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Taxi operators still ‘fighting’ for visitors

Mark Vanterpool

Minister responsible for the Taxi and Livery Commission Mark Vanterpoool has been urged to put measures in place to end the ‘fight’ among transport operators for charter yacht guests at ports of entry in the British Virgin Islands.

Opposition member Julian Fraser made the appeal in the House of Assembly this week, adding that legislative changes may be necessary.

“There is an issue with the Taxi and Livery services with these same charter yachts where passengers come in at the terminals; they are not regularized as to what form of transportation they are entitled to; and there is a fight at the ports of entry.”

“I think that we need to tackle these issues at any opportunity we get,” Fraser said while he contributed to a debate on the Cruise Permit (Amendment) Act.

“This may not be the bill to deal with that [fight among transport operators], but then we need to have the minister responsible for the Taxi and Livery Commission address it one way or the other. So we need to have these things brought forward; we need to raise the consciousness of the people about what’s being done about the things we are talking about.”

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  1. On Looker says:

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    • Tell Me says:

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      So i’m coming to Tortola for vacation with my parents who live in Atlanta and i live in Orlando so we not traveling together my dad paid for all the transportations and told me to look for a guy with a sign with the name of where we’re going,so u see i don’t have documentation,so i’m required to take a taxi or look for the sign?

      • I wonder ... says:

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        @ on Looker

        The issue is the taxi drivers fighting each other for customers, not customers taking illegal rides (whatever an illegal ride might be).
        Charter companies have perfectly legal arrangements with certain taxi drivers, but other drivers are trying to steal guests.

    • Boo says:

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      Is this North Korea? They are required to take a Taxi seriously?

    • Westend On Looker says:

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      This is B S ! I have never been asked about transportation when I enter West End .

  2. IT's ALL ABOUT GREED says:

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    I saw on several occasions taxi drivers took a certain charter company guests while the drivers was there.

    Why do that to people that just doing there jobs,i never saw one of this company buses at the cruise ship,never at a super markets outside waiting for guests that are shopping, never back and fort on dinner runs, just what the job the charter company ask of them.

    • well sah says:

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      just so you understand whats really going on, if it wasnt for the cruise ships you wouldnt be able to survive as a taxi driver , first of all the industry is saturated , to many taxi drivers , shuttle , livery and tour drivers acting as taxi.

      Go to any port of entry and see who picking up all the guest , shuttle drivers who are expatriates working for the moorings , sunsail ,horizon yacht charters , dream yacht , and several others.

      They do pick ups drop offs from the ports , dinner runs , beach trips , island tours. Whats left for the taxi drivers one or 2 stranglers who staying at a hotel before they go on a charter.

      Taxi drivers been fighting a loosing battle and Mark Vanterpool is in on it big time , some of his Taxi and Livery commision guys are right now on strike…………

      • Put my name on it says:

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        I’m sorry but those taxi drivers here are no good. Whenever tourists are about they completely forget about locals.

        They blatantly refuse to move and rather rush visitors to force them to take their taxi’s.

        I’ve called taxi associations many times and heard the taxi drivers refusing to go anywhere I guess my $5 is not worth it. But they must remember tourism is a seasonal industry…When there are no tourists about who will they be turning to?

        • Albion says:

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          I agree. BVI taxis are some of the most expensive that you ever come across, but still they just treat people with rudeness and disrespect.

          And they way they drive, they act like they just own the roads. I don’t have any time for them, and I am sorry that the Government is always pandering to them like so.

      • U C says:

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        The company for moorings has taxi drivers and locals working

      • Bull says:

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        these men full of F when the ships coming everyday the tourist can get a taxi from the ports but now the ships coming like eclipse dem complaining.

        Them alone must eat.The ships bringing 1500 – 3000 people who fight dem for dem, but cape air bringing 9 and u still want out of dat

  3. Hmmmm says:

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    And we act as if white expats are our problem. Take a look around at who f*** with who!

  4. Ben the rat says:

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    Dem taxi man getting greedy like the politicians

  5. Wendy says:

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    So now Gov is being asked to step in and referee the grabbing of these greedy mean spirited unprofessional forceripe Tolian males? How humiliating. Is there no limit to the dependency syndrome in the BVI?
    More evidence why we need a workforce from foreign lands.
    Simply put,Tolians just are not ready.

    • @Wendy says:

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      It is juvenile and narrow minded of you to generalize and say “Tolians” are not ready. You are judging Tortolians based on Taxi drivers. If you are not from here you don’t like it when others make generalisations of people from your country so don’t do it here.

  6. Curious Cat says:

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    Handsome Bay, Virgin Gorda needs some attention. The seaweed stinks right where our water source is drawn from.

  7. Backwards says:

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    Those taxi drivers should not be allowed to approach any passenger until a dispatcher gives an assignment. That’s how it is done at civilized airports.

    JF is encouraging chaos and confusion.

  8. who says:

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    After them put taxi drivers under so much pressure. Released 5 different plates to kill the bonified drivers.

    So sad in our country The pressure is on taxi drivers only. The rest go free and yet taxi drivers must perform at peak.

    Mr. Minister you met this mess but there is a boiling pot in the taxi industry. Do something don’t allow it to continue getting out of hand. You know what is going on.

    Suggestion take this thing serious go back to the drawing board. Stop letting go so much plates. S.B.L and tour plates the market is saturated.

    Soon from now taxi drivers will be out of a job. People can say what they want about greed who in the kitchen feels the heat. Seems like only a few persons in the industry Mr.minister listening to. Sad to say and they run things the rest go sit down.

    Since the last big meeting for all drivers years past can’t hear of another. I guest too many opinions so prefer to listen to a hand full.

    Mr. Minister taxi drivers are yearning for another meeting that’s the cry will you facilitate them. Not a selected few only.

    You have to understanding sometimes people just need a listening ear and things get better for them its like going to the doctor and he/she prescribes medication. The meeting may help some one to live longer their blood pressure may very well go down.

    I hear their cry all the time please don’t let this comment fall on deff ears and its not intended mischievous intentions.

  9. No Dispatcher says:

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    There is no dispatcher, that’s the problem. The visitor comes out, goes towards a sign he recognizes and the shuttle driver goes with him.

    If he is not on his list, he puts the money in his pocket and there’s nothing left for the taxis. The operation needs immediate attention.

    All taxi drivers are not bad as they are made out to be. Actually they are the only ones authorized to collect cash.

    • Anonymous says:

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      (The visitor comes out, goes towards a sign he recognizes) so if i’m going Virgin Traders would i go to Dream Yachts sign

  10. DEM says:

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    the taxi men dem need to talk about the wickedness dem does b doing.Dem 4got dat the passengers have mouths

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