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Visitors excited! Good sign for local tourism

Marella Discovery docked at the cruise pier in Road Town today. (Photo Credit: BVI News)

By Davion Smith, BVI News Journalist

Caribbean-style Christmas songs emanated throughout the Tortola Pier Park this morning as visitors disembarked Marella Discovery, the first official cruise ship to service the British Virgin Islands since the hurricanes.

Premier and Minister of Tourism Dr D Orlando Smith and other officials were present to welcome the ship and its 1,300 guests.

“It looks like most of the passengers came off the ship,” said Leasing and Marketing Manager at Tortola Pier Park, Meslyn Allen.

She described today’s cruise ship arrival as a ‘big deal’ for BVI tourism.

“I think this is definitely a good sign for us and is a good sign for the territory not only locally but internationally, to let persons know that our story continues; which is our tagline throughout the recovery, and we are getting there.”

“I’ve been speaking a lot with some of the visitors and you know they are really supportive and really excited just to be here. They understand that we had a storm and they are still enjoying the visit, they are going to the designated beaches, they are taking a walk in Road Town and the feedback we’ve received so far is awesome. They are just browsing around and shopping,” Allen told BVI News.

Even more arrivals

The pier park boss said Marella Discovery‘s arrival will encourage other cruise lines to return to the BVI.

She added: “This ship has promised to continue their calls to the BVI. I think they come every two weeks so we are expecting to see more ships coming back; going into this month and next year. So we can definitely say that we are on our way back and Tortola Pier Park will do everything we can, as usual, to ensure they have the best experience possible.”

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  1. rastarite says:

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    A good sign… but the feedback could be negative – especially after a visit to CGB

    • uhuh says:

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      well it depends… bbc , cnn and all those news media were here. I think people are just curious after the territory was struck by two CAt 5 storms….

  2. BVIslander in USA says:

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    So admonish locals to stop trashing our Caucasian and down island brothers and sisters whose dollars will help BVI recover. See who came off that ship? They are the ones adventurous enough to come into Hurricane ravaged BVI. Most of my people, african americans, will not come during the recovery…some of our thinking is limited and we are less adventurous..and that is the truth. We tend no to look beyond the immediate and just see the beauty even in the midst of a recovery, instead we want every think shiny and new rather than seeing a diamond in the rough. I can wait for my vacation free time so I can come too, I am just afraid that I will spend time crying though.

  3. Sam the man says:

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    This is a big mistake Tortola is like a warzone still and these folk sure won’t be returning. Long Bay beach Island is one of my favorite beaches because it wasn’t frequented by many crowds of people but it has no facilities or restaurants/bars…who is gaining out of this premature attempt to get paying customers back?Get Cane Garden Bay restored asap as its the best/most popular beach for the important cruise ship tourists…The Government needs to “Wise” up and start listening to the local people which thrived on the cruise ships coming….

  4. LOL says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  5. have a litte more faith says:

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    I am sure they knew what they were coming too and didn’t mind coming as a show of empathy. Stop seeing the glass half empty. It is possible that they came also as q show of support to you all with the hopes that others might follow on future cruises. Stop being so down on the BVI.

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