UPDATE: Boss’s best not good enough in Anguilla

Eustace ‘Boss’ Freeman. File photo

Eustace Freeman is promising to do better next time round; this after he failed to finish in the top three at the Leeward Islands Calypso Competition held last Saturday in Anguilla.

He represented the British Virgin Islands in the competition after he was crowned the territory’s Calypso Monarch 2017 during the just-concluded Emancipation Festival.

Following his unsuccessful attempt in Anguilla, Freeman, who is also known as Boss and Cadafee, said he did his best.

“BVI, I did my best but it wasn’t good enough this time around, but next time now that my feet wet [I] will go harder. Thanks for the support!” he said in a social media post.

Freeman also congratulated the winner of the sub-regional Calypso clash – King Zacari from Antigua and Barbuda. His winning songs were entitled Descendants of Uncle Tom and The Road Called Freedom.

The second place finisher is Roxy from Anguilla, who was the 2016 champion.

Calypso Craig from St Kitts finished third.

A total of seven calypsonians participated.

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  1. well wow says:

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  2. Betty says:

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    Bring home what and which crown. You thing Anguilla is a easy walk over. He would even smell the crown. Anguilla is not cheating Tortola. we all know Boss didn’t win that crown. I am a BV Islander and I feel proud to say it right is right and wrong is wrong.

    • Lol says:

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      Who won it falco?

      • Demming says:

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        Lol just got to laugh at the bloggers in this country, down to children in shows they talk bad about . Colosso i like how you handle anguilla you did good , never has no BVI calypsonian win that competittion.

        It says alot that these same negative bloggers was holding their toungue because they themselve know Colosso good enough to win that Anguilla show.

  3. Hogface says:

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    L O L maybe he will humble himself a bit

  4. Lilly says:

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    I agree Betty. Falco would have done a better job. His songs are very good including the lyrics and one can understand every word.

  5. BE VI says:

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    True King Gracefull even in defeat. Proud of your Boss.

    To the childish comments above do you even go to the calypso show? Obviously this mans success is a great trouble to you, which suggests that you are unhappy in your own life, fight your demons within yourself and leave positive brothers alone. Take some time and adress that.

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