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Another person in the BVI tests positive for COVID-19

Yet another person in the British Virgin Islands has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Health Minister Carvin Malone announced in the House of Assembly that the patient is female and is now hospitalised in the Isolation Ward at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town.

Malone said the patient tested positive locally but her blood sample will be sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad for official confirmation.

The minister further told the House that local health authorities have been conducting contact tracing and seven persons of interest have been identified so far.

Those seven persons have also been tested locally but their results have returned negative.

“These, again, will be taken to the test centre in Trinidad,” Malone said, adding that they have since been quarantined.

This latest patient is the fourth confirmed COVID-19 case in the BVI.

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  1. Hmm says:

    It was announced that she had the symptoms for a while but failed to report it for whatever reason…

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    • Lawd says:

      I wonder if they were waiting for the curfew to end to pass it to everybody. God don’t like ugly.

    • This Is Serious! says:

      Allegedly she did report it. They say she called the hotline a few times for help, and also went to the hospital twice. So honestly some heads should roll…. Can the authorities pleased follow up who wouldn’t listen to her & turned her away. This is serious!

      • I believe it says:

        They’ve been doing that a lot. I hope they are held accountable. They sending people home with meds without testing saying they will call to follow up and not calling. My heart aches for this lady’s family.

  2. Adhere says:

    Confirmation of why we all need to adhere to the curfew. Go and get essentials to be able to eat and stay home only. No restaurants, no salons, no stores, no businesses open for a few more weeks. Stop it now! You who think it is OK to go out…NOT. Please don’t be foolish. Our government is trying to protect us. Adhere.

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  3. Yup says:

    As I thought there is really no consensus as to how many cases there really are because of lack of testing. Where there is smoke there is fire. Perhaps the quarantine has helped but there are probably more.

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  4. Omg?? says:

    They need to quarantine that whole compound because apart from her roommates, the compound have a laundry and the everyone use it. So check test everyone in that whole place please….

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  5. BVI LOYALIST says:

    Please uplift the curfew soft or hard and only lock up those who have tested positive and their surrounding contacts. STOP inconveniencing more people than there needs to be.

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  6. MH says:

    We need another 2 weeks lock down just to be safe

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    • Zagred Smith says:

      That’s crazy I got bills to pay i need to work

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      • no says:

        You won’t be able to work once you’re infected or even worse. Another lockdown is needed to protect the public.

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    • Daffy Duck says:

      Yeah because you gonna pay the samn Bills for all these people, people need to work, Bills are mounting and not all of us looking for a handout not dog tax, the Government don’t owe me a red cent, I work for all that I have and want.
      Too many damn freeloaders on this island just waiting for a gemme gemme.
      Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.

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  7. Haycraft says:

    Why do you think the Cuban doctors and nurses coming here? Certainly not coming here on vacation.

  8. Eyes says:

    This is disappointing , the government are trusting that these doctors can handle and treat every case that is related to breathing condition as a covid case and test . The lady presented herself on two separate occasions test the doctors drop the ball sorry they not ready for this covid we need help Mr Malone get those Cubans doctors here asp . We’re the doctors and nurses wearing the proper PPE when they saw the patient then is the hospital contaminated in the UK there is a hospital with 50%,of the staff infected with covid.

  9. The Truth says:

    Where did she work?

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    • Daffy Duck says:

      Not your damn business, too friggin mette, all ah yo good for is commess, if you stay in your damn lane you won’t cause no accident.

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  10. The Nation says:

    Those 7 people need to quarantine for 14 to 21 days. The lock-down need to continue for a little while longer…BUT the supermarkets and mini-marts need to do home delivery…and don’t use any immature young man who will want to skylark and roam all around when they delivering.

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  11. Observer says:

    This is bad news for us. I wonder what all the persons who are clamoring for a end to the lockdown and curfews will say now…

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  12. VIlander, States Side says:

    Beginning Saturday, in the State that I live in, if you are caught without wearing a mask they are going to slap you with a $500.00 fine. A same sex couple living together got caught breaking curfew in the South and the Judge sentence them both to six months in prison.

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  13. Questions says:

    Do they know how she got it in the first place if she did not travel? They only seem to be looking at who she probably passed it to. Does that make sense that she has been in quarantine for so long but did not recover yet the others who had it, and were in quarantine for the same time, have now recovered? Does it make sense that anyone could be sick for so long(allegedly) and carry symptoms for so long (allegedly) with no idea who they got the virus from and that no one in the family thought they should call the helpline or report the symptoms until when they getting ready to lift the curfew? Was she elderly. Did she have any known pre-existing conditions that made her vulnerable. Again, who she get it from if she did not travel? Until facts are presented, this is only story.

