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$4.7M facility coming to house emergency centre

The commercial district of Road Town months after the hurricane.

Government is proposing to pump nearly $6 million dollars into the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC).

The NEOC is the agency responsible for emergency response in the British Virgin Islands and is typically headed by the Governor, the Premier, and the Director of the Department of Disaster Management.

According to the National Democratic Party government’s proposed five-year recovery plan, funds for the NEOC will be directed specifically towards the construction of a new facility as well as hazard monitoring and alerting.

Some $1.19 million will be dumped into hazard monitoring while the remaining $4.73 million is geared towards the new facility.

The NEOC was operating out of Peebles Hospital in Road Town after the September 2017 hurricanes.

Governor Augustus Jaspert deactivated the centre just over two months after Hurricane Irma; marking that the territory had moved out of emergency response mode and into recovery mode.

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  1. I FROM HERE says:

    It is so sad that they never studied the young lady after years of begging for a building. Thanks to Irma she can now get one.

  2. Wondering says:

    Are you nuts? Almost 5 million dollars?? BVI people need help. I hat a colossal wastes of money. Please help BVI people dodging the rain living under tarps. Stop crying wasting our money.

  3. Devon says:

    I need to contact this NEOC asap… the way this country is run, especially after the flood and hurricanes I foresee a disaster on the horizon for this country !!

  4. Velour Track Pants says:

    Is there a design and where was the tender notice for the design etc.? Seems like a ton load of gwop for a structure and outfitting of a conference room for the big wigs to eat and chilled during the storms. Are there housing facilities within? Need a breakdown of how Government arrived at this figure.

  5. Socrates says:

    Where will the NEOC be located? Will it be located on the outer edge of the surge zone? What is the square footage of the building? Is the cost per square foot reasonable? To what minimum hurricane category will the building be designed ? Will the building include sleeping quarters, kitchenettes,…….etc? How many people will be housed in the building?

  6. Sam the man says:

    Same old story from the NDP – no accountability but on the face of it seems like a good thing to do….the hurricane will make a lot of these ministers v rich indeed…. As if most weren’t rich enough already?

  7. nick says:

    1.9 millions for hazard monitoring?.
    I’ve been tracking storm for years and all you need is a computer and back up battery system.don’t understand where they will spent this money for?.

  8. Thoughts says:

    Please hurry and build the dam medical center in Virgin Gorda it is sickening that when an emergency happens people have to scramble for a boat to be taken to beef island to wait on an ambulance that may or may not be available……. why is the government playing with everyone on Virgin Gorda’s life……further more one central emergency response center is fine but please allocate some of this funding to help the outer skirts of the island after hurricane Irma it was impossible to get anywhere for at least two days proper structures need to be built with a proper disaster management system ….we were soooo lucky to have lives at a minimal last year but please believe if we do not act “accordinly” next time it would be to late for the british to save many of us…..

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