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Two try to flee as $24m worth of cocaine is found

Tarik Aaron and Leshaughn Smith. Fb photos

Tarik Aaron and Leshaughn Smith. Fb photos

The two men who were nabbed during a major drug bust in the waters of the British Virgin Islands on the night of February 2 appeared before the Magistrate’s Court today and were remanded in custody.

Twenty-four year-old Leshaughn Smith and 22-year-old Tarik Aaron were both charged with possession of a controlled drug.

The prosecution also alleged that they intended to supply the 24 kilograms of cocaine found. It has a street value of $24 million.

The two accused were held after allegedly making a frantic attempt at sea to elude members of the BVI Customs as well as the US Customs and Border Patrol, who conducted the operation after spotting a vessel in the waters shortly before 10pm.

The accused were traveling in a 30-foot Renegade speed boat captained by Aaron, the prosecution claimed.

When the fleeing boat was eventually stopped, parcels with cocaine were spotted in the water about seven feet away.

According to the prosecution, the boat with the two accused was the only one seen in the waters at the time.

When it was searched, law enforcers allegedly found two straps from a ‘OneMart’ bag.

A ‘OneMart’ bag without straps was also found at sea with cocaine, the prosecution further claimed.

Smith and Aaron, who were subsequently arrested and charged, have denied knowledge of the cocaine found.

Aaron, in the meantime, stated that he knew nothing about the bag straps allegedly discovered on the boat.

Magistrate Ayana Baptiste-DaBreo, who presided over the case today, ordered that both men be remanded in custody.

They will next face the court on May 6.

Smith, in the meantime, has a different drug-related case in the court. He was on bail regarding that matter in which he is accused of shipping marijuana into the territory.

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  1. well says:

    Man them boy should pull a M you see he seemingly thief 12 mil with his eyes open and not going jail

    Governor say bring proof lool

  2. Resident says:

    These young men need to grow up and stop acting the fool, the only thing I’m sorry for is their kids that now have to grow up knowing that their daddy was in jail for drugs.

  3. How u gonna pay? says:

    Always gotta wonder who some are indebted to for the coke allegedly thrown off the boat. How’s anybody supposed to steal it out of evidence if it all wet at bottom of the sea?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Get this money.

  5. Yep... says:

    a million dollars a brick? come on…..who pricing these stuff?

  6. 1 million per kilo? says:

    Do some research

  7. Mighty rooster. says:

    Yup. This one messed up. Oh man. Drugs. Wheydeyatdoe. Going where. Hmmmm.

  8. Cookie Monster says:

    lol “One Mart Bag” I guess they were carrying 24 million dollars worth of groceries

  9. The Shirelles says:

    Mama said there’ll be days like this

    There’ll be days like this mama said

  10. eagle eye says:

    after NDP brooking we wit all dis tax i to mite hav to run som.gud people gone bad under NDP

  11. Quizie says:

    The struggle is real

  12. street valuer says:

    Lets not get carried away here…its actually closer to 3 mil for 24 Kgs @$133 per one pure gram with no filler added…i attend the university of Google!

    • SB says:

      SMH rookies A kilo a few years ago before things got hot could fetch you no more than 28-30k on the mainland. Since the phu^ boyz government start cracking down price gone up. A Kilo on the mainland especially if you get it as far as Cali, Fishscale? You can get close to 40k per kilo. In the end that at the most is valued at $960K for 24 tings.

  13. Wow says:

    These two don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Maybe it’s fun for them to keep running into the law….

  14. BVI says:

    Lord poor One Mart, Well now they should start selling strap free bags, lol lol…

  15. hmmm says:

    the maths seems off..since when a kilo =$1mil

  16. tortola says:


  17. pure bull says:

    Couple years ago mr john was caught with 300 keys in his house valued at 3 million…how the hell 24 keys could value 24 million?….Ridiculous!

    • hmmmm says:

      Maybe 24 Million Jamaican dollars. I guess the prosecutor(being a Jamaican) thought for a while he was in Jamaica. Ridiculous

  18. Street sense says:

    I doubt them bricks are A1,I’d bet them ish was “SteppedOn”

  19. Really??!! says:

    The love of money is a hell of a thing. Wants all, most of the time always gets none. Learning to be satisfied with what you have is a great trait for anybody. Ah jail them like so they will have to take what they get if the drugs are indeed theirs.

  20. ting to talk says:

    like fathers like sons

  21. Anonymous says:

    No more money man and money girl no wonda he states thng leave tola and disappear

  22. Wellwell says:

    No more money man and money grl no wonda he states thng leave tola a disappear

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