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    • A thought says:

      Having to pay for your medical treatment they might have been reluctant to get hit with a massive bill , thinking if there are 8 living in a tiny apartment that was done to save money ,if she was elderly she might not be working so not on NHI

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      • Landlord says:

        8 in one apartment, not in my place

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      • Another thought says:

        That’s a good thought. The timing is very suspect though. And the facts are very questionable. But also, if we really thinking too deeply, we could argue that poverty was motivation for being a part of a bigger plot that is yet to unfold. How can you be infected for weeks and no one in your household has it. Maybe this is beyond the government. Should make sense soon.

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        • News says:

          apparently she did not travel but caught it from someone who was infected. What I am hearing is that she went to the doctor a number of times but was misdiagnosed.

  14. Diaspora says:

    This new and latest case may indicate that our low numbers may have been a function of low testing. To get to a high confident level as to the extent of infections in the territory, requires more testing. Testing data may show that the more testing conducted the higher the level of infections found or not. The borders have been shuttered tight for weeks and residents lockdown for 24-hour first for 6 days and then for 14 days yet another person tested positive. Was this just an isolated case, a fluke, a false positive or there is more in the mortar than the pestle? Is this development means that the territory should not take its foot off the gas in regards to its mitigation effort?

    Countries with low confirmed cases have wide spread testing and tracing (privacy must be strictly adhered to), ie, Iceland, Norway………etc. The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an existential threat to the VI and its residents and it must be taken seriously. Globally, there are over 2,000,000 confirmed cases and over 140,000 deaths. There are no consistent treatment protocols or cure or vaccine and the current best management practices are social/physical distancing, quarantining, isolation, curfews, border closure …….etc.

    Until a vaccine is found and produced, these mitigation practices will have to be adhered to, albeit perhaps at a modified levels. Moreover, PAHO is indicating that in the coming weeks infection rates in the Caribbean will surge and deaths may increase. Consequently, the BVI must be vigilant and take the necessary protective practices.

    These protective practices, ie, shuttering the border, slow trade with neighbors/partners, curfews, social/physical distancing……etc will imposed hardships on VI residents. These hardships will include a) rising unemployment, b)business closure, c)lack of outdoor recreation, d)reduce personal social interaction……….etc. On the other hand, they will result in lower accidents, lower crime rate, more family bonding………..etc.

    Moreover, the required protective mitigation practices have impacted employment and lack of income for many saved for government workers. Residents have had to lean on savings to get by but for the many savings are being depleted. Paying the rent, putting food on the table, maintaining transportation, maintaining telecommunications ……etc are real challenges for the masses, for the many. Thus, government must step up to the plate and offer some urgent help, ie, housing, food and medical allocations………etc. Tap into that reserve fund. Governor Jaspert, the crown rep, has indicate that it should. The Guv says that the VI has a healthy reserve fund and social security trust fund is robust. The UK delay in providing displaced workers assistance as the Premier requested is not because of bureaucracy or because it is slow or because it does not have the means.

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    • Disinterested says:

      @“The UK delay in providing displaced workers assistance as the Premier requested is not because of bureaucracy or because it is slow or because it does not have the means.” What cryptic message is this? The Brits are stoic and good at flowery language and diplomacy. In simple language, the Guv is saying to the VI take a hike.

    • smh says:

      who they hell is. PAHO WHO AND CDC you really believe they have our interest at heart. wake up…….Are they God, no so they aint predicting nothing for here …dem need to get away with their fraught .


  15. horney says:

    Jeez, let’s hope she doesn’t work at H******, or she will be without a job and sick.

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  16. Strange says:

    All too strange. Out of the blue, this woman has it but none of her family members who she was in daily contact with has it and no one knows how she got it cause she didn’t travel recently. Story breaks just as they announce visitation of the ship and possible lifting of the curfew on monday and recent release of supplies from the USA. They also happened to link her to one of the most commonly used supermarkets in the territory (however the supermarket has since debunked that story). What else have they told us that is FALSE or strange and suspicious. Something is bubbling y’all and in time it will all add up but for now, stay awake and stay prayed up. Praying for the government of the virgin islands.

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    • Her son says:

      It’s alleged her son is works at that particular supermarket in the butcher section.

      The owner or manager can debunk it cause the son test neg locally

      Yet to early to show anyways

  17. PTL says:

    There’s a lot of misinformation going around about this situation. The patient contacted the Covid hotline several times and visited the hospital twice before finally being tested. She was not hiding. She tried to get help and has been let down by the system. She has not let down the community. Please dont blame the victim.

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  18. Ausar says:

    All this new batch of info implies, is that the three days of mass hysteria of shopping has made quite alot of people sick!

    Perhaps,Premier,real”social distancing”, is whats needed to combat this illness!

    Thousands descending upon Road Town on any given day,subjected to curfew mandates to conduct business,is not a good idea!

    Now is the time for a much more comprehensive approach to this problem!

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