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2 dozen students the constant troublemakers

Not the undisciplined students mentioned in the story.

Roughly two dozen Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) students have been identified as the proverbial bad apples among the entire student population.

Student indiscipline has been a public concern in recent times because of a series of public fights, reported shoplifting, and other deviant behaviours among ESHS students.

Principal Sandy Underhill said while indiscipline has been a longstanding problem at the school, only a small number of select students are the recurring troublemakers.

“Right now our school enrolment is around 1,200 and you will find that it’s two percent. I know that sounds weird considering how magnified everything is in the news. But you have two percent or less of our student population [that is undisciplined],” Underhill said.

“I became principal in 2014 and for the most part, it’s the same students with the exception where one or two now added themselves because they are now friends of a particular person or persons who were already involved in negative behaviour. So, you see a pattern of ongoing or repeated negative behaviour by the same students,”

“What that tells us is that we need to continue to try to reach out to the families and those students, especially with regards to intervention. That is my goal as principal. It is not about suspension and that is something I want to make clear,” said Underhill.

She noted that the school only resorts to suspending students when it believes there is a “threat to other students”.

“Secondly, [a student may be suspended] because he/she did something wrong. The message has to be sent not only to the student who did something wrong but to the other students that if they do something wrong, there is a consequence,” the high school principal said.

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  1. :0 says:

    How is it going to be the same students since you took over in 2014 and so many of them have moved on since then. Get your facts straight man

    • Sad. says:

      @:0 Maybe the troublemakers did not leave the country or maybe your child or children were among the group and left the BVI that is why you said that.

      • :0 says:

        You would say that because you have a simple mind. If you didn’t you would have noticed that I answered according to the statement in the article. I have no kids there.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        @O….or maybe these trouble makers keep repeating forms as they are to busy causing trouble instead of doing their work!!!7

  2. . says:

    This is not new. This happened before.

  3. sam the man says:

    respect for others is key – regardless of age, youngsters have a much more difficult arena of life to come into and I acknowledge that – give them a hug and stand with them – talk rather than criticize – these youngsters are our future – “stand with them” they will be great if we invest in them…

  4. Charge them says:

    Take the privilege of a free education away from these b*stards by expelling them, and the only way they come back is their parents PRE-PAY a full year tuition. They cause problems and get suspended/expelled again,it will be on the parents dime, not the taxpayer. Bad enough taxpayer going to be paying for them when they go to prison.

  5. GOd Is Good says:

    You see sometime instead of bashing the child or children. we need to find out the source or what is troubling that child . All some children need is LOVE and ATTENTION. If we as adults bash its only going to make them more trouble and feel like nobody love them. Some time all they need is mentors to look up to and you see we cannot blame the parents sometime it could be a mother or a father taking care of that child or children and struggling. so PLS donot bash The Principle,Parents or the child, come out and be a mentor for that same child.

  6. Gene Poole says:

    Some time this and some time that but ALL the time it is the root producing the seedling. Some time all they need is a good cut assinine but all the time and every time it is the root that produces the seedling. Look at the momma and the poppa too if you know who he is or where he is but momma
    These mommas of today look and behave like momma jammers not worthy of respect from nobody or their child.

  7. D says:

    The trouble making ones don’t want to learn. They think by. Being rude and disrespectful is funny or cute. Let them rock and continue to act stupid. In a couple of years when they end up with no job skills or any type of education I bet it will not be funny or cute then. And to you the kids that listens to your parents, have respect and manners continue to get your education. In a couple of years you will get somewhere in life. At least you will not end up sitting under a tree, standing on the corner or pregnant living in your mother’s house because you cannot afford to support yourself and baby due to the fact that you have no education or job skills.

  8. Gone fishng says:

    I be looking for some of that new blackened red snapper they be handing out

  9. Well Jeeze says:

    @Gone fishing,you never had blackened fish before? There is nothing new about blackened fish.It is all about the seasoning. So I guess you never had ham fillet with red eye gravy.

  10. Lord have mercy says:

    Is there a mentorship program for ESHS?,if not the Head Teacher can do something to get one started… If there us one it needs to be strengthened… Expanded… Better promoted and search out proper and suitable community a spirited persons to be involved in making the program successful.

  11. Over-reaction displays insecurity says:

    It is surprising to hear the Principal stating that only 2% or less of the students are causing problems at the school…which is spilling out into the wider community. If this is so, why support a ban that negatively affects 98% of innocent students, throwing them under the bus because of the alleged 2%?

    Why couldn’t a more appropriate solution adopted to deal with the two percent?
    Not bashing anybody…just asking simple question. In my opinion this matter was given little or no thought before jumping to a decision to ban. If this trend continues I’m afraid to think of what the future holds for the BVI…instead of nation-building it will be like a communist state where the little people have no rights at all. An awful prospect to contemplate.

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