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6th District might erect structure similar to YEP centre

Sixth District Representative, Alvera Maduro-Caines

The Sixth Electoral District could receive its own model of the Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) centre.

YEP is a community-based building in Fat Hogs Bay that provides opportunities and activities for young people. It has been in operation since 2007.

Sixth District Representative, Alvera Maduro-Caines announced that talks have begun with the Rotary Club to have a similar building in her district.

Maduro-Caines was at the time addressing residents during a public meeting at the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies this week.

“We are trying to identify a spot to have something like the YEP centre,” she said.

Maduro-Caines reasoned that a high number of unemployed youth are living in the Sixth District and having a centre would be a positive change.

“We realize the problem in our district with the young men sitting on the block so we wanted to create an environment where they can go to and learn something.”

Maduro-Caines did not give further details on her plans but publicly appealed to the Dr D Orlando Smith-led government to help fund the proposed project.

The district representative said she hopes her proposal will be ‘looked at’ this year.

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  1. Well says:

    Nope the six district needs for their leaders to stop coming on news sites and defending zone six.

    And these young people need a culture and code of ethics that respects life. And they can only be forced to do so when lawmakers hand down tough laws and have them enforce.

    From time the parole board was formed where they feel that murderers can be paroled especially if you know the right people the BVI murder rate went sky rocketed.

    We continue to elect people who dont understand issues. Anybody can prepare for a talk show and say what they think the majority wants to hear. We need a code of ethics in the house of assembly.

    But our current lawmakers are continuing to legalize and legitimize things that are eroding our ethics.

  2. Concerned says:

    I hope you will have success Honourable but I think we will have to change the mindset first and may have to do some detoxification.

  3. 6th District Community Center says:

    Why not use the Community Center in Purcell Estate? It’s been sitting there for years. Put purpose to the building.

    • @ 6th District Community Center says:

      Good move Mrs. Caines. Get all the details from YEP as to why the program is successful. Note that it is located away from the areas with undesirable behaviours, even though we have to watch certain elements in the immediate area. The community center should not be location where the young primary school children are mixing with the misguided adolescents and adults. Ask the Wheatley’s to use the old Island department store as a start and try and get the land just outside the bridge next to Alexandrina Maduro Primary School for a permanent spot. Do not rely on government as a permanent contributor. Rely on persons who are committed to the future and are willing to give annually. Who ever is the Director of the program can solicit annual payroll deductions, benefactors with deep pockets for annual contributions and other patrons who care.

  4. Mr Moore your donkey in me says:

    Fix the Road and the rubbish issues first before you build any YEP style facility

    • @Mr Moore says:

      I think your comments on road should be sent to PWD and the ministry of communications. That’s where the funding had to come from. The rep can only send in her requests and do some big time begging. They move when they want to, not when the reps ask.. so sad.

  5. Freak Show Host says:

    BVI News just go interview Rotary on the truthfulness of that project.

  6. SIR whatever says:


  7. YEP funding says:

    I wonder why Jarecki’s name is not mentioned anywhere in this post. That’s where the structure, funding and resource support for YEP comes from. We can’t just have his name dragging through the dirt when convenient and not also acknowledge when the opportunity is right what good he has done for our community. Fair is fair.

  8. Jerry says:

    Don’t use purcell please!!! Not a nice place. Try Kingston if not Baugher’s Bay

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