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$4.2M to rebuild West End Ferry Terminal

The West End Ferry Terminal days after Hurricane Irma. (BVI News photo)

The government will be spending $4.2 million to rebuild the West End Ferry Terminal.

The funds will be taken from the $65 million government is borrowing from the Caribbean Development Bank for recovery.

Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull made the announcement in his constituency yesterday during a public meeting with Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and other government ministers.

The Smith-led administration did not announce a timeline when reconstruction of the terminal will commence.

No sign of promised temporary facility

Government members confirmed yesterday that a temporary facility will be erected at the now-destroyed terminal.

“That should be here within the next six to eight weeks to get Customs and Immigration from under the tents,” Turnbull said.

Customs and Immigration officers have been operating under tents at the West End location for several weeks now.

Minister of Communications and Works, Mark Vanterpool had said two months ago that the temporary facility would have been erected within a few weeks of his statement.

The West End ferry terminal was destroyed because of the hurricane.

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  1. Longer term plan says:

    Why not rebuild it in a new location that can be expanded? N

  2. Sooooo says:

    It will be 10 million when it’s all completed huh.

  3. Amazing! says:

    Not even a trailer you could not get to put these people in?

  4. drake says:

    Every project this government touch cost a million and more. The bad part is there is never value for money.

  5. uhuh says:

    after the storm the blue portion was up… maybe they should have used that building (instead of braking it down) until they figure out what they are doing ( 5 months later still nothing.)

  6. nalyd says:

    This is an important project. Really important. We need to know where this falls in the priority of recovery efforts, especially compared to the airport. In order to adequately assess the viability of the airport expansion, this project and the improvements to the Road Town jetty must be completed and new agreements reached with the ferry service providers. We have to do things and do things well and in order.

  7. Tallfat says:

    What’s wrong with that shop at the ferry dock? Can it be temporarily housed some of the staff instead of a tent?

  8. Want2Kno says:

    $4.2 Million? Yet another overpriced project….if it costs $1 Million for a wall, how much will a school cost?

  9. Brains says:

    Really, $ 4.2 million? Is this a price that has been bid? Is there a design? Drawings? Can we see a breakdown of the costs, or is it cronyism manifesting itself?

  10. Seer says:

    What in tarnation? Does this price include outfitting the inside with necessary equipment for optimum functions of the port and immigration staff? If not, please wheel and come again.

    I might be melodramatic but by the time this government is finish, BVI tax payers will be slaves.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s another governmental hospital project. One we can’t use for years. We need a permanent auditor along with these plans.

  12. Unimpressed. says:

    Somebody needs to show plans and breakdowns of costs. This sure stinks of corruption. And multiply this by the other gov’t buildings in need of repair or replacement….. U.K. needs to send in auditors before it gets completely out of control.

  13. WTF says:

    Can the NDP Government please tell the people what we are getting for $4.2 million dollars? All we hear is this is going to cost this or cost that. How did these geniuses arrive at this figure? Oh, yeah!!!!! They pulled the figure out of a hat. How soon can we get rid of these worms? I really will like to see if sensible people will put NDP back in power. If that happens, then we get what we deserve.

  14. Worker Bee says:

    What are they building, a palace?

  15. Super Mad says:

    I would love to see the project plans for this one. Ludacris! LMFAO This Govt is a joke. Just cause you got 65M$ doesn’t mean you have to blow it stupidly. Very poor planning.. Wonder if anyone lining their pockets from this project? True colors flying everyday til election! A new Govt needs to be formed for the people.

  16. Velour Track Pants says:

    Design already completed and BOQ’s available for review? Where was the tender notice for ANY aspect of this much needed and delayed controversial project? What are the specs/scope of works? How much sq.ft. for the $4.2 mil? Apart from concessions area, customs clearing/holding area with a couple offices, maybe a holding cell and immigration office(s) – pray tell what the heck else besides arrival and departure areas – could possibly cost so damn much? Are the ‘professional fees’ exorbitant like all other projects this current government ‘rolls out’. As per the Protocols – what is the Total Life Cycle Cost of this? Will it be a green certified building with some level or renewable/sustainable design and components? This government and their minions truly believe that apart from them the rest of us are tools?!?! Let the roasting begin!!

  17. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Sealift supply/ port facilities are critical to the efficient, effective and functional processing of both passengers and cargo. The West End port was destroyed by Hurricanes Irmaria. In a twisted way, the damages provide a once in a life time opportunity to properly plan, design, construct……etc a phased facility to meet current and future port needs.

    The port facility should be designed so that it can be easily expanded to meet growth and development needs. Port reconstruction is needed but lets maximize the opportunity to do the right thing, not just do something right.

    Is there a floor plan, foot print or a rendering that taxpayers can review? What will $4.2M buy? Is the $4.2M just the construction cost, including potential change orders? Does it include furnishing, equipment………etc. Will the project include additional parking?

  18. Retired says:

    Whatever happened to the plan to build a ferry dock/marina in Frenchman’s Bay, Tortola? I always thought that area was much better location for a port of entry than West End because it could easily expand to accommodate megayachts, deep draft sailing vessels, larger ferries and maybe even some of the cargo barges. A second cargo port on Tortola could ease the logjams at Port Purcell.

    • watcher says:

      Any kind of organised, gridded warehouse system as used everywhere else in the world , could relieve the chaos at Port Purcell.

  19. Sam the man says:

    The usual building fiasco unfolds with no intention to learn lessons from every other government scheme that is shabbily put together with no proper plans, realistic estimates, future proofing, it’ll be poorly constructed and end up costing 3 times this…NDP – No Direction Party continue to underwhelm us with their incompetence but they don’t care as its another project to skim money off !

  20. Anonymous says:

    Several weeks!!! it’s been almost 5 months west end has been waiting. Are there even any toilet facilities…. it’s a sad state of affairs.

  21. Concerned Native says:

    4.2 million ??? This is outrageous!!!! Where are the requirements for this project that the public can view and provide inputs ? Will the contractors be allowed to submit bids or let me guess it will just be given to a chosen company smh if you guys re-elect these politicians who refuse to be transparent and accountable for government funds them shame on you as a people!!!

  22. Tola says:

    Ndp always in the millions

  23. watcher says:

    $250 per square foot is the building cost used in BVI to estimate costs of substantial buildings. So the ferry dock is going to be a substantially built building of 18,000 sq feet then?

    Thats 60 yards long by 33 yards wide , about as big as the airport building.


  24. duck1951 says:

    This is a great opportunity to enhance above all the latrines and augment the arrival and departure areas .Incorporate all in one ! especially toilets for the public.

  25. I care says:

    Do you know what I could build for 4.2 million BVI? Yes this is a great opportunity for “tolets” (person before me) The BVI economy will very slowly, and without notice!, be destroyed by the lack of visitors due to a $70.00 custom fee from the US tourist. Ten years from now they will ask “what happened” and blame the storms! It will be blamed on storms but the reality is the on government! Bar I. jVD is no longer what it was, W T is gone. No more reasonable reason to go to BVI at $70.00 per person for customs. $40.00 maybe but $70.00 we are not coming over. It was great…. we loved you… but no longer reasonable with so many options in USVI. Sorry BVI… your government is silly beyond reality. Wish you could do something about it but know you are helpless under someone who would spend 4.2 dollars on a customs house with “toilets” good luck with them… we will miss you!

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