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Yacht harbour dock to be used to enter VG

Anthony McMaster. File photo

Anthony McMaster. File photo

Despite concerns that a privately owned dock on Virgin Gorda is too small to facilitate large traffic, the government said it still intends to use the facility for temporary docking services while it undertakes repair works at St Thomas Bay Jetty and cargo ramp.

Work is set to commence at the public jetty on May 1, said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works Anthony McMaster.

“We’ve been having discussions with the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and we are now working out the logistics of temporarily removing the docking services from the current dock into the Yacht Harbour, which would allow the Virgin Gorda residents and visitors to continue their daily business and their daily operations,” McMaster told BVI News Online in an exclusive interview.

Too Small

When asked about concerns that the private dock in the yacht harbour is too small, the permanent secretary said the issue of size is also being discussed.

He added that mechanisms will be put in place to ensure there is safety at the yacht harbour dock.

“I just came from Virgin Gorda and that is one of the same things that we were discussing,” he told BVI News Online last evening.

“The managing director of the BVI Ports Authority (Alfred Henley) was with me, and one of the things that we were looking at is the whole safety consideration surrounding the dock. So that is something that we looked at, and I have been assured by the BVI Ports Authority that they will put mechanisms in place to ensure that safety takes priority, because we do not want anyone to be injured during this temporary sitting,” McMaster said.


In the meantime, he disclosed that a decision has been taken to undertake work at the St Thomas Bay Jetty after the Easter festivities in order to avoid delays.

“As you know, we are going into the Easter season and it would be very prohibitive to try and start such a project at that stage.”

“Again, what we would like to do is get in, get the work done, and get out. If you start it during the holiday season, then you actually end up with a lot of delays. So we are looking at now starting [repair works] around 1st May, which will allow us to just get in and get out,” added McMaster.

Repair works at the facility are expected to be carried out over a 30 days period.

Acting Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority, Alfred Henley, recently noted that the dock is the main one for entry into Virgin Gorda. He added that upgrade works will include reinforcement of the existing jetty.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 4

    What about Customs and Immigration services? When the ferry comes in from St. Thomas, how will this be handled? What about when cruise ship passengers, is there enough space to accommodate them? These are things to need to put into place as well.

  2. ^ says:

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    Him and Al together can’t make one rational thinking person. Failings all around.

  3. wow says:

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    so taxis not allowed at a locally owned establishment?

    • Dog says:

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      The fact that it is locally owned does not mean that they can’t negotiate a deal with their preferred taxi providers.

      It is privately owned so taxis don’t have any right to conduct business there.

      The only infringement of constitutional rights occurs if anybody denies Edmund his constitutional right to do their laundry!

  4. LOL says:

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    Incompetence staring at us in the face

  5. Upset says:

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    This NDP Gov is not for ppl…they make me sick😡😡😡

  6. ReX FeRaL says:

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    ok . so they playing dolly house making up the rules along the way. Chicken sht

  7. BuzzBvi says:

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    Close dock and pay investment Club to use theirs.
    Not much more to it.
    They struggling to complete works without more money.
    Best give them some.
    Close Bucks. Open our own supermarket. We in investment club have one.
    More money for the greedy.

  8. Satan says:

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    These mudda —— wat running gov/ports have NO consideration for the ppl of VG .

    How d hell are dey goin to deal wit the daily volume of cargo that SPEEDYS bring into vg tru the marina ?

    We need pro active ppl in authority NOT a set of slerpers who wiil try to close d gate aftr d horse dun gone .

    But this is d problem wit we in VG we fraid to offend ppl . By now every body kno who typin here MY MOUTH AINT GOT NO COVER

  9. Good grief says:

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    ok moving the boat traffic to the marina wheee everyone is boycotting aas they aree charging for dockage and a per person rate to load and unload. Volume of traffic and cargo…. Where is everyone going to park their vehicles …. Complete noncence.

    Understand that the works have to go ahead but seriously it’s going to be chaos. How are they going to move cargo when no vehicle can get to the boats at VGYH…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    You a righting our little secret off the tourist map with all the changes and construction…..

  10. Don't Be Afraid says:

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    Let’s make a stand now.

  11. Curious says:

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    NO PARKING!!! Even if you ignore the signs….

    You are looking at boat traffic in what has historically been a busy marina. The marina will sell dockage to those who don’t have a slip as they will have to keep the fuel dock clear. They have the taxi line all setup so the cruise passengers will be happy.

    smh….checking to see that the Port is “safe”, but no consideration of the very people who use & depend on these ferries. It is going to be a real mess…

  12. Yo says:

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    NDP cronyism at its best. Need to move that cheddar to fund the next election campaign!

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