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Step-mom sends direct message to Killer


During a candlelight vigil, Michelle Dawson aimed directly at the heart of the murderer who gunned down her step-son Ashburn ‘Ashie’ Dawson near the Sunday Morning Well in Road Town on March 10.

She delivered a strong reprimand and appeal as she addressed a relatively large crowd gathered across the road from where 30-year-old Dawson was cut down while on a motorcycle.

The step-mother tells THE MURDERER:

“I want you the murderer of our son and brother to know that Ashie was more than your vendetta, more than your revenge, or your hate.

He was our son, our brother, a father, grandson, nephew, uncle, cousin, friend, and co-worker.

He was generous, intelligent, funny, kind, handsome, ostentatiously charming, confident, and hard-working.

It is our belief that Ashburn’s existence and endearing qualities were a threat to you.

You valued him more than yourself or your family. That is evident in the time you spent plotting to take his life instead of improving yours.

Your cowardly, selfish, and heartless action is that of a depraved sick mind or maybe just a lost soul.

Taking his life has not helped you; you did not win. Hate and evil did not win.

You’ve put our loved-one’s body to rest but his spirit lives; it lives.

Our heartaches, our tears, our memories are a testament to his enduring life and legacy.

We will celebrate him everyday. We will love him everyday. He will be better than you everyday.

In closing, I would be remiss if I fail to also tell you that you too are grey to the same measure of grace, mercy and love.

Forgiveness was your way out.

And it’s the same forgiveness that our family and the BVI community will need to invoke in order to forgive you for the trauma you’ve caused us all.

I pray you turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness.

That’s courage; that’s bravery; and that is putting grace and mercy and the love of God to intended use.

Failure to do so will forever encase you with a tomb of guilt and fear until you are caught and locked away.”

Ashburn 'Ashie' Dawson. Fb photo

Ashburn ‘Ashie’ Dawson. Fb photo

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  1. Paco says:

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    Powerful words. I hope all of them who going around and depriving families of their love ones read this remembering that they can hide from man but not from GOD.

    When a nation rise up against such acts murderer(s)you have problems. You might be watching me and planning but be reminded “Who watching you”.

  2. Tolian to the Bone says:

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    Powerful words, and words that those out there need to understand and remember.

    They are not just hurting one person when they commit these ugly, demonic acts. They are hurting their families, and friends. So what do we have to do?

    If we see them so much as piss on the side of the road, tell the Police or they will feel empowered that they are getting away with taking our loved ones away from us. This is our community. We want it back.

    These hard-hearted sons of b#tches have no call standing with me in the supermarkets, banks and even maybe sitting beside me in church.

    We don’t know who they are so the possibilities are endless. Tell the Police what you know. Give them leads to follow.

  3. BVI says:

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    This country is too full of envy and jealousy. Too many children are being brought up with the ideas that they are entitled and should simply railroad others to satisfy their covetousness IT WILL NOT WORK God sees all and time is longer than twine.

    Rest in peace BVI brother. Native parents please cover your children to avert the hate.

  4. B Real says:

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    Everybody know the Killer but they like MAN so they not going to say anything.

    Honestly I would camp out in the ghetto anytime after dark going to midnight he black and ugly as ever so you going need your police lights.

    • Neighborhood Watch says:

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      And by not saying who he is and giving the police the evidence they need to lay charges Everyone who knows and stays quiet is guilty for the next murder that happens and the one after that and so on.

      Put an end to senseless killings. Be the instrument of change.

  5. smh says:

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    killers are worse than animals which is why i support the death penalty for murder

  6. . says:

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    remember karma is a 2 way street, it rolls around when you least expect it.

  7. Wowww says:

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    Powerful words mom. That black face demon who took him away from you will melt like butter against sun. Whoever he is he will not have a moment of peace. Karma is slowly starting to claw it’s way up his back.

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