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UK couldn’t take our prisoners, says Premier

Members of the UK armed forces on Tortola recently.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said the United Kingdom (UK) could not help when the British Virgin Islands was in search of a facility to temporarily hold 21 of its prison inmates.

The inmates needed to be relocated because Hurricane Irma damaged parts of Her Majesty’s Prison on Tortola.

The 21 prisoners – who were remanded for a range of serious offences including murder, attempted murder, and illegal possession of firearm – were eventually welcomed by the St Lucian government.

Opposition member Julian Fraser yesterday questioned Premier Smith on why the inmates were transferred to a prison in St Lucia and not at a facility in the BVI’s parent nation, UK.

The Premier responded:  “As I understand it, the UK prison services were unable to assist at that particular time and St Lucia readily offered its assistance both to the BVI and Turks & Caicos.”

Dr Smith, who heads local government, further stated that he does not have intimate knowledge of the prison transfer because he does not have responsibility for the BVI prison.

Turks and Caicos, in the meantime, is another British Overseas Territory that had trouble securing all its prisoners after being struck by Hurricane Irma.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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    English prisons are full!

  2. Family i guess says:

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    What i dont understand is this – about a year or so ago the UK people visited Jamaica and was willing to build a prison there for free. The UK is our mother country so if they could not house them them why not deplore a team to monitor the prisoners here while rebuilding aspects of the prison. Its time to remove the prison from Balsam Ghut and put in on one of our little unused islands in BVI.

  3. Good says:

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    I agree with the UK! Keep them out! Besides, not sure if all of them have any rights to enter the UK! Besides, to the UK is a long haul. Thanks to St Lucia for going to the rescue!

  4. BitterPill says:

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    Why would we want local inmates going to a crime college in the UK?

    • Well says:

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      If they went to the UK they would understand what REAL prison is and would not want to go back. As far as I am concern all convicted murders in the BVI should serve out that time in the UK where they cannot continue to arrange additional crimes.

  5. Political Observer (PO) says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    • Shut Up - PO says:

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      What the hell would have Theresa May coming to the BVI solved? Trump didn’t go to Puerto Rico because he wanted to. He went because of the mounting pressure and the negative disaster rating he was receiving. And yes Trump did go to Puerto Rico, and what did he do? He insulted them buy playing basketball with some cheap ass paper towel throwing to the crowd of people.

      Yes I do believe the UK could have done more, but that is another conversation. Instead about worrying about what should have been, lets stop the darn bashing and start putting our minds to together doing whatever is necessary to move the country forward. When that is complete, we can go back and figure out what went wrong and how we can reduce the damages in the future.

  6. Sardvark says:

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    Maybe if BVI had direct taxation there would be better financial reserves and resilience in times like these. Everyone’s had it good for a long time and why should the UK take our prisoners?! Weve reaped what wrve sown.

  7. Hyprocrites says:

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    Oh so NOW you want the UK’s help calling it The Mother Country. If that’s so time to put back the BRITISH in the BVI and not claim it as The Virgin Islands. Fraser is a piece of work.

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