says:

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    People of the BVI are all talk and the only time they have action is for who they hate. All elected officials need to hold their representatives responsible and make them hold meetings frequently and openly.

  7. FIRST DISTRICT Youth says:

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    Please bring the Minister of Education to the next 1st District weekly meetings because we have alot of greviances with what he is putting we the youth through in some of these schools.

  8. Pure says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  9. SERPICO says:

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    U so full a caca.

  10. Socrates says:

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    A strong and effective leader must have the courage and confidence to stand alone. A strong leader lives by the courage and strength of their conviction. Strong leadership is not a popularity contest. Truth prevails. BVI adoption of tribal politics is ruining it. Tribal politics serves the need of politicians, not the interest of the electortate. The electorate has the power to stop the vices of tribal politics in its track but does it have the courage and conviction to take the needed action? Is it willing to make the sacrifice to so?

    • RealPol says:

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      Real talk. Hon Fahie, this is the encouragement, comfort, acceptance, assurance, course of action, and signal you were seeking. Simply, Soc give you the answer. Now, continue on the journey without hesitation, delay or looking back. Steadfast ahead olde boy. 1st District strong; BVI strong. Stoutty’s olde stomping ground got your back. Stay humble, civil and keep things real.

  11. Watcher says:

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    Mr Fahie needs to learn that in politics you do not succeed by making an enemy of everyone you meet.

    • @watcher says:

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      Nor do you make friends with everyone. Simply put politics is a cut throat business. Fahie can handle himself.

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