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62yo man sentenced to 18 months for molesting child

The 62-year-old Dominican man who confessed to molesting a 14-year-old girl on three different occasions has been sentenced to 18 months at Her Majesty’s Prison for the offence.

Magistrate Shawn Innocent handed down the sentence on Tuesday.

The magistrate closed the court to the public before sentencing the sex offender that day.

What happened

The court heard that the man, whose name our news centre is withholding to protect the identity of the child, was only caught after the minor’s mother caught the man standing over her underage daughter with an erect penis. He was seen groping the child.

The man was living with the victim and her mother – whom he had a relationship with – at the time of the indecent offence.

The court heard that the offender and the victim had a close relationship prior to the three incidences. And, as such, when the victim’s mother had to travel abroad, she left her daughter in his care.

The first incident

The first incident occurred on a date unknown between the first and last day of December in 2015.

The offender reportedly entered the victim’s bedroom while she was in bed and touched her breasts and her buttocks.

He then inserted a finger into her vagina and told her to keep the assault a secret, the court further heard.

The second assault

The second assault took place on February 16, 2016, when the victim was again left in the offender’s care because her mother had to undergo a surgical operation.

Like before, the offender entered her bedroom while she was asleep and indecently assaulted her in a similar fashion as the first occasion.

The third assault occurred on February 27, when the minor’s mother had returned from the hospital.

The court heard that the mother was sleeping in the living room as she was more at ease there because of her medical condition.

Sometime during the night, she heard the offender head to the kitchen as if to prepare a meal. He left the kitchen area sometime afterwards and made his way towards the area leading to her daughter’s bedroom and the bathroom.

Suspicion raised

The court heard that, after a while, the mother noticed she didn’t hear any running water or sounds of him using the bathroom so she got up and proceeded to search for him. Her search ended in her daughter’s bedroom where she witnessed him standing over her daughter aroused while fondling the minor.

The court heard that the victim’s mother immediately began shrieking when she saw what was happening. Startled, the man asked her to be quiet and told her that it wasn’t what it appeared to be. However, her screams alerted the neighbours and the police were subsequently called to the home.

The victim was taken to the hospital for a medical examination and the defendant was arrested and charged with three counts of indecent assault.

Attorney Ruthilia Maximea represented the offender.


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  1. A Mother says:

    18 months? This is pure wickedness! I am the mother of a 12 year old girl child and I pray that no man messes with her because I am the one they will be sending to jail. Our children especially girls are being exploited by these child molesters and then they are given a slap on the wrist with a short sentence. It is a crying shame!

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    • VICKIE says:

      What the h**l is going on in this place 18 months for rape. This is sickening to read who ever give him that need to get 18 years for this injustice to this minor. People speak up so the courts can read we are not please may be they do not love children. Who ever give him that sentence is a disgrace to this place. That person and the rapist sailing the same boat you make my stomach churn.

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  2. 18 months? says:

    Slap on the wrist!

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  3. L says:

    Only 18 months??? Shame.

    Like 18
  4. Long Look we come from says:

    why the **** she leave her 14 year old child with a man.. he’s not even her father … That MOTHER needs locking up also

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    • Concern says:

      So it’s the mother’s fault she left her child with a man she thought she could trust? I have a 13 year old and she stays at home with her step-father if I have business trips etc. Blaming the mom is WRONG, the man is sick.

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  5. Shares says:

    18 months?!?!? That’s it? Something needs to be done about these light sentences for these heinous crimes.Children who are victims of sexual abuse are messed up for life and this joke of a magistrate only give this pedophile 18 months? Fire his a**.

    Like 20
  6. A Father! says:

    You know what I’m going to the Police Station and giving a statement so it could be on record. Any f###### man (or woman) molest my children (girls or boys) no police or judge will have to decide their faith. And I hope the case against me for defending my child(ren) is either thrown out or I get 18 days probation.

    This is ridiculous….18 f###### months!!!!!! My whole day spoiled!

    Like 25
    • @A Father says:

      Bro, I got you on this. Any M***** F****r do something like that to my daughter or son, I will string that man up like you butchering a goat and slice his S**t off at the base, tape it to his forehead and stomp a dozen mudholes in his behind and drop him of at the police station. That is if he is still alive. No one f*** with my kids.

