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Walwyn is ‘hardest working’ member of gov’t

Dr O'Neal

Dr O’Neal

When representative of the Ninth Electoral District Dr Hubert O’Neal recently made a brief comment that Myron Walwyn is the best performing Government minister, it did not grab the headlines.

But, to make sure enough people hear how he feels about the minister, Dr O’Neal repeated his perspective to a much larger audience at the opening of the Easter festival in Virgin Gorda on the weekend.

Walwyn, who is the minister of education and culture, was in earshot soaking up the compliment.

“I would also like to thank the Ministry of Education and Culture – particularly my minister Myron Walwyn. As I said before, he is the hardest working minister in this government, and he has culture at his heart, and he expresses it all the time,” Dr O’Neal said.

He added that Walwyn has contributed significantly towards this year’s festivities marking the 50th anniversary of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Committee.

“He has put in so much effort knowing that we are now celebrating our fiftieth year here on Virgin Gorda. He has gone the extra mile and he has done what was necessary to make this a successful festival. I want to thank him very much for his diligence,” added Dr O’Neal.

It is not the first time that Walwyn has been at the receiving end of such complimentary remarks by a sitting representative of the Ninth Electoral District.

Back in 2015, the then outgoing representative Ralph O’Neal also lauded the culture minister during the opening of the Easter festivities in Virgin Gorda.

“I have a nickname for him..I call him DIN (Do It Now) and he is doing it now,” Ralph O’Neal told residents two years ago. He, at the time, added, “The honourable minister of education and culture is working hard on the basketball court. He has shown great interest in his job of education and culture. I thank him for what he is doing, and hope he will continue.”

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  1. smh says:

    now we know why his teeth are so big, its because he has to bite so much bum to get anything done

  2. Hmmm. says:

    He is the hardest working government official. But Hubert what have you done for your people. Simple answer is nothing!!!

  3. Just saying.... says:

    Working hard for himself and pocket

  4. Fact says:

    Bertie Myron got the money from the Minister of Finance.

    Also the cashflow of your ndp stop VG from getting the $130, 000 Myron promised on time causing the Festival to cost more than it should because of many factors like late payment for tickets saw rhe price trippled among many other things. You really sleeping.

    • Nonsense says:

      Foolishness! Why is that logic not applied when speaking about the Minister negatively? Fair is fair, if you’re going to bash when there’s bad, then praise when there’s good/positive outcomes.

  5. The sleeper says:

    Since everyone knows that you are sleeping we will ignore what you are here saying because you are sleep talking therfore what you are saying is not solid.

  6. To me says:

    The hardest & best bluff.

  7. Sticky hands says:

    His pocket full he has to keep working hard

  8. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Ah yu lawd! Me cuz is a political novice! Doc, Picko, Pompey and the Action Man must be having a warm fuzzy moment. You think.

    Embarrassing and throwing your colleagues under the bus is not a smart move. It is not smart politics either. Cuz Robbie would not have made such a rookie mistake.

    Clearly, Cuz did not learn a thing from Ralphie against whom he ran against some 4 or 5 times or Cuz Robbie.

    Furthermore, if one wants to be in and play the game, one has to know the written and unwritten rules. Cuz might be a good eye doctor but he is not a good politician. Tough love for Cuz.

  9. 2 Grand says:

    Bertie words of wisdom engage your brain before your mouth. Talk about putting yuh foot in yuh mouth

    • Sooner or Later says:

      The same man he is there praising seems really after his District, but he don’t know what is ZANDOLIE !

  10. This says:

    Walwyn continues to work diligently for the people of the Virgin Islands. While we may not always agree with some of his principles, we should all be able to agree that he is certainly working hard.

  11. Jill Fell down the Hill.. says:

    Loudest mouth doesn’t equate to the hardest worker. Besides, sometimes it’s better to work smart than to work hard.

  12. Really? says:

    This man is like a National embarrassment, what is he saying that Walwyn works harder than Action Man, Picko, Doc and Ronnie?

    I don’t always agree with the decisions these guys make but this is definitely not a fair assessment

  13. WTF says:

    When is Hubert O’Neal going to wakeup and work for the people in the 9th District?

    Whenever he opens his mouth he talk sht. He is a one term senator. He is not serving any purpose. Waste of time.

  14. Really? says:

    How would Hubert know what hard work is?

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