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Walwyn ‘delivering on the promise’

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn has released photographs to support his optimism that the 32 new classrooms he had promised to build at Elmore Stoutt High School will be completed in time for the new school year in September.

Along with the photos, he released the following caption: “Delivering on the promise of new classrooms for Elmore Stoutt High School by September. Our plan is to deliver a secondary institution that we can be even more proud of. There is much more to come very soon.”

The classrooms initially were to be built in September 2016 to accommodate what was then the new Grade 12. But construction was delayed because – according to Walwyn – the necessary funds were not forthcoming from the Ministry of Finance.

As a result, the first batch of Grade 12 Elmore Stoutt High students were accommodated at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College.

Walwyn, in the meantime, has given an update regarding new classrooms to be built on the island of Virgin Gorda.

“We will be coming to the community very soon to present the proposed plans for the separation of the primary and secondary divisions [at Bregado Flax Educational Centre]… We had the proposed plans for the new primary school on display for the graduation ceremonies of the primary and secondary school. The entire school, after the separation, will be the secondary school with all the necessary improvements to create a much better learning environment for the students,” the minister said.

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  1. waylox says:

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    Another 1.5 million dollars?

  2. I FROM HERE says:

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  3. Oh Please! says:

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    This is a bandage on a sore. What was needed long time ago was a second government high school. Plain and simple. Not a more over-crowded high school.

    All the $45M over spent on the pier and the $100K going to hold a banquet for teachers could have paid for it. Lack of Vision and Foresight for what is BVI’s most valuable resource!

  4. wow says:

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    Everything this man does is about him alone & never the party. The same Minister of Finance he’s throwing under the bus gave him the money. Tell him talk that.

  5. NDP Supporter says:

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    This Minister is not a team player at all. Every PR he releases is about him. The building is needed but his selfishness is not.

  6. Hmmm says:

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    I hope each minister is allowed to spend how he’s allowed to spend then let us see if we have a country left.

    This man does whatever project he wants without proper budgeting and gets away with it because of the need for some of the projects but other ministries have needs also that are just as urgent but cannot get the funding nor can get away with thi

  7. ... says:

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    It is a start. What is the expected completion date… Aug 25th?

  8. vg massive says:

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    please tell us where vg 12th grade will be in september

  9. Oh ho says:

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    Now they have more money to blow the house from east to west at every bar every weekend. SMDH.

  10. Partial ndp supporter says:

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    This minister has done a few good things but for the wrong reasons. He has destroyed the ndp. He’s about self. He’s about an impression and not substance. He has divided the party & he can’t be trusted.

  11. By us for us says:

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    A junior high is needed.

  12. Kick backs says:

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    Hope the project is aduited

  13. Excuse me says:

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    What about Anegada?
    Will we have additional classrooms?
    A completed science lab? Lord knows we’ve been with one for many years now.
    A PTA?
    Oh… yeah… ummm… has the Principal recovered yet?
    Anegada is a part of District 9 so Mr Hubert O’Neal the next time you decide it’s in your best political interest to praise Mr MVW think about our school and how uncool things are…

  14. JYD says:

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    Why are these class rooms build with two corridors which is a waste of space taken up for these children to be out of vision and with the amount of violence at schools who is to be blame for accidents cause by this waste of corridor that could been class room, where else have you seen schools build like this ONLY IN THE BVI

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