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Unruly students to be ‘punished’ with work

Sandy Underhill. File photo

Months after she announced plans to reduce the number of suspensions given to students of Elmore Stout High School (ESHS), Principal Sandy Underhill has clarified that unruly students will be penalized by temporarily assigning them to the workforce.

She said the new school policy is outlined in the ESHS’ discipline manual, which was revamped and approved by Cabinet prior to Hurricane Irma.

“We feel that what better time to do it than now to allow students the opportunity to be a part of building back their community. So it’s not just punishment. Yes, you will be away from the environment where you caused havoc, but you’re also going to be a part of something productive and meaningful that is happening.”

Only students who commit what Underhill described as ‘high level infractions’ will be put to work.

“Let’s say a fight breaks out and somebody decides to bring a weapon or whatever to school; we don’t expect that, but we have a plan in place if it happens.”

“What will happen is…we are going to assign them to do work let’s say with Electricity Corporation, Public Works, or some company that’s out there building,” Underhill explained, adding that suspensions will not happen the traditional way when students were sent home for days.

The school principal, in the meantime, said students who commit lower-level infractions will be enrolled in counseling. “We are calling it behavior modifications,” she told BVI News Online.

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  1. Good Show says:

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    Make sure they are also picking up trash preferably from along the road where everyone can see them in their uniform nonetheless…

  2. Pat says:

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    Good job Sandy. Perfect

  3. Prisoners says:

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    Once the prison is operating again, maybe we can have some “petty” offenders working instead of expecting Public works to do all the cleaning.

    For example: We have men up there for not paying child support or smoking a little weed. If they going to be getting locked up anyway because the law is the law regardless of whether the offense is small or not. Might as well they work and even get a little pay especially in the case of fathers who are there because of non payment etc.

    This is another topic in itself but i think if the youngsters can work so can the prisoners our tax money have to feed.

    Great job Ms Underhill! I appreciate you taking your role so seriously!

  4. Ms wize says:

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    Who is worst than crabbe? Pretty witches

    • @Ms wize says:

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      You obviously seem to have a problem with them. Go check yourself.
      So sad we can’t appreciate the good these lovely Lafies are trying to do for our children.

  5. BVIGURL says:

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    sandy you are making me proud!!!

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