  7. ;( says:

    saddens my heart !!.. this is a crying shame!!! the system is not for us….he needs to spend the rest of his life behind bars!!!!!

    • o says:

      Shame on Tortola – Shame – Shame the COURT is unable to make serious punishment for a CRIME against one of their precious ones the children. The Courts should be able to send these type of Trash of individuals back to their place of ORIGIN – BVI need to take stronger stands on violence on the innocent our children. Individuals who prey on CHILDREN, ELDERLY AND WOMEN courts and government need to do their JOB throw the book at them and remove them from the BVI. The guilty perpetrator(s) need more punishment than 18 months for sexual attack on children they are the future of the BVI and they need true support from you the government there working for them the children and the people in the BVI.

  8. Paradise says:

    When a molester gets only 18 months, the judicial system (in essence society) is saying that this time of appalling behavior ain’t no big ting.

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  9. What!!! says:

    Disgusting 18 months sentence!!! A life time of trouble for the poor child. Nonsence slap on the wrist.

    Like 13
  10. Makes no sense says:

    Multiple instances of sexual assault and the best you can do as a legal system is give this man 18 months? Then if the mother of the victim decides to take the law into her own hands because there obviously has been no justice there then you’ll want to lock her up and sentence her to more time than you did the man who sexually assaulted her daughter?

    How long are you going to make the BVI a laughing stock? Who is going to say that enough is enough and that we have to do better?

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  11. Bykr55 says:

    Next time someone gets investigated for smuggling drugs into the country…They are going to admit to molesting minors…the sentence will be much less!

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  12. Interested says:

    Too lenient a sentence.Mother needs to be reprimanded for leaving her teenage daughter with a man who is not her father,and is not even related.When he finishes his sentence,does he just move back in with the mother .

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  13. wow says:

    Well if a woman cannot trust to leave her son or daughter with a step father without looking over her back she should not be with that man..
    there are some sick me in society’s that need to be lock away for good.

  14. Future says:

    18 Months. What message is this sending to our young children? That they can be wronged and no proper justice? This is sickening. This is rape, point blank period. Sexual penetration of any sort is Rape.

  15. Say what now ? says:

    62, ding a ling is dead anyway. Nasty old Ben gay smelling man.

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  16. Haha says:

    Ayo give this ARKelly 18months that’s despicable.

  17. Know the Law says:

    People please shut you mouth! Learn the law before posting crap! The magistrate is guided by the laws that is Governed by The U.K. First of all it is not rape! He didn’t had sexual intercourse with the girl. All he did was touched her breast, ass and inserted his finger in her vigana. That’s call indecent assault. I’m not siding grandpa for his nastiness. I’m just trying to teach you all about the law. I think the maximum penalty for indecent assault is 7 years. His early guilty plea automatically give him a 1/3 discount.If the mitigating factors outweigh the aggravated factors that will work in his favor. His age, no previous criminal history etc, etc. Either way he is a stinking pervert.

  18. Kush says:

    Mean while deh man who smoke little herb gets 5 to 10 years lol the justice system is not just! And guess wha he will come back into society and could land a job being round kids becas this lame country does not have a sex offender register

  19. Herb says:

    Our priorities are mixed up around here!

    The fine/jail time for a reasonable amount of herb is more than this man got for violating a minor, more than once.

  20. Time says:

    We cry outrage on the blogs for the lenient sentences if these perverts but are we putting pressure in our Politicians to change the laws?

  21. Excuse me says:

    18 months???? Are you kidding me??? This is ridiculous. A child has been molested and he is sentenced to 18 months????? What is this world really coming to? This man should be punished for what he has done. He has scarred her for life. If it were to be your son or daughter (if you have any) you would have been pushing for a more severe punishment. At the same time, the mother should be punished. What kind of mother leaves her underage daughter with a man who isn’t even the child’s father????You opened the door for this and it happened. Both of y’all are to blame…you both should be ashamed of yourself. #Disgusted.

  22. HMMMM says:

    @excuse me.

    father’s molest their children also.

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