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$1M contract to install elevator at Admin Complex

The central administration complex in Road Town that houses several government offices. (GIS photo)

Building Construction Management Ltd has been awarded a contract exceeding a million dollars to install a new elevator for a section of the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex.

This was indicated in the decision document about the Cabinet’s April 27 meeting.

The construction company received the contract on the recommendation of the Central Tenders Board’s (CTB) technical evaluation committee.

The decision document said: “Cabinet reviewed and accepted the Evaluation Report submitted by the Central Tenders Board’s (CTB) technical evaluation committee — which the CTB approved on 29th March, 2022 — [and] accepted the CTB’s recommendation to award Building Construction Management Group Ltd. a contract for the construction of the new elevator shaft, procurement, installation and commissioning of a new elevator for the West Atrium of the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex in the amount of $1,076,796.99”.

The document said Cabinet further decided that the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities instruct the Attorney General’s Chambers to vet the relevant agreement.

The administration complex sustained major damage during the September 2017 hurricanes. This has caused successive governments to rent privately-own offices to house their public service workers as a series of repairs are undertaken on the complex.

In 2018, the Central Statistics Office estimated the government’s annual rent expenditure to be approximately $6.4 million.

This statistic was shared in the recently released Commission of Inquiry report.


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  1. NO NO. says:


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    • Haha says:

      Sometimes it’s not corruption. People are known to grossly overcharge government. Government will accept because it’s not their money so they won’t spend months trying to get the best offer when it’s not their personal funds that are paying for it. Same thing happens everywhere. Members of the congregation will own a ragga but buy their pastor a Lexus with the offerings. You go to dinner when someone else is paying and you order lobster but when you’re paying you get chicken and chips. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

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      • Secret Bay says:

        Sorry, but that shouldn’t be the way it goes, because it’s It’s not the government’s money, it’s OURS. And every penny needs to be accounted for.

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        • Anonymous says:

          If it’s your money why can’t you spend it how you see fit, Why does government get to spend it how they see fit? Does government help you spend your salary I bet not because that’s your money. The idea that the money government spend is your money is one of the stupidest things people say. That’s like saying the money you spent in Riteway buying groceries is your money after you bought the groceries. After you pay taxes it’s no longer your money. Kill that narrative because it’s stupid. Politicians only say that when playing their mind games.

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          • @anonynous says:

            If I don’t like what Rite Way charges or I think their products are inferior, I have the choice to take my business elsewhere or even grow my own food if I so choose. With government I have no choice. That’s the difference.

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      • @haha says:

        Not not corruption – just bad governance. Not acting in the best interests of the people who elected them. At best incompetence for not getting proper bids and due diligence. At worst wilful negligence for not caring about the peoples money

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      • @ haha says:

        You sound like Andrew and all the lies he told in House of Assembly defending corrupt contracts.

        In this case it clearly is corruption with a price that quadruples the average cost.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t be an @$$h0le. All I’m saying is there is a difference with corruption and bad governance. Corruption is not overspending j@ck@$$. Corruption would be taking kickbacks. Nothing in this article mentions kickbacks so any assumptions you make is pure speculation.

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          • Rubber Duck says:

            Who owns the company given the contract? We need much more clarity on these contracts.

    • And says:

      the fleecing of the peoplpe’s money continues. Well it was stated as thesole intention just before being elected..

      We F—ED!!!!!!

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    • Trout says:

      Help us Governor. We want to stand on our two feet.

  2. Crazy Joe says:

    Over $1 millio for an elevator? That will be including the bribes and kickbacks of course.

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  3. Popeye says:

    Why can’t they just walk up the stairs like we do?

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  4. wow says:

    why it cost a million dollars!? is it gold?

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  5. Remember says:

    Who will service this elevator?

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  6. wow says:

    ohhh Lord , please fix this 1 million dolla elevator price to a more justifiable price ohh lord. ohhh lord ii ask for let this elevator dont bring back uncle HIKKINBOTTOM TO BVI OHH LORD . I BEG OF YOU OHH LORD

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  7. idea says:

    But this is exactly why we are where we are as a country. this form of distribution been going on for ages. this why we don’t have funds for schools, infrastructure, green energy…

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  8. Cut and paste says:

    These people crazy. Simple

  9. Deh Watcha says:

    I keep asking who are the person(s) who sit around the table and say “yes this is a good price to put forward for cabinet approval”.

    And imagine they would be there upfront for the contract signing & ground breaking ceremony. Smiling and patting each other on the back for the cameras.

    Top to bottom, bottom to top……waste of time. The whole tenders board need doing away with.

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  10. Tolaman says:

    One would stop and think, or should, with all the turmoil going on as we speak, a newly mix up Government, who shuffled a miniseries, and post/responsibilities day’s after forming, would STOP and think, get certain things and priorities in order FIRST. But new million $ contract been signed??? Why not Hold off on huge contracts for now? Why rush now?? The old 1/2 destroyed by Irma, always leaking Administrative building from construction days, should have torn down, and rebuild. But to spend a Million $’s now on Elevators in a 2 story building is out of touch with reality. Another project/contract to go under the microscope soon.
    Why not put ALL major government contra on hold until we have a REAL Elected Government in place, who can show accountability and responsibility for our tax money? Is things like things have us it this mess. We still not learning??? But preaching about march and demonstrations??? Without the UK take this place over, and put things in order, this corruption will see no end. This elevator contract is NOT an EMERGENCY, it can wait. Fix the roads, water and sewage issues, but who is now responsible for that? March about wasting your taxes, Social Security, plane, wall, bridge, pier park money and elevator money. Where are those placards???

