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Another COVID-19 case confirmed in the BVI! Total now at six

Positive coronavirus test sample

Another new case of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been confirmed in the British Virgin Islands.

This brings the total number of cases that have been confirmed in the territory to six; with three recoveries, one death, and two active cases.

In a public statement on Friday, April 24, Health Minister Carvin Malone said the two active cases are now in isolation at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town.

Malone said this new case was tested among eight others but those eight tested negative for the virus.

In the meantime, Malone announced that an “aggressive” contact-tracing effort is being conducted by local health officials.

He also said 189 other persons are currently in quarantine in the territory.

Home testing being introduced

And in further developments, Malone announced that a “dedicated home-visiting service has been introduced to allow for COVID-19 testings to be done in private homes”.

He then made clear that “the deployment of healthcare workers or contact-tracing teams in the community, wearing protective gears does not necessarily indicate that a new COVID-19 case has been discovered at that location”.

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  1. ??? says:

    189 people in the territory have been in quarantine? I’ve not all of the BVI not been on house quarantine for the last 3-weeks ???

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    • ? says:

      Speak for yourself. Some people have been leaving their homes to work. Some people have been leaving their homes to work to make sure that the ungrateful people can order groceries then complain about how long it took.

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      • strupps! says:

        People are entitled to complain when they order much needed food supplies and it takes 6-7 days to arrive (or sometimes does not arrive at all).

        They are not being ungrateful. The service is just incompetent! I’d like to point out that they have been given opportunities to shop.

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        • ? says:

          Essential workers are humans too. They should be home trying to protect themselves just like you and me. Covid19 can affect them the same way as anybody else. They aren’t invincible. If they get infected they wouldn’t even know who gave them the virus since they been around all kinda people trying to assist them.

          You are lucky to be getting another opportunity to shop because you had the chance to shop but did so foolishly. Supermarkets and delivery businesses in the BVI were not intended to provide delivery services to the entire BVI so of course if would not work well so be thankful to the people that are risking their lives for minimum wage to help your ungrateful @$$.

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    • 8th District Gyal says:

      Why is it when we are at the end of yet another lockdown, another case pops up? Signs and Wonders?

  2. Tooth&Claw says:

    It’s a virus, viruses are contagious. Did anybody really believe that there wouldn’t be another infection or that there won’t be more to come? I hope not, because that would be incredibly naïve.

    Only way to deal with a virus is to let it run its course. With a mortality rate less than 1% this whole hysteria thing is a bit OTT.

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    • Fact Check says:

      The mortality rate right now is 7%, which is, on the grand scheme of things, quite a lot. If most people in the world were to contract this virus (which isn’t unlikely since roughly 80% of the population is expected to contract it within a year) then that 7% death rate would equate to roughly 560,000,000 people dead. That’s more than the US, Canada and Mexican populations combined.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Stop spreading fear. The mortality rate is around 0.1% , one in a thousand. Many more more people have had it than those who have been tested. The vast majority of people who catch it have no to few symptoms and do not go for testing. Those who go for testing are already sick enough to do so.

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        • 007 says:

          @rubberduck, there are flaws in your numbers. Covid19 like most other viruses is worst for people that have compromised immune systems like the elderly or pre-existing conditions. You will first have to find out just how many elderly people we have, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, cancer, asthma, severely obese etc. Those are the ones with a greater chance of dying if they got the virus. The numbers you are using is based on overall numbers but do not take into consideration the underlying issues. At first people were saying that black people were immune since there were no cases in the early statistics now Black people and minorities are the highest numbers in the US in most states.

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      • Wake the hell up says:


        NO one really knows what the mortality rate is since China lied about their figures.

        Today’s Italy data shows 192,994 cases and 25,969 deaths. That’s a mortality rate of 13%. Yes thirteen percent.

        The bottom line is that a lot of people will die. We are sarcastic and disbelieving until it takes our mother, father, sister or son.

        This is not “just a flu” its something more dangerous.

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        • Secret Bear says:

          That’s not the mortality rate, that’s the case fatality rate, which is based on the percentage of deaths from DIAGNOSED cases. If you factor in all the thousands of people who likely had the virus but were never tested, the rate falls to below 1 percent.

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          • Wake the hell up says:

            @ secret Bear
            No one knows “how many LIKELY had the virus” We also don’t know the full extent of fatalities since a lot of deaths due to corona are not properly registered as such.

            We are obligated to work with the figures that are know. The actual know diagnosed and the actual fatalities. Anything else is guess work.

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    • Check Your Facts says:

      Check your facts before you post stupid shit. The only one hysterical is you. The government is being safe with their actions.

      The mortality rate 1%?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The governing and health officials are and have been engaged in establishing the appropriate protocols to minimize a massive health crisis within the territory. Much kudos are due in that respect.

    However, the narratives being realeased to the public appear to be an effort to deter public anxiety and discernment to the true level of current infections.

    Hopefully, these analytical musings are just that, and not an actual reflection of on the ground realities.

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  4. Pray says:

    Lord Jesus pray to help dis people, bring your eternal relief upon dem soul…no disease ban dam love upon your people my lord

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  5. Curious says:

    I’ve seen a lot of posts where people are making me selling cloth masks. Some are very fashionable with fancy designs,but I am wondering if those masks have the proper filters….

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  6. Smoke says:

    This 6th case , is it Male or Female. ?

  7. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    Again another COVID address devoid of specifics as to the new Corona virus positive patient. Male or female, age, when he or she started to experience symptoms, when they were tested and quarantined. Why is it that the Press is not allowed to ask questions? Where are the medical experts on the panel?

    I am glad to see that they have a dedicated home visiting service but it is a real pity that this service was not available earlier as it may have made a huge difference in avoiding that one fatality.

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    • Details says:

      It is the gov’t job to keep us informed and they did that, however we need more information. We need to know how this 6th case is related to the 4th and 5th. After all we are a tiny community and details of the 6th case can help to prevent more.

      Rumours are that the 4th case worked in the home of one of the infected persons; if so the infected person should have been isolated regardless of mild symptoms. Therefore, no help should be working in his home. Also, the persons that fled the apt building of the deceased, were they located?

      • No rumour says:

        No rumour. She was the maid. There was no contact tracing obviously. Also she went to the hospital twice but as Irad Potter says he’s not offering any treatment not endorsed by the WHO, the WHO havent;endorsed anything (no one yet knows what is effective but most hospitals in the world trying a lot of things) except care, and apparently the hospital weren’t even offering that, at least not to her.

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        • Hahaha says:

          Damn you just posted a picture of yourself killing somebody with this post. I hope what you said is 100 % true or you can be prosecuted under the new computer misuse law. Government would love to make an example of someone especially since a lot of covid19 misinformation has been going around.

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    • . says:

      The “dedicated home visiting service” has been operating the whole time.

  8. Great says:

    Details I love the questions you are asking but who’s going to answer you? We are not going to get any answer and we do need to know so we can know if we around those people. Everything is secret in nature’s little secret so this virus and lockdown will go on and on.

  9. Healthy McHealthbot says:

    Anything short of an N95 hospital grade mask will not protect you from the virus. Those are needed for health care workers and realistically are not widely available to the public. Any homemade mask you see is intended to protect other people and not the person wearing it.

  10. concerned says:

    in other places people are double masking or wearing a coffee filter inside their mask or scarf if they do not have a N95.

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