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98% of electricity now restored in BVI

About 98 percent of electricity is now restored in the British Virgin Islands.

A media release from the BVI Electricity Corporation yesterday said restoration is progressing on schedule and will be complete by next month.

The release said roughly 98 percent has been restored on the main island of Tortola while 95 percent of restoration works have been completed on Virgin Gorda Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.

General Manager for the BVIEC, Leroy Abraham said while restoration works are expected to be completed in a few weeks, completion is contingent on the arrival of electrical materials.

“We’ve been awaiting transformers and most of the overhead main distribution has been built with preparations for the transformers already being made. Thankfully, transformers arrived today (February 17) and they’ve been just dispatched so that we can start installing easily,” he said.

In the meantime, Abraham is advising residents who are still without power to ‘make preparations’ to receive electricity.

The general manager said residents should seek the professional advice of a certified electrical inspector.

He also said property owners should ensure all generators are disconnected from the main electrical line in preparation for reconnection.

He said this ensures the safety of residents and linesmen.

Below are the communities still without power:

Belmont Estate
Steele Point
Little Thatch
Windy Hill
Romney Park
Havers Estate
Doty Estate
Shannon Estate
Sage Mountain
Luck Hill
Brewers Bay
Mount Healthy
Georges North Side
Fat Hog’s Bay
Paraquita Bay
Hodge’s Creek
Sophie Bay

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  1. BuzzBvi says:

    Excellent information update. Thank you.

  2. E. Leonard says:

    No doubt customers are thrilled for the most part with the return of full electricity supply with its benefits and conveniences. They also welcome the relief from the noise and fumes from portable generators. The overhead power distribution was severely damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Thumbs up to BVIEC for its commendable effort in restoring power in a timely manner, despite the challenges of material availability and personnel. Nonetheless, power restored, it is time to plan the next phase——-underground power distribution.

    The VI/BVI lies in a disaster proned area and is highly vulnerable to tropical weather systems, ie, hurricanes……etc. Every hurricane season (01 June-Nov 30) residents live in fear, anticipation and hope. In 2017, fears were realized; two Cat 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, hit the VI within a month, causing severe damages to residences, businesses, infrastructure, government facilities…………etc.

    Moreover, overhead power distribution systems are highly vulnerable to major hurricane force winds. Clearly, Hurricanes Irma and Maria demonstrated the system vulnerability. An underground system can mitigate the system vulnerability.

    Consequently, the VI needs to start the planning process for installing an underground power distribution system. Cost aside, it will take much effort to acquire right-of-ways, easements, system design, construction, testing, cutover, …..etc. As such, putting the power distribution system under ground needs to be phased.

    Among the BVI many needs, placing the power system underground should be in its bucket list. Again, an underground system will mitigate damages and will shorten the recovery time in the event of a disaster. Stay hopeful and prepare for the 2018 season.

    • RealPol says:

      @ E. Leonard, real talk. Nevertheless, though putting the distribution system underground would be a worthwhile action, it will be huge task. But not too huge that it should not be tackled.

      The BVI residents should not have to unnecessarily endure the prolonged inconveniences of lost power and the repeated high cost of restoring power. Putting the power system underground is a fruitful and beneficial investment with huge return on investment. MCW/action man let’s do this ting. Leave a lasting legacy.

  3. Worker Bee says:

    Plenty of places without power that are not on that list!
    98% is fiction – Alternative facts or fake news.

  4. rastarite says:

    Fiction… All those plac es listed make up 2% of the BVI. Sugar coating again!

  5. . says:

    Camanoe is not on that list and it’s still dark

  6. lol says:

    98% huh….funny. That’s a long 2%, and I’m in it…

  7. Tola says:

    That list need adjusting lies

  8. Sam the man says:

    If it’s really 98% then the “No Direction Party” are doing a really great job leading – and we all know that ain’t the case! Just another false unfactual release but one things for sure people will not be happy when those hugely increased electricity bills start landing!

  9. CW says:

    As predicted 98% of residents in BVI are still upset about something they could easily fix hahaha. Get off the keyboard and take charge of your situation!

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