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  11. Install 2 for less than $150000 says:

    Parameters: Passegner Elevator with Machine Room
    Capacity Speed Cabin Size Shaft Size Max Travel Min Floor H
    DL V Width Depth Open Width Depth Pit OH MRH Max R Min D
    (kg) (m/s) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (m) (m)
    630 1 1400 1150 800*2100 2000 1800 1500 4500 2300 50 2.7
    1.5 1600 4600 70
    1.75 1700 4700 90
    800 1 1350 1400 800*2100 2000 2100 1500 4500 2300 50
    1.5 1600 4600 70
    1.75 1700 4700 90
    2 2050 2100 1900 5000 2500 100
    2.5 2100 5200 120
    1000 1 1600 1400 900*2100 2200 2100 1500 4500 2300 50
    1.5 1600 4600 70
    1.75 1700 4700 90
    2 2300 2100 1900 5000 2500 100
    2.5 2100 5200 120
    1150 1 1800 1400 1000*2100 2400 2100 1500 4500 2300 50
    1.5 1600 4600 70
    1.75 1700 4700 90
    2 2500 2150 1900 5000 2500 100
    2.5 2200 5200 120
    1350 1 2000 1500 1100*2100 2600 2200 1500 4500 2500 50
    1.5 1600 4600 70
    1.75 1700 4700 90
    2 2700 2250 1900 5000 100
    2.5 2200 5200 120
    1600 1 2000 1700 1100*2100 2600 2400 1500 4600 2500 50
    1.5 1600 4700 70
    1.75 1700 4800 90
    2 2700 2450 1900 5100 100
    2.5 2200 5300 120

    Above standard specification is only for reference. If shaft size at jobsite is different , please contact with us, factory will design suitable one according to your parameter.

  12. Demonic Cat says:

    I personally think this is reasonable. Installing a lift shaft to cover the 75 floors of this building will be expensive.

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  13. bingo says:


  14. LOL says:

    What is funny, everybody is ranting about the cost but nobody can tell us what it should cost? Did anyone see the specifications of the elevator? What do you think it should cost? $50,000? Don’t you think the Tender Board would’ve had comparative figures to justify the contract? I would understand the outrage if it was a tender waiver by Cabinet etc. but it went through the process. People are quick to comment without the real facts and it’s sickening. BTW what does the admin complex have to do with the school? It was destroyed and needs to be rebuilt regardless.

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    • Well says:

      Tell us the qualification of those who made up the tender board on this board because they need moving too. Maybe the general public should take this project over. And call in real elevator installers here to assess and submit bids. Who say on the board to assess who would get this job?

    • Reply says:

      Herein lies the problem.who comprises the tender board. What is their expertise? How much scrutiny goes into the tenders?

    • You right says:

      You the type of idiot to believe it really cost 1.3mil to build a block wall around the HS.

      That money can be put to better use especially at these times. Walking up 4 floor’s really aint going kill nobody.

    • Whickhams Cay says:

      There is a new 6 story tower there. The Otis elevator there cost $180,000. That’s for six floors not three.

  15. Govt exercise Program. says:

    Most of them so fat that will be a nice way to get them fit and slim..up the stairs..

  16. NUG says:

    This is what ayo wanted . If you are cleaning house why issue this contract into reality ?

    This is still The green team two votes against 3 votes are outnumbered
    To save country you say
    This is a disaster .. Why didn’t the Minister for Hralth get Deputy Premier?
    Oh well !!!

  17. Hmmmm says:

    One million dollars and they cannot give us our increments. I hope when I go in that elevator gold dollars drop out the ceiling. People out here hungry price of living killing us and no salary review or increments. Sick and tired of this crap. I know I am the only one tired of working hard and can’t afford to eat a proper meal.

  18. Voter says:

    What a joke, WALK! Now we all know that the new conscience that the unity government says they found was temporary.
    They should all be banned from ever holding public office.
    Governor, Save us from them

  19. SIGH says:

    Only in BVI. It is just commonsense! Ridiculous. BVI spends more than other caribbean islands but gets far less for the money. Infrasructure POOR. Nothing to attract tourists other than the beach which they didn’t have to pay for. Nothing to benefit the residents. Nothing! What do we have to show for the billions? What makes us “second to none” as that stupid song says? We are just an international joke. Nothing to back the rhetoric. To be clear I am talking about government and its service to the people and territory. Nothing to point to!

  20. Big Richard says:

    Even under the COI microscope these idiots go ahead with illegal no bid deals.

  21. retar*ded says:

    focus on bigger issues, not a damn elevator…

  22. Roger Burnett says:

    Regardless of the cost of the elevator, the design of the building (footprint and aerodynamics) is fundamentally flawed in terms of hurricane resistance.

  23. Captain Morgan says:

    If I had a dollar for every time someone pays 1 million dollars to install an elevator in a building with 3 floors….boy things would be rough with my one dollar.

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