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Suspect held for deadly bar shooting

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Reports reaching BVI News Online are that police have taken a young man from Purcell Estate into custody in relation to the fatal shooting that unfolded at a bar in Long Look on the eastern end of Tortola late Friday night, January 6.

It is not yet clear if the suspect has been charged, but he was being held at the Road Town Police Station.

More details are also emerging about how the masked gunman entered the bar, robbed a patron, and fatally shot the business operator, Fraklyn Fahie.

Fahie, 61, was a resident of Long Trench.

He, two female bartenders, and patrons were in the bar when the hoodlum – dressed in black – entered with a gun brandished.

It is said that Fahie went towards the gunman.

He reportedly spoke briefly to the gunman who then shot him in the chest.

After Fahie fell, the gunman allegedly robbed one of the male patrons of jewellery and money before he exited the establishment.

The other persons at the bar were not harmed.

Fahie was taken to Peebles Hospital where he died before dawn on Saturday while undergoing surgery.

BVI News Online also understands that, moments after the gunman exited the bar, police officers who apparently were on patrol in the area entered the the business establishment.

They were said to be in an unmarked vehicle.

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  1. Freedom! says:

    ere are reasons for such a government practice and they are exclusively economic.

    Is there room for some reforms? Absolutely! Nonetheless, your opinion and truth are correct. Kudos to you!

    Meanwhile, though it is often dogmatize that locals don’t want and will not perform certain jobs, and despite those who are willing to work those said jobs, they are often given to others other than locals, because of many reasons, some of which involves determination to earn, regardless.

    Why, the issuance of “the work permit” industry creates great revenue for the country’s economy, and that is a good deal given its size and economic limitations on the whole.

    Such also creates the feeling amongst some that government/NDP [is so] not looking out for its citizens, because some cannot find adequate employment. Those same potential employees support expats restaurants and other businesses daily and observe employees none of which are locals.

    For example, as much as 10-12 employees were observed participating in customer {food} service during the Xmas holidays, [and is a daily occurrence throughout the year] where it can be extrapolated that quite a few tens of thousands were made from the support of just local salaries, yet not one employee in there was of local or Afro Caribbean descent.

    Such a practice is referred to as divestment of a people, culture and country.

    Such an observation disturbs some very greatly, from every sense and human sensibility. It is flat out wrong!

    ***Hence, the NDP government needs to get immediate legislation in place to protect and provide a quota of all positions, in all industries, for local participation/employment***

    Perhaps, just perhaps if more employment opportunities can were available to/ by our young populace, the robbery rate could be progressively/ positively affected.

    There is a direct correlation between gainful employment, having money to purchase, prolonged monetary destitution and robbery.

    Both government and law enforcement know those correlative facts, but chooses band aid approaches, instead of concrete tangible factors to solving the problems of viable, meaningful employment opportunities so as to reduce crime, which will continue to increase until effective economic employment growth paradigms are set in place.

    Meanwhile, our people will continue to be murdered senselessly!!! While our leaders eat and drink of their cakes, brew, meat and wine, completely isolated from the effects and desperation being felt by thousands every day, even those with degrees, but not a well paying salary.

  2. ndp heckler says:

    I wonder what the lady with the bag will say about z6ne?

  3. solve the crime says:

    she is no help,watch her good in the face and say to your self,whats the used.

    These young man,and boys in the 6th district is messing up all the time .check at junction on top belle vue and baughers bay in the back and the front outside,also junction Purcell top and bottom.eye on

    • Wise up says:

      It’s not the areas you name are the problems. Every neighborhood has its own hangouts and probably gangs.

      We must try and solve instead of pointing fingers. I bet you guilty of something wrong. May not be stealing but he without sin cast the first stone.

  4. Ms wize says:

    @freedom . stop been a ja$$

  5. Albion says:

    I am usually quick to criticise our police when they mess up, so it is only fair to give them kudos for quick and decisive action in the wake of this horrific crime.

    Let’s hope the DPP is equally efficient and the person responsible is put behind bars for a long time very soon.

    • Real says:


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